Website to avoid:

Just a quick heads up – one website to avoid if you’re looking to buy poppers is – somehow they managed to take me to their online payment page with items different to those that I’d put in my cart, and charged me for them. Upon receiving my order today, I complained, and was told I was “mistaken”, and that they’d had “an incident” with my name in the past, where I’d complained about another mistake in a previous order.

So not only do you run the risk of paying for and receiving someone else’s order (you also can’t track your order or get a proper itemised confirmation), but you’re accused of being a liar and causing trouble when you complain. On top of this, both my friends and I have had issues in the past of leaking bottles of “Rush” being sent, or bottles which had clearly gone past their best.

I’m not going to bother replying to them to try and solve the issue (it’s clearly not worth the hassle), and certainly won’t be buying from them again. If poppers are your thing, find them on a better site than powerpoppers – one that’s actually heard of the concept of customer service, rather than pure greed.

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