Three Rubber Perverts

On the 27-28 of February I had my latest (very enjoyable) kinky weekend, but this one was different for one very important reason: it was the first time I’d played with more than one person. Not only that, but it was the first time I’d played with anyone who wasn’t mesjbnd, so the nerves were back again…

I met mesjbnd as usual on the Friday, and I did my best to try not to think about the Saturday when a good friend would be arriving to join us with our perviness. It’s safe to say mesjbnd did a very good job of distracting me, as he always does. When unpacking the gear from his car, I noticed he’d bought (and brought) a massager and I knew what I was in for once we’d gotten all the gear into the room and we’d relaxed…and it wasn’t the intended use for the massager either!

That weekend was a weekend of many “firsts”. One of those firsts was bike leathers. I remember when I was 11 or 12 and I was at a friend’s house. We were standing outside her open garage, and hanging just inside the garage was her dad’s bike leathers. I remember having an enormous urge to touch them: I was fascinated by them and yet I didn’t know why (I still wonder how the “young me” knew I liked that sort of thing before I was sexually developed…). I never did touch them, and all those years later I still hadn’t touched bike gear of any kind until I got mesjbnd’s out of that bag. I knew the leathers wouldn’t fit me, but it was still good to finally feel them. His bike boots did fit me though, and I enjoyed wearing them for a little while. Even though I couldn’t wear his leathers, I know that bike gear will be a thing for me when I get the chance…

With one “first” done, it was time to move onto my next “experiment”. Boots had mentioned lubing up rubber as an alternative to using talcum powder…. and as we found out, it’s a very messy alternative to it!. The feeling of sliding myself into that slimy rubber is something I’ll never forget however, as it’s something I’d always dreamt of doing. Word of advice though: don’t lube the inside of rubber socks unless you want to feel like you’re walking on ice and the person you’re with wants a good laugh…

Mesjbnd got into his leathers, and then helped me into a rubber hood and then a leather pup hood over the top of it, before finally putting the rubber mitts on me again. The pup hood made a big difference to me – my “pup self” enjoyed being able to see an elongated snout, and it helped me get into even more of a pup state, and a horny pup at that!

Later on, I asked mesjbnd if I could try to get into the smaller of his two rubber sleepsacks. Since January, I’ve been eating more healthily (or technically less unhealthily), and I was keen to see if my weight loss would mean I could fit into the (very nice looking) sleepsack. It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but I was able to fit into it, and the feeling of the tight rubber surrounding me (as well as the inability to move properly) blew me away! That sleepsack became my new friend that weekend, and the massager did it’s evil work while I was trapped inside… helpless and unable to resist…

However, Friday was drawing to a close, and the meeting with my friend was growing ever closer. After a shower and a tidy up of the room to hide the evidence of the day’s activities, I got into bed for a long, almost sleepless night. The main cause of the lack of sleep was the noise in the hotel, not the fact I was nervous (but I was pretty nervous by then). Surrounded by the darkness and the noise from one of the neighbouring rooms, I couldn’t help but think about what the next day would bring.

I’d chatted to him for years. He was one of the first kinky guys I’d ever chatted to, and I knew that he would be a nice guy. However, my main worries were about what he’d think of me. The nerves weren’t quite as bad as they were before I met mesjbnd the first time, but I was still feeling anxious (on the “nervous scale” I would say it was somewhere between “school test” and “powerpoint presentation”). The night slowly passed, and the sun eventually rose on Saturday, the day I’d been worrying about for over a week.

We weren’t meeting him until 1pm, so mesjbnd “distracted” me again with the (now famous) massager while I was in the sleepsack I’d fell in love with the day before. Midday arrived and we went to the nearby shopping centre to buy some food and drink back to take back to the hotel room. 1pm arrived, and so did my friend. It’s safe to say I needn’t have been nervous about meeting him, just like mesjbnd he’s a very friendly, very kind guy. We walked to the local KFC, had lunch there, and we chatted.

We continued to chat about random stuff when we got back to the hotel room, then the “dreaded” moment came where me and my friend were getting into gear. I nervously got changed into my catsuit in the bathroom, while he got changed in the main room. I sheepishly stepped out from the bathroom, and he came over and gave me a big (groping) hug, which relaxed me a hell of a lot!

We had a very enjoyable day of play, with the exception of mesjbnd who wasn’t feeling too well (damn KFC and their lack of good hygiene!). Nevertheless, it was great to finally meet the guy who’d given me lots of great advice over the years, and I arrived home on the Sunday with a very big smile on my face.

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