The Venus 2000

Me all pupped up and milked by tieme's venus 2000...shame I was unable to resist his evil ticking (at least he didn't take advantage of my vulnerable, very ticklish naked feet!)

The venus 2000 is a relentless piece of kit, and trying one has been a fantasy of mine for as long as I've had pervy thoughts. Trying one for real was amazing, and it made me cum very quickly (but tieme kept going well after that!)
My dream scene came true, and I loved every second of it! Thanks to tieme and gizmoes for a great session

Electro helped keep me in the gimpy mindset

It never gets tired, and that can be a good or a bad thing...

They gave me poppers (first time I'd had them in months), and I ended up even hornier than I thought I could've been

Sleepsacked, milked and zapped in my hole thanks to tieme and gizmoes

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