The Pierced Gimp

I’ll admit that I’ve not always liked the idea of piercings. I’ve known people with Prince Albert (PA) piercings for some time, and over the years it’s gone from a turn off to something I was neutral about. Over the past year, I’ve chatted a lot more about it to a few friends I know who have PAs. I came to realise that there are some good points about the piercing – the biggest turn on being that it can be used to securely lock a chastity device on (I’ve managed to “cheat” my way out of chastity devices by slipping my balls out easily to get the device off). I also liked the idea of having something kinky always with me, so that even when I’m stuck being “normal” for a while, I have a reminder that I’m a rubber gimp.

I asked my friends a lot of questions, and realised that maybe it was time to stop being afraid of it – for once, I should go for something that turned me on but was a bit scary, out of my comfort zone. Eventually, I got up the courage to email a local tattoo shop that also did piercings, half expecting them to reply with “no of course we don’t do genital piercings, you weirdo!”. Instead, I got a really nice reply, inviting me to visit any time I wanted to ask the piercer some questions about getting the piercing done.

If I was going to get the piercing done, it would be best to do it sooner rather than later – I especially wanted to be healed as much as possible for my birthday in March, as well as for GBUS in May. Last Saturday, Rubberwulf and I visited the tattoo shop to have that chat (Rubberwulf practically pushed me in there, as I was having thoughts about chickening out!). I’d been dreading the piercer being an overly butch, unfriendly guy for some reason, but he was actually really nice, friendly and honest – he’d admitted he had a PA and he’d been terrified of getting his done. I asked him about the procedure and the aftercare, and he talked me through things. Despite still being kind of unsure, I found the words “Can I book it in for next Saturday morning?” coming out of my mouth, and I left the shop feeling excited but nervous.

I didn’t tell many people about it – I didn’t want to overthink things as I knew I’d end up putting myself off the idea. It mostly worked – I felt fine for most of the week, but had a mostly sleepless night on Friday, where I couldn’t escape the thoughts of what was about to happen. How long would it take to heal? How much would it hurt? How would the aftercare go?

Saturday morning arrived, and the 20 minute drive to the tattoo shop seemed to take forever. As we sat in the waiting area, I employed my dentist-visiting technique of thinking of anything else, to try to calm my nerves, and I soon found myself sitting on the padded table in the piercer’s room, with Rubberwulf sitting beside me for support. The piercer talked me through the procedure again, and once again he managed to help me relax. I dropped my pants, lay down, tried to take myself out of the situation and closed my eyes…

He inserted the receiver tube into my urethra – he’d said it was to check for depth as well as where the veins are. “This might feel strange” he said, as it went in, but I couldn’t help but smile to myself, thinking about how many sounds and catheters I’d had inserted into me in the past. It felt a little uncomfortable, but nothing compared to what was about to happen. “Take a deep breath”… and then a split second of pain as the actual piercing was made. “And another breath”… and he inserted the ring and added the ball to the jewellery. I barely opened my eyes, to see that it really was real, and I really had done something I’d been terrified of!

I was completely overcome with endorphins – I felt amazing. I shivered and tingled. He gave me a folded paper towel to put in my underwear for the bleeding, and we carefully walked back to the car. I pretty much waddled around the supermarket on the way home, very aware of the feeling in my cock with each step.

Once home, I did my best not to move for a while. I avoided going to the bathroom as long as I could, but when I did, I was shocked at the amount of blood on the paper towel. I took the advice everyone had given me, and sat down to pee, expecting it to sting (similar to after having a catheter scene), but it didn’t hurt at all. I replaced the paper towel, and everything was fine.

Since then, I’ve followed the advice from the piercer and my friends – making sure to keep it clean, and to use a salt soak a couple of times a day (boil some water, add a few teaspoons of salt, leave it to cool a bit, and then dip the end of my cock in it for a few minutes).

The first night wasn’t so bad – I woke up a few times when I moved or got hard in my sleep. The bleeding has slowed down a lot today, and hopefully I’ll be ok for work tomorrow. I’m still pretty surprised I did it – it’s something that’s very unlike how I see myself, but hopefully it ends up being a good thing.

It will be some time until I’m able to fully play again (could be a month or 6 weeks), but hopefully I’ll be able to do some more gentle gear and play before then. I’ll make another post as time goes on, hopefully showing my new addition!

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