The Pierced Gimp – Part 3

It’s now 4 (and a bit) months since I got my PA piercing. Mostly, it’s been fine – though I’d be lying if I said I’d been happy with it all the time. For whatever reason, my body would randomly produce a lot more of the “stuff” that makes the ring sticky on some days, and that ended up causing discomfort as the ring snagged when it’s trying to rotate as I walked around (which isn’t exactly pleasant in the office…).

At about the 3 month mark, I was having issues like that more frequently – I’d have almost entire weeks of hating the PA because it just wouldn’t feel comfortable during the day. Hot baths can help, as can applying silicone lube to the ring – but these provided only temporary relief. At one point, I was seriously considering just removing it and letting the hole heal up, but as it was just before our trip to Chicago, I thought I’d wait and see how I felt after the holiday.

Chicago and the trip to GearBlast US ended up being a bit of a turning point for me and the piercing – I got to finally use the PA as I wanted to before I had it done – at last, I could remove it for a Venus session for the first time in 3 months, and it felt amazing to be able to do so, after missing it for so long.

I also finally got to use my Steelheart chastity device at GBUS – my ring had been taken out for a session, and was put back in while I was still in bondage, with the chastity device threaded through the ring and locked on. There was nothing I could do to stop it or take the device off without the keys, which of course I didn’t have access to. It felt like the previous 3 months with the piercing had been worth it – I felt so good walking around with my chaste metal cock, knowing the piercing made sure everything was secure. I felt proud of getting to that point with it, ignoring the voice that had tempted me to give up and let the piercing heal.

During the holiday, a few people saw the piercing in my cock and suggested that I could try going up to a larger ring size. I’d read that having a ring that’s too small can cause too much rubbing and irritation, so it seemed like a good idea to try. After some mishaps with my original order, I’ve ended up with an 8 gauge ring this week, which surprisingly went in without any issues. I also took the opportunity to go for a smaller diameter ring, and I’m much happier with how this ring looks when it’s installed.

My 'friend' for 4 months on the left, my 8ga ring on the right

My ‘friend’ for 4 months on the left, my 8ga ring on the right

Despite being thicker, I’ve had a lot less discomfort with the new ring than the original one I had, and I’ve managed to take it out for play and get it back in just as easily as the first ring. In the last month, I’ve gone from wanting to remove the piercing completely to actually enjoying it – I can use it how I originally wanted to for play/chastity, and it doesn’t irritate me during my everyday life… although I’m still not a master of peeing while standing up…

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  1. webby says:

    When I got my PA, one of the thing’s the piercer told me was to keep silicone away from it for a few months, including hair shampoo/conditioner. The extra gunk might be your peen trying to clean it’s new hole.

    • s10boi says:

      Nah, the gunk started before I tried lubing the ring, but yes, I avoided using anything for the first few months or so, just washing thoroughly or soaking in salt water/hot bath

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