The Morning Before

As I write this on my phone, it’s the morning before a play session I’ve been building up to for 6 weeks or so, and fantasising about for years.
My mind is filled with the nervous excitement that I don’t seem to get as often now, with waves of anxiety about hoping I’ll enjoy it and be able to cope with whatever happens, followed by waves of horniness as my boner grows and I feel so subby that I’m willIng to give up all control to Boots and to be nothing more than his gimp today.
I’m not really sure what will happen to me today, but then I suppose if I’m giving up control, why do I need to know?
At Boots’ instruction, I haven’t shot for over 5 days – it may not sound like a lot, but for me it is. I’m a person who never really “got” chastity of any kind, although this time it seems to be building up my horniness in a way I’m actually enjoying. I’m loving craving for rubber to be sealed over every part of me and locked on. I’m enjoying craving for whatever is planned for me.
Inspired by this and a couple of friends, it’s changed my opinion on chastity. This time was “only” 5 days with no chastity device (pure willpower), but I’m finding myself wanting to give up control of my cock properly and get a chastity device so that my horniness builds up whether I like it or not.
It may not happen, it’s the battle of brain versus cock again. But maybe even that will be a choice I’m willing to give up…

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