The Gimp vs The Milker

Locked in my catsuit, a hood locked on me and an S10 over that (taped for some rebreathing), Boots sealed me into his sleepsack and ledt me at the mercy of my new toy - the Serious Kit Milking Machine

Not only did I have to deal with the milker, but he tormented my nipples and forced me to breathe poppers to keep me submissive - well I am a gimp after all, I don't have a choice!

"Collared by Boots" - I know my place!

The Serious Kit Milker is relentless - sucking my cock for around 2 hours (I spent about 4 hours gimped up in total). Not only did I have to deal with the milker, but the black sleeve can be used with an electro box, so I had two sensations to deal with!

All the lube from the machine is sucked through the tubes and into here, along with any cum the gimp is forced to produce. Even better, the machine can take up to 4 milkers at once - one day I hope to be part of a larger scene with multiple gimps being milked for hours

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