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Probably not the most exciting blog post, but I’m working on a project that might interest some of you.

While chatting to JohnnyGear a couple of weeks ago, he mentioned the idea of a “gimp playlist” – something that would choose what a gimp should be in, as well as what it should do once geared. Quite often, I get home from work, and am in the mood to gear up on my own for the evening. Often, I can’t choose what I want to gear in or do, and I end up wasting so much time that it’s not worth gearing up any more.

I’m learning some Python in my spare time in order to help me move into a new career, and so armed with Johnny’s idea and my (very rough) Python, I thought I’d try and make something to help me solve my gimp procrastination issues. I wrote out some basic code, separating my gear into layers, based on what can work together, and the script would randomly choose items from each layer, drawing up a “Gimp uniform”.

It's still pretty rough, but it works as it needs to so far!

It’s still pretty rough, but it works as it needs to so far!

It’s not the most exciting photo I’ve ever posted here, but I’m proud of what shows up in that Output window. Huge thanks have to go to MakoGimp and Rubberfreak for being very patient with me and giving me some much needed help in order to save myself from wasting hours going around in circles.

Next up, I need to add a list of “activities” based on the toys I have, and the gear the script has generated for the gimp…

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  1. Max Cita says:

    YOur gimp generator is a very good start

  2. Jockpup says:

    This is cool, looking forward to seeing the final product

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