The ErosTek ET-312

DSC00817 copyAs you may have guessed, I love electro play. The ErosTek ET-312 was one of the first “toys” I ever got to try when first getting into rubber and bondage, and it’s been one of my favourites ever since. Many of my friends own one, and it got to the point where I gave in and bought one of my own a few years ago.

In that time, it’s become my favourite way to play solo – I’ve spent a lot of time trying out various modes and settings, and I’ve gotten to a point where I can make myself cum hands-free with it the majority of the time.

After talking to a friend who wanted to learn to use his ET-312 more, I thought I’d try and put down a few things for people to try if they want to explore a bit more of what the box has to offer.

Let me just preface this by saying that I’m far from an expert with this. I’ve played around with this box a lot but I know there are still things I could learn. Also, electro varies a lot. What works for me one day, fails to feel good the next day. What might work for me, might not work for you, and so on. With that out of the way…



I primarily use my electro box for cock/ball shocking rather than anal play (though anal electro can be awesome in the right circumstances). I use black conductive loop bands (example here), as I find they give a nicer sensation than the blue elastic style (like these).

One area where the blue bands do work better however is when you’re wearing electro sealed inside a suit (eg a zipped up drysuit). The black loops are too rigid and get caught or move too easily, so the blue elastic bands make more sense. With either type of band, electro lube (like this) can make things feel more pleasurable (more of a smooth and less stinging sensation).

I also have some of the gel style TENS pads (like these), but find them hard to use in a way that feels good.

Whichever type of electrode you use, remember that which way round you connect the wires affects the direction of the sensation of the program. Do you want the electro to flow in a wave from your balls up slowly to the tip of your cock, or the other way round? Experiment with switching round the wires to change the poles for the electro to get different sensations.


Programs, Channels and Multi Adjust (MA)

One thing that comes as a surprise to some is that the channels (A and B) offer different versions of some of the programs that are built into the box. For example, Intense channel A is a constantly on signal, whereas channel B consists of quick on/off bursts. I’d recommend trying both channels for most of the programs – my personal favourites for cock and ball electro are:

  • Waves (channel B) – This is my go-to program for solo fun. You can easily vary the speed of each wave with the MA dial – anything from frustratingly slow strokes with long gaps in between, to rapid short strokes. I tend to keep the MA around the 2 o’clock mark for a slow pleasurable stroke that can feel pretty intense. The program seems to have 9(?) waves before looping – the last 3 or so of these waves are more intense than the others.
  • Orgasm (either channel) – Seems to work for most people. Starts off slowly and builds up to an almost constant sensation before starting again. I tend to keep the MA dial to max, but adjusting it changes how “smooth” the waves feel. If you’re using two electrodes (say cock and balls for channel A and anal for channel B), the channels alternate, so you get to ride one wave of pleasure/pain from channel A, before you moan as channel B does it’s thing, before back to A again, which can feel awesome.
  • Climb (channel A) – Short, mild bursts of electro before building up to a long slow stroke that can seem to go on forever. The timing of these two sensations varies, and the length of the stroke seems to build up towards the end of the program. The MA adjusts the speed of the program, and I tend to keep it at about the 2 o’clock mark for a good balance of speed between the mild and intense parts.
  • Intense (channel A) – This is my “I’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t worked today, but I really want to shoot with electro” fallback. It’s a constantly on feeling, which your body quickly gets used to, and you only really notice it’s there when you try to turn the intensity up. The MA dial seems to adjust the focus point for where the sensations feel like they’re coming from – somewhere between the 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock marks works for me usually.

For anal electro, I like Stroke – It’s a much nicer sensation than it is for cock and ball electrodes, and can be controlled pretty well using the MA dial.


Ramping Up

Once you find a combination of electrodes, program, channels and MA that works for you, it can be nice to set it all up, lie back and enjoy the electro going through you. Even playing solo, I like to feel I’m “out of control”, and having to open my eyes, pick up the electro box and change the intensity can break my headspace. Thankfully, the ET-312 has a Ramp up mode:

  1. Choose the program you want to use
  2. Menu > Start Ramp Up?OK
  3. Choose the maximum intensity you want to reach on the channel(s) you’re using (the ramping effect applies to both channels, but you can have different maximum intensities for each, as normal)
  4. By default, the display will show: Ramp: 70. This means you’ll start at 70% of whatever the maximum intensity you chose
  5. Every 20 seconds (by default), this will increase by 1%, meaning that with the default settings, it would take 10 minutes to reach your full intensity.

Menu Adjust Advanced? OKRampLevl Adjust? will let you change the percentage away from your maximum you will start at when you set the box to ramp up, letting you go as low as 50%. I tend to keep the default of 30%.

Menu Adjust Advanced? OK > RampTime Adjust? will let you change the number of seconds it takes for the intensity to increase by 1% – anything from 1 second to 2 minutes. I vary this based on how I’m feeling – often I’ll start with a slow ramp, and as I get hornier, I feel the need to reach the maximum intensity quicker and quicker, so end up changing it.

A few things to remember:

  • Changing to a different program (or turning the box off) will lose the ramp up mode – whatever program you choose will be at your maximum intensity until you choose to ramp up again
  • If you’ve changed the RampLevl or RampTime settings, these will be reset to their defaults once you turn the box off. If you want to save your new settings as the defaults: Menu Save Settings?OK. This also applies to anything else you change when using the Advanced menu
  • While it can be nice to lie back and ride each wave as the program automatically gets more intense, remember it’s only on a timer. There can be sudden jumps in intensity in the middle of an intense wave…


Split Mode

Split mode lets you a different program on channel A and B at the same time. For example, I prefer Stroke in an anal electrode for channel A, with Waves on channel B at the same time on my cock and balls. To choose which programs to use for the Split program: Menu Set Split Mode? OK > choose a program for A > OK > choose a program for B. The box will then automatically be set to the Split program. Use Save Settings? to save these choices for next time you use Split mode.


Things to Explore

Those are my personal recommendations based on what I’ve done so far. It sounds like a lot of things to try, but it’s pretty fun experimenting with it (and rewarding if you find the perfect settings for yourself and you can tell someone else before a scene). There are some other Advanced settings, but I find going through the menus to change these a bit cumbersome (especially as I can’t always tell what’s changed with some of these).

This post has become way longer than I imagined it would, and hopefully it’s something that’s helpful to some, rather than just a boring list of options. I’m really keen to know what other people enjoy on this box – do you have any tips or settings that work that I haven’t mentioned here? Let me know if you do – you can either leave a comment here, or contact me on one of the sites below:

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