The Drysuit Challenge (Again)

It’s been a little while since I posted about spending 12 hours (and a very restless night) in my drysuit.

On the day we arrived in Chicago this year, Rocket suggested that we sleep in drysuits in the rubber bed in his playroom. Being a mixture of tired, jet lagged and horny, I didn’t even question it. Rocket, Rubberwulf and I donned our drysuits, thick gloves and hooded S10s, and lay in the bed, all groping and vibrating each other to cum in our suits.

For once, tiredness helped me – I was in no rush to get out of my suit once I had shot inside it. Being in rubber in the rubber bed with two other rubberised perverts felt so right, so I quickly dozed off – Rocket said that I was snoring in my mask, woke only to take it off, then started snoring again straight afterwards. Seems I was content!

I only woke up a couple of times during the night, and thanks to the jet lag, Rubberwulf and I woke up really early – we were horny enough to vibrate each other once more (Rocket had headed to his bed upstairs by then), and even that wasn’t enough to make me want to escape my suit.

Later that morning, Rocket appeared, still drysuited. The three of us played again, and it was the perfect start to our holiday.

Since then, I hadn’t tried sleeping in gear again until last weekend. Happy with myself for making it to 24 hours in chastity that week, I thought it might be a good time to try sleeping in my drysuit again, especially since we didn’t have many plans for the weekend.

On Friday night, I got into my drysuit, thick gloves and hooded S10 – the plan was to lock the hooded S10 on until I was tired enough to try sleeping in it, which also prevented me from removing the suit. I set the time lock until midnight (about 4 hours from me gearing up) – as tempting as it was to set it to be locked on all night, I worried about something happening if I did need the mask off during the night for some reason.

I stayed up chatting to friends in gear – the mask took a little while to settle on my face, but by the end, it genuinely felt like it was meant to be there. Midnight came and went – I didn’t rush to unlock the mask: I was happy with my new “face”.

This was taken a few weeks ago, but this is pretty much how I found myself, trapped in my

This was taken a few weeks ago, but this is pretty much how I found myself, trapped in my “rubber uniform”

I made it to 1am locked inside my rubber – but sadly something came up and I took it as an excuse to escape. 5 hours in my S10 was a new record for me, but I was disappointed in myself for getting out without forcing myself to sleep like that. I had gotten myself in a defeatist mood by then – I wasn’t going to gear up for the rest of the weekend as it felt a bit pointless.

On Saturday, Rubberwulf said I should try again, and he offered to lock the suit on and hold the keys for me. I tried to ignore the idea he’d seeded in my mind (as I didn’t want to fail again), but I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.

I geared up at 6pm, and Rubberwulf later locked a chain through the drysuit zipper, making sure the suit was staying on. I tried not to get too horny in the suit, and gave in to my tiredness from the night before.

Despite being tired, I don’t think I slept in the S10. I was very relaxed, listening only to the sounds of the valves in the mask as I breathed, but sleep seemed to evade me. I took the mask off sometime around 3am, and had a couple of hours of disturbed sleep during the rest of the night.

I woke up pretty horny in the morning, my hard cock sliding inside the sweaty rubber of the suit. I’d passed the 12 hour record I’d set earlier in the year, and was still comfortable. Despite being really tired, I was happy – the hardest part (not being able to sleep well) was over! I put my S10 on once more, and slowly rubbed my hard cock through the suit, waiting for Rubberwulf to wake up.

Rubberwulf strapped me down to the table around 9am. I kind of enjoyed being so tired and in bondage being played with – my mind was relaxed for a change, meaning only the horniness and the gear mattered. He made me shoot what felt like an intense load, and it felt like the best reward for staying in my rubber “uniform” for so long.

He released me from the table and unzipped my (now pretty sweaty and smelly) suit around 10am. I had one of the nicest showers I’ve ever had – I stood under the refreshingly hot water for a while, smiling to myself for having achieved my goal and rewriting the “failure” of the previous attempt.

16 hours in my drysuit – ⅔ of the time for my goal of 24 hours of gimpdom, and I’m left feeling more positive about things again.

Things I’ve learnt in the past week or so:

  • Hooded S10s actually seem to get more comfortable after a certain period
  • Drinking through a hooded S10 is still a pain!
  • With the keys kept away from me, I can make my brain accept I have no choice and relax into a “challenge”
  • Once you take off gear after being in it for a while, your body feels weird – I had phantom drysuit sock sensations for quite some time!

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