The Death of a Friend

Last week, a friend of mine sadly passed away while doing solo breath control. David (tiedupuk) was a great guy, friendly and kind. He helped me a lot over the years and was a real inspiration to me when I was just starting out.

A week later, and I’m still in shock and still saddened by this news. I still have no idea what to say. My thoughts are with his partner and his family and close friends.

If you are reading this, please never attempt BC on your own (or anything risky for that matter). No pervy thrill is worth dying for, and I hope that people will learn from this horrible incident and play safely.

Tomorrow I travel to Preston for GearBlast UK. I am nervous about the whole thing, but being there to see my friends and meet guys in person for the first time is now more important than ever. I wish I could’ve met David there for the first time, but he will be remembered and celebrated at the event. I can’t imagine a more fitting tribute to the guy who touched so many lives.

Rest in peace, David. We will miss you but we’ll never forget you.

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