The Chastity Experiment – Again!

A few years ago, I bought myself a Birdlocked chastity device – mainly the fault of Rubberfreak and his long term chastity at the time. I posted about being excited and nervous to be locked up, but I never really got far with it.

What usually happens is: I get horny chatting about being locked up with friends, I lock myself up, a few hours later I head to bed, struggle to sleep, get annoyed and take the device off. As a result, I’ve never even made it to the 24 hour mark in chastity.

I recently bought a time-locking container in order to help me stay in gear longer (as I’d have no choice in the matter if my keys are inside). The timer goes up to 10 days, and once locked, there is no way to get inside, besides smashing the container open. Even if the batteries run out, the box remains closed.

Last night, after again being tempted to be locked up after chatting to some bad influences(…), I locked my chastity device on, put the key in the container and set the timer for 24 hours. I’m aware that isn’t a long time – but I wanted something that was at least doable for now.

I hovered over the “lock” button for quite some time, before taking a deep breath and pressing it. 5 second countdown…locking noise… And a few minutes of “what have I done?”

2016-05-16 21.24.44

I had my usual difficulty in trying to sleep with the device on. Every time I moved, I became aware of it, and the pressure made my cock try to get hard. I was awake for quite some time when I got annoyed with it – if the key hadn’t been locked out of reach, I would’ve waved the white flag at that point and taken the device off.

Once the moment of frustration had passed and I accepted I didn’t have a choice, I eventually got to sleep sometime after 1:30am. I awoke a few times during the night, eventually waking up in the morning with a boner that refused to go away.

This would also mark the first time I had gone to work wearing something kink-related. I spent quite a bit of time adjusting the device as best I could inside my boxers and jeans to try to make things comfortable and make the bulge from the device less pronounced.

I walk to work, and so the 15 minute journey was spent being VERY aware of each movement, and also fearing the device would somehow slip off. At work, I felt like I was unable to forget the device was there. I was very self conscious for most of the day, trying as much as possible to stay sat at my desk. Sitting down to pee at work is also weird!

Work out of the way, I headed home, wanting to gear up as soon as I got there. I still had 4½ hours to go…

Yup - this is the exact gear generated for me by the code in the previous post...

Yup – this is the exact gear generated for me by the code in the previous post…

I reached the end of the 24 hours, unlocked my (seemingly confused) cock, and had a quick play to make the most of the horniness I’d built up over the day.

As I say, I know 24 hours in chastity is pitiful compared to many guys, but I’m happy to have finally ticked off that milestone. I do feel like if I want to do this again (perhaps for longer), there needs to be some reason or some goal at the end of it, but at least I can now say I’ve been locked up for a day…

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