The Catsuit Challenge

While in Chicago this year, we met up with MakoGimp. We’d been introduced to him last year when we visited Rubberfreak and Chicagogear’s place while he lived there, which had terrified me at first since I hadn’t expected him to be there, and we hadn’t really chatted before. Normally, it takes me months (if not years) of chatting to someone to feel comfortable in gear with them, but I’d quickly realised he’s a nice rubbery guy.

This time, he came over to see us at Rocket’s place while Rocket was working for the day. After some socialising, we headed down to Rocket’s basement playroom, and I anxiously rubbered up with Rubberwulf and MakoGimp – despite knowing him better this trip, it still takes me a little bit of time to be fully relaxed with people at first. I lay on the rubber bed while the others got changed, and we discussed what the plans were for the day.

MakoGimp walked over to me, smiling and holding a pair of Mr. S padded rubber mitts. My anxiety dissipated immediately as I held my hands up for them to be sealed inside the thick rubber. Once secure, he produced a chain and a padlock. Before my brain had processed what was happening, he’d began locking the chain around my neck, locking it shut through one of the zipper pulls of my catsuit.

Online, I’d spoken to him about my fantasies of being locked in rubber for a while, with no access to the key, no matter how much I pleaded. What for me had been an innocent discussion about things I’d like to do, it seems it had been an opportunity for MakoGimp to take some notes…

So I found myself locked inside my catsuit. He told me that he didn’t have the key to the lock with him – that was with Rubberfreak, who we wouldn’t be seeing until the evening. In that moment of surprise, it all clicked in my head – I’d gotten the loss of control I’d been craving, and there was nothing I could do or say to get me out of it. I just smiled, accepted and let him rub my now very hard cock.

I found myself having my hooded S10 put on me and being strapped down to Rocket’s bondage table. My mind was excited, yet focused – nothing mattered besides what was going on in the present (and as someone who struggles to switch his brain off and relax, it’s a very good state to be in!).

It turned out that MakoGimp had been taking more notes than I’d realised. I’d told him that I’d like to try more CBT and BC – both things I tend to shy away from (especially BC, as I’d always found myself panicking with it in the past). A parachute was attached to my balls, roped to some weights dangling from the end of it, over the end of the table. At the same time, a breath restrictor was added to my S10, and I realised that what a gimp breathes is not it’s choice – air, poppers or nothing at all.

2016-03-17 20.27.28
2016-03-17 20.28.33
Throughout all of this, I had no urge to panic, no urge to ask them to stop doing these things which had caused me issues in the past. I craved each extra weight being added to the rope on my balls – I craved each time my air was cut off from me. I was horny throughout, and nothing mattered to me but being a good gimp. Rubberwulf and MakoGimp had me in the perfect place, and each time they edged me, I got deeper and deeper into it.

Despite letting me get close a few times, they let me off the table after a while, without cumming. They didn’t want me cumming too early, and I was more than happy to agree with them, enjoying feeling horny and trapped in my suit. I had my first real endorphin rush just after getting off the table – everything seemed brighter, and I stood there shivering and feeling very much awake for what felt like a while. Still buzzing, I helped Rubberwulf strap MakoGimp to the table, and I enjoyed getting my “revenge” on him, milking him with the Venus 2000 while helping out with some BC.

Not long after, Rocket had finished work, and it was time for the four of us to head to Rubberfreak and Chicagogear’s place. Slipping my clothes over my catsuit, I smiled as I saw the chain locked on me, still visible above the top of my hoodie. I felt a sense of pride wearing it – it felt good, and it symbolised the gimp I had been a couple of hours earlier.

We arrived and greeted everyone – Rubberfreak was already in his catsuit (of course!). Back in 2012, he had been collared by Rocket, and wears a locked chain as a result. Seeing another catsuited gimp with a chain locked around his neck, I felt even more proud of mine, even if it was only temporary.

We socialised and had dinner, and it felt good to catch up with everyone after not seeing them for a year. We headed down to their basement playroom, and we topped Rubberwulf and Rubberfreak, each strapped to Rubberfreak’s new bondage table (which was very horny to see in the flesh for the first time!).

By that time, it was getting late. There wasn’t time for me to have some gimp time on the table, so I did’t get to shoot my load. It didn’t really matter in the end, I’d still more than enjoyed my time being locked up and being played with earlier. MakoGimp had had the key to my freedom with him all along(…), but I was happy knowing he’d said just the right things to make me just accept being locked in for so long. We got back to Rocket’s place, and I showered the catsuit off, 12 hours after I’d anxiously slipped myself into it, feeling like a very different person.

I learnt a lot about myself that day. I’m a lot happier if I just accept that I have no choice, which is how a gimp should be, after all.

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    Nicely done explanation of total horny rubber play.

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