The Bike Show


I’ve tried several times to write a pervy story, something that appeals to me and contains some of my biggest fantasies, but I’ve never managed to finish one before. Below is a story based on something I wrote over a couple of nights for Boots, my Alpha.

He’s written several stories which tick just about every pervy box for me, and surprised me with things I didn’t even know I found horny. He’s always encouraged my pervy side, and continues to excite, surprise and inspire me more and more.

This is for him.


I’d been asked to help out at the bike show – set up a few stands, dress up some mannequins with leathers, boots, gloves and helmets. None of the new gear this year had really taken my breath away – some of it was nice to look at, but none of it made me horny just at the sight of it.

That was until I opened the final box of gear, ready to dress the final mannequin. Instantly, I was greeted with the smell of brand new leather, somehow smelling stronger and even better than the gear in the other boxes. Inside lay the sexiest leathers, gloves, mx boots and helmet that I’d ever seen, all of them black with orange details. I froze for a few seconds, taken aback by how horny they looked and smelled when I caught the greedy look on my face, reflected in the helmet’s black tinted visor.

I gave my hard cock a brief rub through my jeans, instantly excited, and desperately trying to resist the urge to try some or all of it on. The more I looked at them, the more they called out at me, begged me not to let their first time being worn be on a mannequin of all things. Curiosity got the better of me, and I had to look at the labels on them, to see what size they were. I could find out they weren’t my size, get the temptation out of the way, and get them put on the mannequin – but I was proven wrong. All the gear was exactly the right size for me, and I’d run out of the last reason I’d had to not give them a quick try.

Looking around the exhibition hall to make sure no-one was watching me, I picked up the box and hurried over to one of the empty stalls, one which would be selling this very gear for the next two days. Heading into one of the temporary changing rooms and closing the curtain behind me, I quickly stripped, leaving my socks on ready for the boots. I subconsciously took my boxers off as well, leaving my rock hard cock visible as I reached into the box to pick up the leathers, bringing them close to my nose for one last big sniff of the new leather, before unzipping them and beginning to slip into them. I’d never tried to put leathers on without an undersuit on before, but my mind could only care about wanting my body covered head to toe in the gear. I might have arrived in gear on my bike, but there is nothing compared to that feeling of exciting new gear, especially the full kit!  It was tight, but also supremely comfortable. Zipping up the two zips on the sides of the chest flap, followed by the zips on the legs and arms, I couldn’t resist unzipping the separate crotch zip to have a quick rub of my cock, which was now dripping precum.

I pulled myself together and remembered that this wasn’t my suit. I was taking enough of a risk as it was, and so I tucked my cock back in and zipped the crotch up. I felt great as I put on the MX boots, fastening each strap as tight as I could bear, followed by the gloves. I was beginning to feel that strong, powerful, almost invincible feel I get from such protective gear, and my cock twitched inside the leathers as I picked up the helmet. I opened the visor before putting it on, sliding it on over my head before fastening the straps under my chin. It was a comfy fit, again seemingly the exact size for me. Breathing heavily in the inbuilt foggy mask, I took a quick look outside the curtain of the changing room, before taking a few steps into the temporary store to take a look at my leather-clad body in the mirror for the first time, enjoying the squeak of the boots and leather as I moved.

Fuck it looked amazing! I couldn’t believe that was my reflection staring back at me, the bulge of my cock clearly visible through the tight leathers. I gave myself a quick grope, enjoying the sound the gloves made as I did so. I knew I’d have to get out of the gear soon, I was probably in enough trouble as it was, but I couldn’t resist one last quick look at myself – this time wanting to see how it all looked with the visor of the helmet down, no eyes showing, just an anonymous biker standing there feeling horny. I took one last look at my reflection’s eyes staring back at me, and closed the visor.



I froze, startled by the sudden blindness. Why did the helmet have an opaque rather than simply tinted visor? I wanted to open the visor, but I couldn’t, my body wouldn’t respond. I began to panic, worried that any second I’d be seen wearing gear that wasn’t mine.

My body refused to move, I just stood there, breathing calm and controlled, despite what was going on in my mind. Suddenly, I felt myself turn around, completely against my control. I desperately tried to fight it, to make my hands move and take the helmet off, but nothing happened. My body took a few steps back – to the changing room, I assumed.

I small sense of relief hit me, whatever had happened to my body, maybe it was going to take the gear off? I still had all my senses, apart from the blindness caused by the opaque visor, and felt myself bend down and pick up something out of what felt like my jean pockets, which I’d left on the floor of the changing room. Whatever it was jangled as I picked them up with my right gloved hand…my keys!

Standing up and turning around, my body walked quickly out of the temporary shop, and across the exhibition hall, the gear I was wearing squeaking and creaking, breaking the silence of the empty hall with each step. I fought each step, begging, pleading with my muscles to work how I wanted them to, but it made no difference. I quickly lost my bearings of where I was, or even what direction I was facing. My body opened a door, walked down a long corridor, through another door, and I was greeted with the sounds of being outside: birds singing and the distant hum of traffic. Walking faster, even more purposefully than before, I began to wonder what had happened to me – what was going to happen to me.

I came to an abrupt halt, my body swung its leg over something, and I began to panic even more. I knew where I was – sitting on my bike! I used my key to start the engine, before riding the bike out of the car park.

I didn’t know where I was going. I feared for my life! Riding blind, unable to control my body, anything could’ve happened! I accelerated harshly, the air hitting me and feeling stronger than I’d ever felt on a ride. Everything seemed more intense than usual – the woosh of vehicles as I passed them, the feeling of speed, the noise of the air hitting the helmet. I had no idea where I was going or how fast I was travelling. I lost all sense of time and distance, and just hoped I’d get wherever my body was taking me safely.

I sensed that my bike had turned off the main road and onto quieter backroads. Grateful for the decrease in speed and danger, I began to calm down to be rational about the situation I found myself in. Maybe once I arrived at wherever I was going, my body would take the helmet off and I’d be back to normal?

The bike slowed to a stop, and I turned the engine off before getting off and walking across what felt and sounded like gravel. I tried to listen for sounds that could give some idea as to where I was, but nothing gave away any clues. I came to a stop, before turning a door handle and heading inside a building.

I was greeted by silence, only the noises of my gear and breathing could be heard. I walked through several doors, unable to work out even the type of building I was in. I came to an abrupt halt, and heard the hum and buzz of a ceiling light coming to life.

My gloved hands reached up to my neck, and loosened the chin strap of the helmet. This was it! I could have control back! But as the helmet was taken off, my body still disobeyed my brain. Briefly blinded by the sudden release from darkness, I couldn’t even close my eyelids on command. My body continued to strip off the gloves and boots, followed by the leathers and socks. The gear that had gotten me into so much trouble now lay at my feet, and my body stood motionless, my cock still hard and dripping precum, seemingly excited about what was to come.


The room seemed to be completely white – tiled walls and floor, and a white ceiling. I wanted to look around, but I couldn’t even move my eyes. Eventually, my body began to move again, still out of my control. Turning 90 degrees to my right, I could see a shiny chrome shower head sticking out of the wall, and a small white bottle on the floor below it near a chrome plughole.

I walked over to the shower, the water starting automatically as I stood in the correct place and picked up the white bottle. The water was warm, and my body took great care in making sure every part of me was wet. The water suddenly stopped, and I began to squeeze a clear gel out of the bottle, before rubbing it across my entire body. At first, nothing happened, my body seemed to freeze again. I had no idea what was happening to me, and I tried once again to get my body in control. Each time I tried, I seemed to become more mentally fatigued, and eventually I gave up trying. I was stuck there, my body out of my control, and for now, there was nothing I could do about it.

My skin began to tingle. At first, it was just a small sensation, but it quickly spread across my entire body, growing stronger with each passing minute I stood there motionless. Just as it began to feel unbearable, the water began to shoot out of the shower head once more. I watched in shock as I rubbed my hand over my arm, and left behind perfectly smooth skin. This happened over my entire body: the hairs either fell out or disintegrated on contact, I couldn’t tell which. My skin was left perfectly smooth.

The water stopped, and I turned around and walked across the room, picking up a towel and drying myself before heading through a white door. This room was as white as the shower room had been, but on entry, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that one of the walls was completely taken over by one large mirror. I wanted to take a look at my reflection, but my head and eyes remained facing forward, focused on a shiny black object folded up with a small black tube on a white stand set in the middle of the room.

Calmly, my body picked up the folded object, and began to unfold it to reveal the sort of thick rubber catsuit I’d always dreamt of wearing. The attached gloves and toe socks were what caught my attention first, followed by the anal and nipple access. An attached cock and ball sheath beckoned to me, and I quickly forgot about the strange circumstances that had led me to this moment – I wanted to wear that suit so badly!

I got my wish – my body opened the suit and I saw the shininess of the lube already present inside. The coldness of the lube and rubber contacting my skin came as a shock, but my body carried on calmly, matching my feet and toes up perfectly within the toe socks, and sliding the rubber effortlessly up my hairless legs. My balls and hard cock slipped into the sheath easily, every millimetre of the lubed rubber feeling great as it slid up my cock. If I only could’ve controlled my hands, I would’ve wanked and shot my load instantly at that moment – just the action of pulling the sheath on had me close to cumming. The sheath, like the toe socks, was a perfect fit for me, and I noticed the small reinforced hole in the end of the sheath, lining up exactly with my piss hole.

Seemingly oblivious to the temptations I was having, my body easily slipped the rest of the suit on, each finger on the attached gloves was the right length. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble for me! The rubber felt great, just the right thickness to remain comfortable, but not too thin to feel weak – it felt like the perfect second skin.

But then I realised something – my body hadn’t fastened the shoulder zips on the catsuit. Come to think of it, I hadn’t seen it open them to get in either. In fact I hadn’t even noticed any zips on the shoulders. I simply stood there, frozen once more, wearing an amazingly horny catsuit but one which wasn’t complete.

I became aware of a noise behind me – the unmistakable creak of rubber as someone walked towards me. As they got closer, I heard the sound of breathing through a gasmask filter. I was liking where this was going! The breathing was so close now, behind my left ear. I wished I could’ve turned around to see what they were wearing, or asked them why they’d done all this to me, why they’d done this to me, but silent and motionless I remained.

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist”, he said, his voice deep, lacking emotion and unfamiliar to me.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a rubber gloved hand fold over one of the loose layers of rubber on my left shoulder and side of my neck, and applying some form of liquid from a small tube to the outside of the rubber. He then folded over the other, slightly longer rubber layer, and pressed the two together. He proceeded to do the same to the right side, before walking away once more.

I’d been sealed in! I’d been kidnapped by my own body and brought somewhere I didn’t know and now I’m sealed in the horniest piece of rubber I’ve ever worn – fuck it made me horny. I wanted to grab hold of my rubber-covered cock and shoot my load so badly.

After what felt like 10-15 minutes, I heard my captor walking back towards me from behind. My mouth opened and a gag with gumshields was inserted, leaving a small hole in my mouth to breathe through. A rubber hood was then positioned on my head. I tried to moan, the gag filling my mouth, but no noise would come out anyway. Eyeholes were lined up and inbuilt nostril tubes inserted into my nostrils, going deep into my nasal cavity.

Finally, the edges of the hood at the back of my head were folded over and bonded in the same way as the catsuit had been, followed by the base of the hood being joined to the neck of the suit. Another 10-15 minutes passed: standing motionless as the rubber joined together, leaving my entire body sealed in rubber.
My programmed body picked up the rubber tube from the stand, and I watched in a mixture of horror, disbelief and pure hornyness as I began to slowly insert it through the hole in the gag, deep into my throat.  I felt every second of it, but even my gag reflex was out of my control – my body didn’t react at all as the tube was inserted deeper into me. It seemed to go on forever, but eventually it became wide enough towards the end to lock into place in the gag – just a small amount remaining outside my mouth.

Calmly, I got down onto all fours, and I suddenly felt the coldness of the air in the room as the ass access in the suit was slowly opened. I tried once more in vain to look round to see who was doing this to me, but to no avail. I’d reached the point of hornyness where I had stopped caring why this was happening to me, and I felt surprisingly safe in the strange surroundings – I just wanted to look at what was about to be inserted into me!

Out of the periphery of my vision, I could see the pair of gloved hands attach a set of long, thin rubber tubes to my nostrils, before flicking a small switch on some sort of device that they were connected to. The unmistakable smell of poppers invaded my nostrils, the vapours pumped directly into my nasal passageways. I soon began to feel the familiar floating sensation and felt my controlled body relax as the blood pounded through my ears.

I had a brief shock as I felt cold lube being rubbed around the outside of my now hairless hole – followed by two rubber gloved fingers, slowly working their way in and opening me slightly. The machine seemed to be giving me more poppers each time, and more often – each time my body greedily breathing deeply to get the full effect.

A third lubed finger entered my hole, slowly sliding in, and remaining still, my sphincter twitching around them. A fourth finger entered me, my ass felt even more full, felt so fucking good as I floated on the poppers. I wanted to move my body, wanted to ride the fingers of my captor.

“The poppers aren’t to make you more submissive – your entire body already belongs to me. They’re to help your sphincter relax, get it ready to take what I’m about to give you”

Slowly, his fingers slid out, my ass well and truly opened and lubed. I heard a squelch as more lube was applied to something – and I moaned inside my head as I began to feel the tip of something cold entering me. Slowly the plug slid in, my muscles becoming even more relaxed as more poppers were forced into me, each breath making me feel hornier and wanting the plug to stretch my hole.

Fuck it felt big! It felt bigger than anything I’d ever had in my ass, but it just continued to get wider, my greedy hole enjoying every extra millimetre of length and diameter. I wanted to cum so badly, my hard rubberised cock so tempting but out of my control. Suddenly, I passed the widest part of the plug, and the rest slid in easily.

My captor removed the tubes going to the poppers machine from my nostril tubes, and as the effect of the poppers began to wear off, I felt the plug inside me – and it was huge!

“Look in the mirror, gimp – see what I’ve done to you…and what you’ve done to yourself”

My body obeyed, and for the first time I saw my rubbered form, still on all fours – I finally saw the detail of the rubber suit I’d been sealed into, the light reflecting the incredibly shiny rubber. I saw my still erect cock, clad in rubber and begging to be played with. I saw the glazed-over look in my eyes, that made me even hornier for some reason. In those eyes, I saw just how much control my captor had over me, and I loved it.

I then noticed some tubes sticking out slightly from the base of the plug. “You’ll find out what those are for soon. For now, just remember that you’re safe. I’m not going to hurt you, I’m here to give you the experiences I know you’ve fantasised about for so long. You’ll be used in ways you only dared dream about – I am in complete control of you.”

Fuck! I wanted to know more, wanted to know what his plans for me were, my mind overwhelmed with hornyness. Still on all fours looking straight ahead again, he hunched down in front of me for the first time. I saw his rubber-covered body, his perfectly fitting all in one suit. I stared into the blacked out lenses of his attached S10 gasmask, wanting so much to be able to control my body and get closer to him, to reach out and feel him.

He was holding a small container in his gloved hands. It was white with two separate compartments with screw-on lids, marked left and right. I watched him unscrew the left lid, and carefully using the index finger of his right gloved hand, he fished out a contact lens, covered in saline from the container. My body didn’t blink at all, didn’t react as he brought the lens closer to my left eye, and expertly lined it up over my iris and pupil. My vision shifted to the side slightly, and I realised that I couldn’t see anything at all out of my left eye.

He unscrewed the right section of the container and held it up so I could see the black contact lens inside, with no transparent section for light to reach my eyes. I got one last view of my horny-looking captor as the lens drew closer and I entered the darkness once more.

I found myself again relying on my other senses to help me realise what was going on. I heard him walk away from me, before returning, followed by something being attached to my hood’s nostril tubes. I heard a few unrecognisable noises and then instantly felt air being pumped into my nostrils and my lungs, and heard a small hiss from whatever was near me on the floor. A sweet smell invaded my nostrils and my controlled body once again began to breathe more greedily. With each breath, the Nitrous Oxide began to make me feel more relaxed, more light headed. Despite being in total darkness, the periphery of my vision began to turn fuzzy and white, increasing more every time I inhaled.

My limbs felt like they were disappearing, and the sounds of his gasmasked breathing began to echo into eternity. It felt so horny, so pleasant, so inviting to breathe in more. Even without my body being controlled, I’d have breathed in the gas with pleasure.

My body floated off into the sweet smelling world. “Sleep well, gimp. You have a busy couple of days ahead of you” echoed in my head forever as I closed my eyes and passed out.


I could hear voices. A lot of voices. A dull throbbing in my ass brought me back to my senses – the plug! Instinctively, I tried to move my hand, to try to feel if the plug was there, but it remained still. I was still out of control of my body. I could feel myself blinking, but my world remained black as I remembered the contact lenses and everything else that had happened.

I got the sense that there were a lot of people walking past me. The noise was almost unbearable as my ears tried to compensate for the lack of information about my surroundings coming from my eyes. The voices all seemed to overlap each other and on the occasions I did manage to pick out a word or a phrase, it didn’t make any sense to me.

My cock twitched, and I briefly felt it sliding inside its lubed sheath – I was still sealed in the rubber suit! I panicked – I was frozen in place in front of all these people wearing a rubber suit with a massive plug in my hole, and yet none of the people around me sounded disgusted or shocked; they sounded anything but.
The voices around me seemed to grow even louder and even more of them overlapped each other. I felt the throbbing in my hole again, spreading from the opening and working its way deep inside me, causing my muscles to contract and relax around the plug. It happened again, sooner this time. The electro began to happen more often, each time forcing my muscles to react, increasing the sensations inside my already full ass. I moaned inside my head each time, it felt amazing.

The electro became even more frequent, the waves seemingly stronger as the voices grew louder. It became more intense, heightening the reaction in my hole, my sphincter constantly contracting and relaxing around the plug, and making my cock twitch inside its lubed rubber sheath.

My cock began to twitch more, and I began to feel the dull tingle of electro running up and down the length of it. Like the electro in my ass, it started slowly, but quickly the waves reached the same speed and time as the electro coming from the plug – and like the electro in my hole, it seemed to get stronger every time I heard more people near me.

Suddenly, I could clearly hear male voices right beside me. They were so close, I could make out what they were saying. The sudden increase in electro was more than noticeable – my hole felt like it was being fucked with the plug held inside it, and my cock twitched rhythmically as the waves of electro travelled up and down it. I could sense them standing right in front of me, and I could hear comments about how “protective it looked” and the “usefulness of the separate crotch zip”.

I wanted to cum so badly. My cock had been constantly hard for what seemed like hours, and the electro was becoming unbearably strong – on the pleasure/pain border, my ultimate limit of what I’d coped with before. I sensed the guys in front of me coming closer still, the electro growing even more intense as they did so, and I began to feel myself about to shoot.

Fuck it felt great! My body remained perfectly still apart from the twitching in my ass and my cock, both from the electro and my orgasm as I shot my load through the hole in the sheath and into the leathers. The electro seemed perfectly in sync with me as I came – and I felt myself wanting more.

My pleasure quickly gave way to oversensitivity – the electro continued. I wanted to scream, but my body remained frozen and calm, seemingly enjoying every second of it, my cock remaining hard as it continued to twitch out of my control.

Eventually, the intensity of the electro died down, but the cycle repeated itself several times throughout the course of the day – each time pushing my limits further as the electro reached a new high. A slow, steady stream of some form of nutrient drink passed through the tube in my gag and into my throat throughout the day, and I continued to shoot my load against my will, still wondering why none of these people around me seemed to care.

I realised that my surroundings were quickly becoming less noisy. The deafening roar of voices died down to normal levels, then to complete silence. All I could hear was my controlled breathing, and I wondered what would happen to me or whether I’d be left trapped modelling this gear.

The sound of footsteps echoing behind me provided me with an answer. They grew closer, until I was aware of someone standing directly behind me. Someone was fumbling about with something on my head, and I briefly felt some cool air through the holes in my hood, followed by something being attached to my nostril tubes. A hiss of gas was followed by the sweet smell I’d enjoyed the previous day.

There’s still more to come, I excitedly thought as I floated into unconsciousness.


I opened my eyes, or at least I thought I had. I tried blinking, and I could feel the muscles move, but everything was still in darkness. I then realised what I’d done, and blinked, just to make sure I’d been right – I had! I had blinked by myself! I quickly tried to lift my head up, but could only lift it a tiny amount. My arms and legs barely moved at all, but at least I knew I had some form of control back.

“Keep your eyes open and try not to blink for as long as you can”, the voice startling me as it came from beside me. Doing as I was told, the contact lens in my left eye was removed, and I quickly shut the eye, momentarily dazzled by the bright lights in the room. He removed the lens in the right eye, and I closed both my eyes for a few minutes until I’d properly adjusted to the brightness.

I opened my eyes once more to be greeted by my reflection in the wall-length mirror in front of me. I was strapped down to a vertical bondage table of sorts, with leather straps holding my limbs and body in place, and a rubber posture collar around my neck. A machine was attached to my nostrils via long nasal tubes, but it was merely pumping air into me.

I tried to moan, in a mixture of surprise and hornyness at the sight – but only a muffled noise came out. The gag still filling my mouth had begun to feel almost natural and I’d actually forgotten it was there.

He stood in front of me, his arms crossed, breathing deeply and calmly, his shiny black form a complete contrast to the almost clinical whiteness of the room we were in. He walked around me, and I could hear him preparing something. They were the sorts of sounds that got me excited with anticipation, but without knowing what for. He appeared again, holding a small syringe containing a small amount of clear fluid. I grew hard, and he stuck the end of the syringe through the hole in my lubed sheath, into my piss hole, before slowly injecting the cold lube into me. I moaned with excitement as I felt the cold liquid travelling down my urethra, anticipating what was to come next.

Walking behind me once more, he disposed of the syringe, and he appeared once more holding a packet containing the biggest catheter I’d ever seen. I’d been catheterised before, but this was at least two or three sizes bigger than anything I’d tried! I was so horny, but I knew that it would hurt going inside me.

He seemed to recognise the brief look of panic in my eyes, as he chose that moment to switch on the breathing machine – this time delivering not only the sweet smell of the Nitrous, but the horny smell of poppers. Despite being in control of my breathing, I took advantage of the horny gases being pumped up the tubes into my nasal cavity, breathing deeply. The proportion of Nitrous wasn’t enough to make me pass out, but was just enough to keep me floating and horny with the added effect of the poppers. A muffled groan of pleasure came out of my gagged mouth as I watched him open the catheter’s packaging, and expertly begin to slowly insert it through the hole in my rubber sheath and into my piss slit. It felt as big as it looked, but all I could feel was the pleasure as it slid down into my urethra, heading towards my bladder and I grew even hornier knowing that soon he’d have control over my bladder too. Once in, he took a second syringe and injected the saline down the inlet of the catheter, inflating the balloon inside me and locking the catheter into place.

He moved out of the way so I could look at myself in the mirror, and saw my rock hard rubbered cock with the end of the large yellow catheter sticking out of it. The nitrous stopped me from even moaning at this sight, but every part of me wanted to be made to cum with the catheter in.

Behind me, through my Nitrous and poppers-induced horny state, I barely felt something happening with the plug, still inside me. A few seconds later, my hole began to feel even more full as warm water began to enter me, held in place by the plug and the closed outlet valve. The water seemed to drain into me for ages, though I didn’t want it to end. Eventually, it stopped, but rather than draining it out, my captor came back around to stand in front of me, admiring his work, his rubber-sheathed cock fully erect.

He connected the end of my catheter to a large drainage bag, and hung it from the table near the floor but clearly in my vision near my feet so I could see it filling up with my piss. “This is for tomorrow”, he said, once more gaining pleasure from the brief look of excitement in my now bloodshot eyes.

Over the next few hours, he continued to flush out my hole – keeping the water in place for longer each time before draining it through the outlet and down a tube into a hole in the floor. He connected bags containing more of the strange-tasting nutrient drink to my mouth tube, whilst gently stroking my constantly-erect, catheterised rubber cock – just enough to get me close to cumming, but always stopping just as I got close. He seemed to know just how much I liked the feeling of the catheter sliding slightly inside me as he slowly wanked me – effectively wanking me from inside and out.

He opened one of the valves on the breathing machine – the sweet smell of the nitrous becoming stronger. I fought as hard as I could to keep my eyes open, to see what he was preparing for me next, but the gas felt so good, it was hard to fight it. I began to come to again, everything felt as it had before – my cock was still hard, my ass draining of water once more, but my right nipple was slightly sore. Eventually, I got up the energy to open my eyes, instantly focusing on the metal ring now piercing my right nipple. Subconsciously, I twitched my cock with excitement, I’d always wanted my nipples pierced but I’d never had the courage to do so. Whoever my captor was, he certainly knew my likes and fantasies well!

I felt my hole filling up once more, and he walked round to stand in front of me, carefully closing the access to my nipple and its new piercing. He slowly wanked me, bringing me even closer than before – my sensitivity fully back to normal, because now I was only breathing air. Once more, he stopped, and ignored my moans of frustration as I struggled against my bonds, desperate to touch my cock and finish myself off.
My captor approached me and exposed my left nipple.  With no nitrous I was made to really feel my nipple being clamped and then pierced, not daring to look until the ring was in place and cleaned, before being carefully hidden under my rubber skin. Looking at the mirror ahead of me, I could see myself trapped in full rubber – strapped vertically on the bondage table, tubes coming out of every orifice. I enjoyed what I saw! The drainage bag beside my feet was finally full with weak-looking piss, my catheter now leading to a second empty one. I began to feel tired, despite the lack of Nitrous. I struggled to keep my eyes open, I wanted to stay awake for him to make me cum. “No point fighting it, gimp” he said, “I spiked that last enema with dissolved sleeping tablets, your body’s absorbing them more the more I hold the water inside you”.

The sheer amount of control he had over me would normally have had me begging him to make me cum, do even more to me, but I barely managed a moan through my gag as I fell asleep.


I could hear voices again.  The world slowly began to fade back into vision – I could still see! A lot of people were walking around in front of me and in the distance, my surroundings seemed familiar… The exhibition hall! I was at the bike show! I instinctively panicked – the sudden realisation of being in gear in front of people who were clearly looking at me took over, before I saw that they were looking in admiration, not disgust. Panicking got me nowhere, as I found myself frozen in place once more, aside from my hole twitching slowly from the electro coming to life. I assumed that I must’ve been in the same place as the day before, but this time I could see them all looking at me. I felt even more nervous than before, and I still couldn’t understand why they were looking at me in a positive way.

As if on cue, my body moved my eyes slightly so I could see a mirror not too far from me. I could see a small raised area in between two bike gear stalls, standing on which was a mannequin wearing orange and black bike gear next to a sports bike with matching paintwork.

Suddenly, it hit me – I was that mannequin! I was wearing the gear that had gotten me into so much trouble two days ago, albeit this time with a tinted black visor rather than an opaque one. A drinking tube stretched from the water bag in the racing hump of the leather suit and up into the helmet. My cock twitched as a result of the electro in my hole and I moaned in pleasure in my mind as it slid inside the lubed sheath – I was still sealed in the rubber suit underneath the bike gear! My rubbered neck had been covered with a balaclava, and from the outside, I looked just like any of the other mannequins I’d set up just a couple of days earlier.
More people began to gather around my stand – and I grew horny with all the attention. Surely they must’ve noticed that I was breathing, albeit quietly and slowly? I anxiously watched their expressions for the moment they realised something was wrong. They didn’t seem to notice – they had no clue of the horny pervert underneath the gear they were admiring.

I had been right the day before – the electro seemed to grow faster and more intense as more people came to admire my gear. My hole twitched and fucked itself on the plug inside me, and my worries soon faded away into excitement.

The horny effect was compounded as even more people came to look at me, to look at the gear I was wearing. From helping out the other day, I knew I was wearing the best new gear at the show, and my stand was going to be popular. People stopped and stared, commenting on how it, how I looked, some even taking pictures of me and the bike.

A group of 5 guys, fully clad in bike gear stopped in front of me, looking pervy themselves. They would’ve made me horny even without the situation I found myself in, and I moaned in sheer pleasure in my mind as the electro in my cock chose that moment to come to life. Riding the waves of electro, my cock twitched in unison with my hole as I desperately wanted the bikers to come closer and have a proper look.

It was as if they’d heard me – standing very close and admiring the gear in a way that made me wonder if they were more than just bikers, like me. I imagined playing with them in our gear together – all of us trapped in a rubber suit underneath like mine. One of them stood directly in front of me, staring right at the helmet, as if through the visor and into my eyes, watching me as I shot my load inside my suit, oblivious to the effect he and his mates had had on me.

I spent that day even hornier than the previous one – I quickly realised that the nutrient drink I’d slowly had feeding into my mouth tube the previous day had been replaced with the bag of piss I’d had drained out of me the previous night, hidden in the water bag inside the hump of the bike leathers. The electro in my cock seemed not only to be travelling up and down the outside, but also inside me, up and down my urethra – I assumed I’d had some sort of electro sound inserted at some point while I’d been asleep.

All of this led to me being forced to shoot my load even more often, not only getting horny from the extra sensations I was feeling, but knowing that even more concealed pervyness was going on right in front of these unsuspecting people’s eyes. Each orgasm took longer than before – the electro sound was thick, so thick it took a long time for my cum to shoot out around it. The waves of pleasure seemed to go on for minutes, before fading into oversensitivity as the electro kept going, barely decreasing in intensity this time. Once that passed, the electro grew stronger, my cock now greedy for the intensity, and the cycle repeated. I no longer tried to fight my body, no longer tried to make it move, I actually enjoyed being so out of control, knowing I had no chance to escape, even if I wanted to.

The end of the day arrived – and people were ushered out of the exhibition hall. The lights were turned off, and I was alone – the previously full hall now empty and silent, except for the sound of footsteps echoing through the building behind me and coming closer.

The visor of my helmet was lifted up by a pair of bike-gloved hands – the design identical to the ones I was wearing. Nasal tubes were attached to the ones in my hood, and I eagerly awaited the hiss coming from the machine that I’d become so greedy for.

He stood in front of me in the otherwise empty exhibition hall, the bike show over for another year. He was wearing the exact same bike gear as me, holding the remote controls for the electro in his gloved hands. The breathing machine came to life, and a strong smell of poppers invaded my nasal cavity and lungs. My controlled body seemed even more greedy for them this time, breathing as deep as I possibly could as the intensity and frequency of the electro reached higher than anything I’d ever experienced before shooting my load one last time and giving in easily to the Nitrous which followed.


I woke up bound to the bondage table once more, this time lying horizontally. An even larger catheter was slowly inserted into me, this time without the aid of Nitrous or poppers to prevent me from feeling the slight stinging as it invaded deep within my body, before being fixed into place.

My captor’s rubber gloved hands held up a long, clear tube in front of me, long enough for me to wonder what’s coming next, before moving out of vision. I moved my head and eyes as best as I could to see what he was doing in the mirror out of the corner of my eye.

I watched in disbelief as he connected one end of the tube to the outlet of the catheter, and the other end to the end of the tube coming out of my gagged mouth. He was going to make me recycle my own piss! Something I’d fantasised about being forced to do for so long but it had never happened.

He stood over me, breathing deeply, and I could see my eyes reflected in the tinted lenses of his S10 – I could see the hornyness in my eyes. I knew he could see how much this meant to me. He moved back out of view, standing over my hard cock, pausing over the valve on the catheter’s outlet, deliberately making me wait – building up the anticipation as I struggled to look at the reflection of the scene in the mirror.

After what seemed like an age, he opened the valve, and my pale yellow piss began to travel up the clear tube towards my mouth. I’d never had so much anticipation as I had in those few seconds, as he slowly and carefully began to wank my rubbered cock. I moaned, in a mixture of excitement and fear as I saw the yellow liquid fill the entire tube. I felt the warmth of my piss as it travelled through the tube in the middle of my gag, and felt it drain into my throat. It was the first time I’d been forced to drink my piss while in control of my body, and I desperately fought the urge to gag. The piss continued to drain out of the tube, and I had no choice but to drink my warm piss as he wanked me further, my cock sliding inside the lubed sheath, and the catheter wanking me from the inside.

Fuck! I never wanted it to end – a trapped rubber gimp recycling his own piss completely at the mercy of his mysterious rubber captor. I thrust my cock inside his gloved fist as best I could, my bonds preventing most movement. I completely forgot about wanting to gag on my piss – hornyness had taken over. I moaned as I grew close, and he quickly removed his hand, leaving me frustrated and trying to hump thin air. He edged me for a while, always denying me the orgasm I was so desperate for.

I glanced in the mirror to my side, and saw how much darker my piss had become, and knew it would continue to get stronger the longer I recycled it. He wanked me faster, slightly harder, and I kept to his rhythm as I thrust into his fist once more, feeling myself coming closer and closer.

I moaned deeply as I realised he wasn’t stopping this time, and I watched in amazement as we continued to move against each other as my cum struggled to shoot around the thick catheter, the orgasm seemingly never ending, and I never wanted him to stop. It was stinging, but the intensity of the whole scene and the pleasure it had given me was more than enough to overcome any discomfort.

He kept going for a few more minutes before cleaning his gloves and closing the valve on the catheter, leaving the remaining strong piss in the tube to be drained into my throat. He removed the tube, used a syringe to deflate the catheter’s balloon, and slowly pulled it out, making me moan into my gag the entire time as it stung like mad.

Connected to the breathing machine, he began to force me to breathe the mixture of poppers and nitrous once more. By now, I was completely exhausted, but he seemed to have more for me to experience, as he prepared something for me out of sight.

I floated on the nitrous and poppers, by now enjoying every enforced breath of them, rather than trying to fight them. I felt a sudden coldness on my cock, and I struggled to lift my head up enough to see him carefully removing my cock from it’s rubber skin for the first time in over two days. I watched him clean my cock, and gently swab it with wipes to make sure it was perfectly clean.

He’d prepared me for my final piercing, and held the metal ring in front of me – just to reinforce the point and so he could see the reaction in my eyes and give my cock long enough to become hard with excitement and anticipation of finally having a PA.

He brought the ring closer to me as he leant over and opened a valve on the breathing machine slightly more. My body began to tingle and disappear once more – his gasmasked breathing echoed on for eternity, and the last thing I saw before I was forced to close my eyes was the ring that would soon be in my cock.
My body floated off into the sweet smelling world.


I woke up, my alarm sounding and telling me it was time to get ready for work. My mind desperately tried to cling on to the pervy dream I’d just had, and I could feel my cock was hard in my boxers. Fuck it had been horny! I pressed the snooze button on my alarm – dreams like that were too good to not have a wank about.
I reached inside my boxers to get my cock out, ready to perve, when I felt something unsual. My hand quickly moved away from my cock in shock. Slowly, I felt once more – felt the metal ring. I threw the duvet off the bed, and sat up in disbelief. My cock stood erect, the PA firmly in place, both of my nipples had been pierced too, and my body was completely smooth. I felt the three rings in turn, just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, before jumping out of bed to check once more while looking in the mirror.

Fuck it had been real! I began to feel faint, and flopped back onto the bed to sit down, legs shaking. I held my head in my hands, unsure what to think, a million thoughts all after my attention at the same time. I glanced up, something had caught my eye – a cardboard box next to the wall in front of me. Curious, I reached over, dragged it towards me on the bed and opened it up. Pleased I was already sitting down, inside were some very familiar items of bike gear – leathers, MX boots, gloves and a helmet: all black, with orange details.

I stared at them, wondering if I was still dreaming. I wanted so badly for it all to be real. I wanted what had happened to be a real experience, not just a fantasy. I grabbed one of my undersuits from my wardrobe and a pair of socks, before picking up the leathers. The strong smell of leather invaded my nostrils, and they smelt faintly of rubber.

Hurriedly, I put them on, followed by the boots and gloves. The helmet’s black visor was already open, and I took a few deep breaths before I lifted it over my head and put it on, fastening the chin strap. Breathing deeply, I looked in the mirror at myself. I almost jumped out of my skin as my alarm woke from snooze and started beeping at me. I ignored it – the real world could wait.

I had a feeling what might happen once I did this, and I wanted it so badly. I took one last look at my reflection’s eyes staring back at me, and closed the visor.


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