The 24 hour challenge

One of my long-time gear fantasies involves being a rubber gimp for a 24 hour period. That’s 24 hours in full rubber, locked on and in varying levels of bondage and torment, while food and drink is only supplied through a drinking tube in a mask. 

It’s something that a few of my close friends have achieved in the past, and it’s them I can blame for the idea in the first place: tiedupuk, Scubaccs and most recently Rubberfreak, who wrote a very interesting blog post on his 24 hour scene here

It’s something that doesn’t sound that hard, but it’s something I imagine I would find pretty difficult. As much as I enjoy being in rubber and tormented, I know I’d struggle with a few aspects of it:

  • Liquid food before and during the scene: I agree with Rubberfreak on this one: meal replacement shakes are the work of the devil. The one bonus is that I associate them with my friends doing their 24 hour scenes, so I always imagine them being fed through an S10 gasmask’s drinking tube in order to keep them separated from the outside world, which is horny!
  • Wearing rubber for a long period: the longest I’ve ever been in rubber was 22 hours, and that was the very first weekend I was in rubber, 7 years ago. Since then, I’d say the longest I’ve managed is around 12 hours or so – I tend to want out if I can’t get comfortable or if I’ve shot my load
  • Sleeping in full rubber: I think this would be the thing that challenged me the most. I’m a bad sleeper as it is – it often takes me hours to get to sleep if conditions aren’t absolutely perfect. I’ve attempted to sleep in rubber and bondage a few times, but always asked to be let out of at least the bondage side of things within an hour or so as I end up panicking at the thought of being stuck awake all night. I’ve also never managed to sleep with a hood on, as I worry about rolling over and cutting off my air somehow. 
  • Giving up control: I need to learn to relax my mind into the idea that I can’t control everything, and that those 24 hours aren’t for me to dictate the outcome of. I like Rubberfreak’s description of the “moment” – that realisation you really are stuck and have to obey and endure your torment, as gimps have no choices. That’s something I’ve experienced a few times, but not to such an extent as I imagine would happen over the 24 hours. 

The closest I’ve come to any of this is a scene I had a few years ago thanks to tieme – he locked me in my drysuit, with an electro plug in, before tormenting me with the electro for a few hours. That night, still plugged and locked in, I was strapped down with Segufix to his rubber bed and told I’d be like that until the morning.

I lasted probably about 30 mins before giving in (too easily) and asking for the Segufix to be removed as I “couldn’t cope” with sleeping like that. He thankfully released me from it, but said I had to stay in the drysuit and in the rubber bed for the rest of the night. I slept on and off, but couldn’t fully relax into the situation I found myself in. I did last until the morning, and with the night’s horniness built up in me, it didn’t take long for the electro and the Venus to make me cum.

I left feeling very grateful for the opportunity he’d given me, but disappointed in my own inability to relax and accept what was ultimately a very horny night. 

As I say, 24 hours will be a big challenge for me, but it’s one that I’d love to at least attempt someday when the circumstances are right. It’s been a fantasy of mine for a while now, and it’s one I struggle to ignore.

One day I’ll link back to this post and tell you I’ve succeeded – or at least that I had fun trying 😄

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  1. 23rd January 2016

    […] in July, I wrote a blog post about being a full rubber gimp for a 24 hour period, and the challenges that I know I’d have […]

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