The 12 Hour Challenge?

Back in July, I wrote a blog post about being a full rubber gimp for a 24 hour period, and the challenges that I know I’d have to overcome in order to make that fantasy a reality.

This week, a friend of mine spent 20 hours locked in a thick rubber suit and hooded S10 – his main source of hydration being a Camelbak containing a mixture of his piss and water, hooked up directly to the gasmask’s drinking tube. The only keys to his freedom were in a locked timed safe (which despite his best efforts, he couldn’t open once set).

Inspired by this, last night I slipped myself into my drysuit and hooded S10, and locked the suit’s rear zipper using a locking restraint fed through the zipper pull. I filled up my own Camelbak with some piss and water, and hooked it up to the mask. I tell myself that I’m not really into piss at all – there’s just something about it being hooked up directly when I’m very sweaty, and so craving a drink – and the only thing I can drink is the piss.

I had been anxious before starting – I’d spent 2 days fantasising about doing this, and had attempted it a few times in the past, only to “fail” and get out after a few hours. By 8:15 PM, everything was in place, locked and my nerves had turned into a horny excitement.


The start of my rubber imprisonment - Drysuit and gloves locked on, and hooded S10 connected to my "water" supply. (Excuse my huge phone!)

The start of my rubber imprisonment – Drysuit and gloves locked on, and hooded S10 connected to my “water” supply. (Excuse my huge phone!)

I sat on the sofa chatting to friends online, resisting the urge to stroke my hard cock, happy inside its slimy, sweaty rubber prison.

I tried to make some notes as time went on, to try to help me look back and remember how I felt as time progressed.


9:05 PM: Almost an hour in. Very sweaty and drinking the piss and water occasionally. Trying to ignore feeling horny otherwise I’ll want to cum and get out

I deliberately didn’t do a lot to try to make myself any hornier. I know that once I cum, I usually want to get out of my gear (although that feeling passes if I’m feeling determined, or have no choice in the matter).


10:30 PM: more piss has been added. seems like a horny idea

…It seems that horny rubber drones lose some of their inhibitions the more time they spend in full rubber. That, and I seem to have lost the ability to type in proper sentences…


11:45 PM: trying to wind down to get to sleep early but unable to get comfortable or calm enough

I’m a pretty bad sleeper at the best of times – I need at least an hour of sitting watching or reading something that’s not too taxing before I start to feel like I could actually drift off to sleep. I knew that my best chance of getting to a long term rubber session was if by some miracle I fell asleep early and could sleep most of the night.

I was lying on the sofa bed in the living room – I hadn’t wanted to disturb Rubberwulf by being awake and tossing and turning all night. I’d also left the keys to my freedom upstairs, so getting them back wouldn’t be an option without disturbing his sleep.

The S10 wasn’t locked on (as I’d had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to sleep with it on at all), so that had been taken off sometime around 11:30 PM. The piss in the camelbak and all the sweating inside the suit had made me feel dehydrated, so I kept getting up for drinks of water to try to stop myself from feeling ill.

Talking to my friends online was helping me keep my resolve for a while. Their encouragement really helped me keep going through those first few hours of darkness and silence on my own.


I got maybe half an hour of sleep at some point, but by 2:30 AM, I was feeling pretty rough and frustrated.

2:30 AM: reaching my limit now I think. the urge to go and get the keys is on my mind all the time

My brain was begging me to get up, sneak upstairs as best as I could, fetch the keys and escape, shower and sleep in comfort next to the one I love.

My cock, however, had other ideas. It seemed to be perfectly happy inside the sweaty thick suit – the precum it had been producing was making the suit feel even nicer as it rubbed against me. As long as I rubbed it, the urge to get out went away, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep doing that – I’d either get too horny and shoot my load and want out, or I’d have no chance of sleeping at all as I was too excited.

By 3 AM, I really had reached breaking point. I was panicking, but couldn’t explain why. I was desperate to give up – another failed attempt at working towards my fantasy.

I messaged Rocket/scubaccs (he’s mostly to “blame” for putting the long term rubber idea into my head many years ago), telling him I was about to give up. I was literally standing at the bottom of the stairs, about to head up them to fetch the keys, when he replied.

Rocket: You must learn that the discomfort is the realization that you have no control. It’s hard but needed.

That stopped me in my tracks – he was right. Lately, I’ve been stressed about a few things so I spend a lot of my life firmly in my comfort zone, doing things that I know I can manage easily. Anything harder, I’ve been giving up on without giving it a proper shot. In this case, I was panicking because I’d reached what I thought was my limit of discomfort and tiredness, and that I knew I couldn’t really get out of the suit without making a big fuss.

In my pervy life, I’d been craving having no control, no choices for a long time – now that the time had come for me to be trapped in heavy rubber with “no option” to escape, I hadn’t realised that I was being “broken” in a way – made to just accept it, despite what my brain wanted me to do. I lay back on the sofa bed, thinking properly about what I was feeling.

I thanked Rocket for his advice – it had saved me from giving up. It reminded me that what I was doing was a step towards my fantasy of being a complete rubber gimp for 24 hours.


Rocket: Just stay horny…Until you get so tired that you can’t get out…Just pass out into the gear

I rubbed my cock through the slimy sweaty rubber, properly enjoying it this time. Calmer, I started to feel properly tired for the first time that night. I distinctly remember a weird sensation as if the suit and my body were the same thing – first my gloved hands felt like I wasn’t wearing anything on them at all, then my feet, my legs…before I fell asleep, content in my sweaty rubber suit.

I woke up around 6 AM – it hadn’t been a long sleep, but I felt less rough than before. I had a brief moment of surprise to be waking up in rubber, before remembering what I was doing. I put my hooded S10 back on and spent the next couple of hours slowly rubbing my body through the suit – enjoying the feeling of the sweaty rubber all around me, while listening to the heavy breathing coming through my mask.

I made myself cum inside the suit at 8:15 AM – exactly 12 hours since I’d zipped it up and locked myself inside. I didn’t do anything special to myself – how I got the orgasm didn’t really matter by that point, I was just happy to be celebrating reaching the 12 hour mark for the first time in a long while (it was also the longest time I’d spent in that drysuit).

I unlocked my restraints, and Rubberwulf kindly/bravely (because of the 12 hours of rubbery sweating smell) unzipped the suit so I could get out and have what has to be one of the nicest showers of my life.

I’m writing this a few hours later. I’m tired, but happy that for the first time in a little while I’ve managed to reach a milestone that I’ve set myself. I’m aware that to some people, sleeping in gear or spending 12 hours in gear is nothing special. To me, it means that a fantasy that I was beginning to think would never happen is just that little bit closer to being possible to achieve.

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5 Responses

  1. Max Cita says:

    Yes join the crowd we love wearing rubber head to toes for extended periods I got in 30 hours non stop and it was a lot of fun, now iwas also immobilized too to make it a total blast..

  2. Hi wish i could do these tgings i love rubber more than leather but i could not do what you just did

    • Max Cita says:

      jake – do not wish make it happen with a good top and preparation you can do it. We have novice to experts visit and we share the experience of doing what was thought impossible. Trust is everything but it is trusting yourself to do it. Find the right group of guys and you can try. It may take several tries but just keep on trying what makes you horny and happy. It is not about the duration but the experience. A few hours can be more powerful than a few days. So be wary of the goal is more than duration.

  3. SicilianRubber says:

    maybe … I suffer to stay 12 hours without rubber suit … blessed you ! :)

  1. 23rd May 2016

    […] It’s been a little while since I posted about spending 12 hours (and a very restless night) in my drysuit. […]

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