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Next it was my turn to be the rubber gimp. Rubberwulf made sure he got his revenge, edging me and making me frustrated with each stroke

Seeing in the New Year (in Sensory Deprivation)

I know it’s been a while since I posted here – the latter half of 2015 was mostly taken over by work stress and anxiety issues, and so gear took a back seat for a while.   Thankfully, once I had finished work for the year and we had gotten the family Christmas time out of the way, Rubberwulf and...

Breath restrictor was a pleasant surprise (had been interested in trying them for a while). It made for even more of the horny s10 breathing sounds from the gimp

SJ’d in Chicago

Rubberwulf and I just returned from our two week trip from Chicago. We had an great time and I’m always thankful that we have such amazing friends there that want to spend time with us – both in and out of play. We miss you guys! I’ll be uploading a few things from our trip over the next few posts, starting with...