Some Old and New Ideas

It’s been over 7 years since I made my first blog post (yes, I feel old just thinking about that!). It started off on a hand-coded website, hidden behind a password on a friend’s personal server. Since then, my blog has moved to LiveJournal, to GuyzInGear (remember those two?), to Blogger, to Tumblr, and finally to here, a WordPress site that I’m paying to have (as I find it gives me the most control over things). During that time, the blog has had countless (tasteless) logos and designs, and has grown and changed as much as I have.

For a while now, I’ve thought about abandoning the blog or at least going off the radar for a while, in terms of posting here and on other sites. As time has gone on, I’ve found it too easy just to slip into a “here’s some photos”-style of post, which I feel has made me enjoy blogging less, and I worry has given people the wrong impression of me.

Yesterday, by weird coincidence, two friends who don’t know each other were talking about blogging: one friend who used to blog (and I personally wish would get back into it!), and another who is pretty new to blogging and wants to properly get into it. Chatting to them both made me think a lot about what this site means to me, and it’s encouraged me to hold off abandoning my blog, at least for now.

There will still be photos, but I also have a few ideas of other types of posts I’d like to do.

Watch this space!

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  1. Max Cita says:

    You need to discover what it is about your blog you enjoy and go with it. If you do not like doing it -stop.
    Your images and play are very much what I share as top and bottom, however more top than bottom as I age. There are few rubberists with your quality of photos and desire to play so in some ways many look up to you or at least look forward to your posts on what they cannot do. I like intense long term rubber play a week at a time is the best if not longer. I post on tumblir to reflect on my good times and often recent as well as past. I think you deserve your 15 minutes of fame so do continue to enjoy posting if you wish.

    • s10boi says:

      Thanks, Max. I’ve enjoyed what you’ve posted over the years, and it’s good to know that people enjoy what I upload here :)

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