I’ve always loved sleepsacks – from the moment I first saw one on a gear site years before I even tried rubber, I was drawn to them for some reason. That feeling was confirmed when I first got into one back in 2008 – there’s something special about them. “Inescapable” bondage that leaves you vulnerable, but can be incredibly comfortable, even for extended periods of time. I’ve gone so far as describing them as therapeutic almost – there’s been times I’ve had a thoroughly stressful or upsetting day, and being sealed inside a sleepsack in sensory deprivation has been the perfect answer. Being able to just drift off into the rubber if not stimulated, or my mind filled with horny thoughts if I am being tormented. Either way, the real world is put to one side for a little while, and I emerge from the sleepsack a much happier person.

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about sleepsacks with Rubberfreak, who it’s safe to say spends a fair bit of time in his, and so knows what he’s talking about. I bothered him a lot regarding the best rubber sleepsacks to buy, eventually choosing one from Fetters for my first, which I got in 2013, and have had a lot of horny gimp time in there since. The sleepsack was always a little loose, but recently I’ve been going to the gym and have lost some weight, and the sack is no longer as tight as I’d like it to be. I ended up using it less and less, avoiding the type of bondage I love the most.

This year, I asked Rubberfreak for another suggestion – I felt happy enough in myself to go for a tighter sleepsack this time. After plenty of procrastination on my part, I finally ended up ordering a sleepsack from Invincible, my first purchase from them. There was an issue regarding sizing with the first sleepsack they sent me, but to be fair to them, they were quick to reply to all the emails I sent them, and they sent out the replacement sleepsack a week and a half after they received my return.

Last night, I felt anxious as Rubberwulf helped me into the sack – I was dreading having to send it back again. However, I needn’t have worried…

Rear entry sleepsack, laced up to make it tighter. Straps on the table and rope attached to the sleepsack - it's safe to say I couldn't go far!

Rear entry sleepsack, laced up to make it tighter. Straps on the table and rope attached to the sleepsack – it’s safe to say I couldn’t go far!


The sleepsack felt amazing! All the disappointment I’d had from the first version that didn’t fit suddenly went away – this is what I’d been wanting for so long.

Hopefully this sleepsack will be the place of many fun times to come (for guests, as well as me). I still have dreams of spending a full night in a sleepsack – finally letting it live up to its name. Until then – any sleepsack time is always good!

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