I’ve mentioned before that I’ve always loved sleepsacks – but one thing that has always eluded me has been actually staying in one for a long time. The longest I’ve ever been in one for a session was about 4 hours, but trying to match or pass that has proven difficult for me.

My rubber sleepsack from Fetters is nice, but I’ve had it for a fair while now, and it’s nowhere near as tight as I’d like it to be. I’ve tried sleeping in it once, but it didn’t feel right (plus I got hot and sweaty, and then really cold overnight), so I ended up getting out early.¬†Conversely, my rubber sleepsack from Invincible has the opposite problem – it’s really tight, which feels amazing everywhere except the foot pocket, which becomes genuinely painful after about 90 minutes of having my feet pressed tightly together.

A few of my friends have leather sleepsacks and some of them regularly spend the whole night in them, stored for the whole night in bondage. While my primary fetish is rubber, I can’t deny that the more I talked to them about it, the more it seemed like a leather sleepsack was the perfect answer to the issues I’d had in rubber overnight. I spent years wanting one, but it was always a huge purchase that I had to justify to myself. This month, I finally gave in and Rubberwulf and I took a trip to the Fetters showroom in Warwick so that I could be measured up for one of their leather lined sleepsacks (as I wanted to avoid any more sizing issues with sleepsacks!). It was quite an experience being measured up there – I’ve not been measured before for gear by a stranger, but she was friendly and knew what she was talking about in terms of how loose or tight certain things should be.

A couple of weeks later, the sleepsack arrived and looked perfect – it also smelled¬†amazing. Rubberwulf helped me into it to try it out, and I must admit I wasn’t fully impressed at first. I’d felt weird getting into a sleepsack while naked – I’d wanted to feel that leather on the inside all around me, but my gut reaction was that I felt wrong not being in a catsuit or something inside it too. It felt ok, but I was starting to wonder if I’d made a big mistake, or I should have tried to buy another rubber one instead…

And then he began to tighten the lacing up the front – instant boner, not even exaggerating. From “meh” to heaven in a couple of seconds as he pulled it more, before tying it tight and fastening the straps I got with it. Then extra straps and rope to make sure I wasn’t going anywhere – each extra piece of restraint making me feel more horny and yet content.

Stored in that heavy, tight yet comfortable  leather, I was a very relaxed (and horny) gimp

Stored in that heavy, tight yet comfortable leather, I was a very relaxed (and horny) gimp

Sadly, things were cut short as the triple-thick hood I was wearing started to cause too much pressure on my head, and then I began to get too hot – I had no idea how warm a leather-lined sleepsack could get!

The following night, for only the 3rd time ever, I tried sleeping in a sleepsack. This time, I was on the bed, on top of the covers (so as not to get too hot this time), with slightly looser straps to keep things more comfortable while keeping that feeling of being surrounded by all that leather. For a while, I felt pretty good (though far from tired and feeling like I’d sleep). There’s definitely that feeling of being comforted – warm, snug, peaceful – which I did enjoy a lot. I’d have the occasional horny moment where I’d hump the inside of the sack a little, but mostly I was happy just to let my mind wander, or focus on the feeling of the gear on each part of my body. I think with a longer spell in that mood, sleep may eventually come to me, but sadly this time it was my hand that was giving me issues – the pressure of the leather on one of my knuckles started to get painful, meaning I needed to call an end to things at about 2am.

The following afternoon, I was sacked again on the bondage table – this time for more of a play scene. Gasmasked, and with an electro plug in me, I was “left alone” as Rubberwulf did some chores, occasionally coming in to check on the gimp and to increase the electro. Again, I found myself in a good, happy headspace – hornier this time as each wave of electro fucked me. I enjoyed humping the sack, especially hearing the leather creaking as I did so. I lasted about 3 hours this time – I ended up wanting out as my arm was sore from being kept straight the whole time (after talking to Rubberfreak, it sounds like slightly bending your elbow will help a lot with that).

So yes, 3 attempts and 3 times I’ve had to cut short due to some sort of discomfort (and I’m still yet to cum while in there). However, I don’t see them as failures – I’ve been in a good place for most of the time I’ve been in there, and I’m sure with more practice, I can spend longer in there without any issues. Rubberfreak has a good post about sleeping in sleepsacks, and one of his points is that it takes practice to get used to being in there for a long time. I do naturally find it easy to give up too soon on some things, but this has been one of my dreams for about 10 years now – the only way to make it happen is to keep trying, and I’m looking forward to it.


December 10th 2017

I got to try the sleepsack with rubber underneath today for the first time. I’m happy to say, it feels amazing in there either with rubber on or without. Lying back as Rubberwulf edged and then Venus milked me, I felt probably the comfiest I’ve felt in bondage for a long time. All I could do was hump the Venus a little, but that’s all the gimp needed to do…


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