Rubber Obsessed

The past few months, my libido hasn’t been great. I’ve had some fun scenes, some horny times, but that want, that *need* to be in rubber hasn’t really been in my mind.

Last Monday, I felt more in the mood than I had for a while, and geared up and began what for some reason has been a bit of a gear obsession. I’m in my catsuit as I type this – my 6th evening/night in this suit in a row, and I’ve now been in gear for 8 out of the last 9 nights. It feels right to be wearing something made of rubber, even if I’m not doing a lot in it.

On Sunday night, I had a fun time topping Rubberwulf in two heavy layers, but hadn’t geared up myself as it was getting late and I had work the next day. Some peer pressure encouragement from friends online led to me putting my catsuit on at 11:30pm, with Rubberwulf locking me in it and chastity for the night.

It was only the second time I’ve ever been catsuited for a night, the previous time being the very first time I tried rubber, back in 2008. I barely slept – a mixture of horny thoughts and just general excitedness meant I dozed off and on for about an hour in total. For once, I didn’t mind at all that I’d barely slept. I enjoyed just being in gear – made of rubber and locked up.

It’s fair to say the next day at work was a challenge. Despite everything, I didn’t destroy the office, and catsuited once more, with Rubberwulf helping me into the sleepsack to be strapped down for some slow Venus 2000 torment.

Direct link to the video:

For the 2.5 hours I was in there, I was very out of it due to the previous night. I was horny, enjoying everything, but all I could do was lie there and take it. I could barely struggle at all as I shot my load and he kept the Venus going – it just happened and I had to accept it and deal with it. Not a bad state to be in!

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