Return of the Rubbery Gimp Pup

Rubber pups can sit on the furniture - as long as they sit on a towel

This was the first time in what seemed like a while that I'd been a complete rubber pup, and it felt great to be sealed in my rubber skin to relax with my pervy friends

Wearing my catsuit and rubber toesocks, I was sealed into Boots' sleepsack (with attached eyeless hood), then his rubber pup hood over the top of that. A posture collar was added, and I certainly wasn't going anywhere! I was totally helpless, and totally under Boots' control - their rubber play thing, unable to resist what they had planned for meThe sight of an eyeless rubber pup hood and the added posture collar makes for a very gimpy look - not that I could see! My other senses were heightened to try to make up for the loss of vision, and that made having my cock and balls played with even more pleasurableI couldn't see the catheter, but I knew it was coming - I just didn't know when. The anticipation added to the mind games they played on me, keeping me out of control - keeping me horny: just how a gimp should be

Under Boots' and Rubbot's control, I was sounded and then catheterised while still sealed in the two layers of rubber. This cath was two sizes bigger than anything I'd had before, and felt huge! Hugeness turned into hornyness though, as when they wanked my cock, I could feel the catheter filling my hole and wanking me from inside

The gimp, minus the pup hood - my piss draining from the catheter into the bag resting on my body, and no way to stop it. I was the most subby I'd ever felt and didn't want it to end

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