It’s been a weird start to the year so far – work has caused a lot of stress, and I haven’t felt as geary a lot of the time as a result. However, when I have been in the mood, I’ve tried to push myself a bit to do the things I’ve wanted to do for a while…

A Rubber Day

I kicked off the year with this:

My previous record for being in rubber was 21 hours, set way back in July 2008 during one of my very first times in rubber. I took the opportunity over New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day to try to meet the 24 hour goal I’d had for so long. To be fair, most of that time was just spent relaxing or gaming, and just enjoying being in the rubber – drysuit, unlined waders, my chest and back rig, plus gloves and hooded S10 from time to time.

Rubberwulf joined me on NYE to see in 2018 as a pair of rubber drones, and seeing him like this really helped me continue with my challenge:

As usual, the night in rubber didn’t exactly provide a lot of rest – something like 2 hours of sleep in total, before getting up early to wait out the last couple of hours in a dazed, tired state. Meeting that goal felt amazing, however the shower I had afterwards was even more so – the suit was sweaty, smelly, and my skin hated me by that point (it took about 3 days for the itchiness to go away, the worst reaction I’ve had with rubber so far).

It was definitely worth it – I enjoyed just feeling rubbery for so long. It gives me hope for one of my other goals – a 24 hour scene in bondage/being tormented from time to time. At least now I know that I can cope in gear for a while.

A Leather Night

On Friday night, inspired by a friend who had recently had a very long sleepsack session, I made my 3rd attempt to sleep in my leather sleepsack overnight. I didn’t *quite* make it until morning, but I lasted until 5am – a total of nearly 6 hours, making it my longest period in bondage of any kind, which isn’t something to be sniffed at.

The limiting factor once again was my arms – I tried my best to keep them from being completely straight, but eventually they got so uncomfortable that they were feeling painful however I moved. Hopefully in future I can find a position that works well.

As usual, I got no sleep at all in the sleepsack. However, I ended up in a weird relaxed state – if I remained completely still for a while, it started to feel like the sleepsack was heavier, and somehow like I was a part of it. I could no longer feel the seams or the sleeves separating my arms from the sides of my body – everything would suddenly feel more comfortable, more all-encompassing, and most of my body would drift away and just feel so good. It’s hard to describe, but there was something special about how I was feeling during those times.

I’d occasionally snap out of that state, changing position as much as I could, or humping the inside of the sleepsack as the horny feeling of what I was doing took over, before going back to keeping still and relaxing.

I learned that I’m bad at judging the time while in bondage – what had felt like I’d been in long enough for it to be 4am turned out to only be 2am when I shifted around to see the clock…I think looking at that also affected my mood, so maybe next time I’ll hide it so it’s out of my mind.

It was definitely worth while trying again, despite being very tired for the weekend (and also having to crash into my ever-understanding Rubberwulf to wake him so I could get out). Hopefully next time, I’ll make it until the morning – and maybe even sleep for an hour or two…

New Heights

Following the sleep-less-sack night, we headed over to Electrobound and Rubbertec’s place for the weekend, and yesterday they (and Rubberwulf) helped me make a dream scene come true.

Originally inspired by this video by mikaHAM and a different scene involving a friend in the same kind of suspension with a Venus 2000 milking him, I’d asked if the same thing could be done to me. I was shocked at (and very grateful for) the effort they went to in order to make space in the playroom and get everything set up for me to have my own kind of leaning/flying suspension scene.

It felt amazing, and actually pretty comfortable for a suspension scene. I had enough movement to thrust in and out of the Venus, but couldn’t move my arms or legs from their position behind me. Sadly, I have an issue where suspension can make me go numb sometimes, and this was one of those times. The Venus felt nice, but I couldn’t feel the sensation enough to cum. However, not every scene is about cumming, and I certainly will have fond memories of the experience and making a fantasy scene come true.


The other piece of news is that Rubberwulf and I will be at GBUS again this year, as part of our trip to the States. The event sold out incredibly quickly, with staff members doing everything they could to ensure people could get tickets and accommodation. I can’t wait to see friends there again!

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    […] I’ve tried doing an overnight stint in the leather sleepsack 4 or 5 times since the previous update. I’ve slowly been able to do longer, but I hadn’t managed to make it through the whole […]

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