Pouncing on Chicago (Part 3)

One night, Rocket kindly let me and Rubberwulf do something we’ve always wanted to do – sleep rubberised in a rubber bed.

Rubber sheet, rubber duvet, rubber pillows and drysuited made for an “interesting” night – hot and sweaty, but sooo horny! I’d slept in a rubber catsuit once before, but being in a completely rubbery bed with my wulf was such a nice experience. It took me a while to get to sleep, and I woke up after a few hours – turns out my drysuit isn’t as comfortable to sleep as I thought, and after another hour or so of tossing and turning, I got out of the suit and tried to sleep…

Next morning, I awoke to the smell of all the rubber surrounding me, and suddenly the thought of being back in the drysuit seemed very appealing! Suited up, we both added gloves and hooded S10s, and were soon joined by a drysuited and gasmasked Rocket :D

Heavy rubber makes for the best Monday morning ever ;)

After a night in Rocket's rubbery bed, Rubberwulf and I were hot, sweaty and very horny!
Heavy rubber makes for the best Monday morning ever...and being joined later by a rubbery Rocket made it even better :D

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