Post-GearBlast:US 2017

First things first – It’s easy to underestimate how much hard work and organisation goes into a gear event, and I hope people realise that the GBUS managers, staff and those who volunteered with setup/meals/events came together to make something genuinely special. The amount of hard work and planning that goes into something like this is crazy, but the result was something amazing. Thank you so much to everyone involved – I’m not a social or an events kind of guy, but I genuinely loved GBUS.

The schedule was organised in a way that somehow balanced bringing everyone together and always having something going on with also being no-pressure. You could do as much or as little as you wanted to – hanging out at the bar, playing with friends in a hotel room for a private session, having a more “public” session in the playspace, socialising or even just having some down time and relaxing. I did a mixture of all of these, and at no point did I feel like I was doing the “wrong” thing.

The people there were welcoming, too. I remember leaving our hotel room on the first full day wearing my catsuit under my motorbike leathers, looking around nervously as I walked outside from the room to the bar. I’m not the most confident guy, and I felt anxious about what others would think of me in my gear (plus just being outside in gear is still pretty intense for me). I quickly realised that I needn’t have been so stressed about it – I felt at ease with these gearheads, just as it should be. The rest of the event, I didn’t even think twice about how people would judge me as I walked out in my gear. It felt good to be like this – it felt right.

In terms of the playspace, all of the furniture had been loaned to the event by attendees – bondage tables, suspension gear, fuckbenches, even a drone storage box (which I was lucky enough to go in!). There were plenty of options, and it was awesome that people had wanted to bring their own furniture for everyone to try out.

My only real regret from the event is that I didn’t spend enough time with some people. I certainly did a lot more than I expected I would, including being locked in chastity for two days when I was in bondage, so couldn’t really stop it happening (and I didn’t exactly want to stop it either…), but there’s always that feeling of thinking back about things I could have done differently.

However, I left GBUS feeling pretty good – I genuinely feel like it helped my confidence, as well as some friendships. Having to leave the event was pretty upsetting, but I guess that’s a sign of being a part of something amazing. Over a week later, I’m still thinking back about everything that happened, and looking forward to doing it all again.

Here’s to GBUS 2018!

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  1. Frantic says:

    So glad that you enjoyed yourself and choose to share your adventures.
    It is appreciated by those of us unable to go, so thank you !

  1. 19th May 2018

    […] really hard on me), but Rubberwulf and I had an amazing time as always. GBUS was just as fun as last year, and was helped even further by the weather being so much warmer than last time, making it much […]

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