Pillion Pup’s Paw Protection

Two years after I got my first piece of gear (my first catsuit), there was still one thing missing – I still didn’t have any pervy gear to cover my hands. I love the idea of full coverage – to me, being totally covered in gear is such a great feeling. However, unless I used someone else’s gear, every part of my body could be covered, except my hands.

I’ve known what gloves I wanted since I visited the bike gear store in Leicester with Boots, Rubbot and ZX6Rlad back in May (when I was trying to get my leathers) – Knox Handroids. Boots had been after a pair that day, and had tried a pair on in the store, shortly before we left. Boots had shown me them on the internet a few weeks beforehand, and while they looked cool, it was only seeing them for real in the store that made me realise just how pervy they were. Described as “hand armour” rather than gloves, they were (and still are) the best motorbike gloves I’d ever seen. The extra armour on the back of the fingers and thumb, which moves with the wearer’s hand, flexing as they do, was enough to make me want a pair very badly. It gives them such a “robotic” look and feel, and it’s something I found hard to resist. I tried a pair on when I got my leathers in the store in Stevenage, and they’re incredibly comfortable as well.

Boots got himself a pair of Handroids not long after I got my leathers, and I didn’t want to get a pair of gloves exactly the same as his – but looking on the internet didn’t show me any other gloves that made me feel the way I had seeing the Handroids. I wanted something cool-looking, but also with the right proportions of black and white to look “right” with my leathers. As payday drew near, and with an absence of anything better, my mind was set on getting a pair of the amazing gloves for myself – mainly in black (Boots’ pair are mainly white, so I did succeed in not getting exactly the same gloves…). I asked Boots if he fancied a trip to one of the bike stores so I could get myself a pair, and we eventually organised for him, ZX6Rlad and I to all met up at Tieme’s place, where we were all to celebrate Tieme’s Birthday.

The day before we met up, I was very excited. The thought of having a pair of those gloves of my own was on my mind almost all day. That night, Boots had said that I should travel in his car to the store in my leathers and boots, in order to make sure the gloves work with the sleeves of my leathers properly, but not only that, it was also to see that the gloves looked right with the rest of my gear. Despite feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension about being fully out in public in my gear, walking down the road in Stevenage leathered up, I agreed – it made sense and was kind of pervy too!

I struggled to sleep that night. Excitement stopped me from being able to relax my thoughts. My usual and random-seeming silly worries were there: surely people will notice me getting out of a car wearing bike gear – that kind of thing. Something else too: something Boots had said on Yahoo that night – “I think I will need to think about packing the car shortly…it won’t take long”. At the time he said it, I didn’t notice it, but in bed that night I suddenly realised that they normally bring a lot of gear in the car – boxes of different types of gear. My reasoning was that “it normally takes quite a bit of time to pack stuff into there…they must be coming on their bikes!”, I thought. Getting even more excited, thinking he was planning on surprising me with a bike ride to the shop the next day, I began to think about what he’d said in the past about when he would take me out on his bike. “I won’t scare you…too much”, I could remember him saying, with his evil grin.
Eventually I calmed down. Thinking I was being stupid and presumptuous, since he’d clearly said the word “car”, I dismissed the idea as being silly, thinking also that the store was surely too far for my first ride. I’d only end up being disappointed when he turned up in the car, so I forgot about the idea of him arriving by bike. Somehow, I finally got to sleep, and woke early the next morning, still excited about the Handroids.

I sat with Tieme at his place, anxiously waiting for Boots and ZX6Rlad to arrive. Suddenly, a motorbike engine could be loudly heard from outside. Thinking it was ZX6Rlad on his bike, and Boots arriving by car, I readied myself to greet them…and then round the corner came Boots in his bike gear. I don’t know what welcome I gave him and ZX6rlad – probably not the best as instantly my mind was racing again. They’d surprised me, and I’d been wrong to dismiss my thoughts the previous night. The surprise had been a great one, and the thrill of that quickly led to realisation – I was going to get my gloves on the back of Boots’ bike!

Changing into my leathers and boots, I was so nervous. I was physically shaking, feeling a little ill. I was thinking how vulnerable I’d feel on the road with comparatively big cars and other vehicles around. Worrying how fast it would be, how hard it would be to stay on the bike. But also, so very excited – my dream was coming true. I’d finally know what it would feel like to be out on the back of a bike.

Boots and I had chatted about it a few times, and I knew that he’s an experienced rider. I trust him with my life (quite literally in this case I suppose), and I knew that he wouldn’t put me in any danger, and yet he knows how I work, and always seems to find the best ways to give me that thrill I’m after. Of all the people I could’ve had my first ride with, I was very pleased it was him – but that still wasn’t enough to stop me shaking as I sat behind him on his bike outside, wearing Tieme’s helmet and gloves.

Getting my own gloves wasn’t in my mind at all now. I’d sat behind Boots on his bike once before, but that had been in his garage, not moving at all. This felt so different. They showed me where to hold on, and explained a few things to me. Asked if I was feeling scared or nervous, the word “nervous” barely came out of my mouth…and we set off.

Thankfully, the first road we were on was in a residential area, so we rode along slowly, giving me a bit of time to compose myself, breathe, and realise I was ok. It was still very scary though, and I did feel very vulnerable at first. We reached the end of the road, stopped at the traffic lights, and Boots asked me how I was. “Ok…I think” is all I managed, my voice muffled by the helmet with the internal mask. I knew that turns and a faster stretch of road were coming – and I was scared. It was like that moment when the rollercoaster seems to pause at the height of its climb. You know what’s coming next, that it’s gonna be fast. The lights turned green, and we set off again. The turn at the junction wasn’t so bad, once I remembered I had to lean with the bike and its rider, and we pulled off a roundabout onto a slip road.

He accelerated. I’d never experienced acceleration like it. It felt pretty much instantaneous, and I held on tightly to Boots as we prepared to join the A-road. “OH GOD!” managed to come out of my mouth, all on its own. Boots looked to his right several times as we sped up and onto the dual carriageway. If I was scared before, that was nothing compared to this. My brain couldn’t take everything in all at once. I was confronted with sights and sounds and feelings of speed I’d never experienced before, all happening at the same time, all wanting my attention. The air roared against us, pretty much drowning out the noise of the bike and everything around us. Trees and fields at the sides of the road seemed to zip past us in a fraction of a second. As he sped up to overtake other vehicles, the immense feeling of acceleration kicked in again, and the deafening air blasted me even more as I dared to look sideways at our surroundings and the cars we were passing.

At some point on this first fast stretch of road, my nerves went. I can’t remember if it was gradual or instant, my mind was so overwhelmed that I didn’t notice the change until after it had happened – I was loving it. Completely against how I thought I’d feel, I enjoyed the speed, the acceleration. I didn’t feel vulnerable at all – in fact, the opposite. I really did feel invincible. This was more than the feeling I got just from perving in my bike gear, this was even more. I felt strong, I felt powerful. The gear not only helped me feel like that, but being behind my Alpha pup, holding onto him, knowing he was protecting me – it added even more to the effect. I felt so alive – more so than at any other time in my life.

We slowed down as we rode through a village, and this was my first chance to try to make sense of what I was feeling. That was the moment I realised I was so happy, tingling with excitement. I even had a chance to feel horny, realising I was sitting so close behind my leather-clad Alpha. I gained quite a lot of satisfaction being out in public, my cock hard under my leathers, my dream coming true.

We exited the village and Boots seemed to accelerate even faster than before – making me quickly forget my hornyness and focus on holding him tightly. I became aware I wasn’t sitting on the bike right, too much to the right and my left arm was becoming numb as I had farther to reach to hold on. My “fidgeting” to try to bring some feeling back into it led Boots to stop over in a lay-by, giving him a chance to explain why me moving that much wasn’t such a good idea…he understood it was my first time, I wasn’t to know, and the small break gave me a chance to get the circulation going in my arm again.

We set off once more, almost at the end of our 30-odd mile journey to Stevenage. I was a lot less fidgety now, hopefully a better pillion. There was one last surprise on the journey, however – we went through a tunnel shortly before arriving in Stevenage. We seemed to be going so fast through there, and I could hear the engine of the bike echoing off the tunnel’s walls as we zoomed through – me enjoying everything more and more.

A familiar street came into view not long after that – I recognised it from the day we’d been there to get my leathers. We pulled up outside the bike store, and I somehow managed to get off the back of the bike with my legs feeling like they didn’t belong to me.

We sat outside the shop for a bit, having a drink, while I tried to tell Boots how I’d found the journey. I couldn’t really put it into words, but I think he got the general idea that I loved it! He said he’d been gradually accelerating slightly harder each time – and yet I still hadn’t experienced what the bike could really do. My brain was still trying to process everything, I didn’t seem to realise I was outside in public in my bike gear. The thought I was about to buy the Handroids barely registered. I could only think of what I’d just experienced, knowing that I still had the ride back to Cambridge to enjoy.

Walking around the bike shop was a little strange, as it reminded me of buying my leathers from there a couple of months earlier, and how I’d felt then. People in the shop looked at us as we walked past them in our gear. Thankfully, I’d emailed the shop a week earlier to get them to keep a pair of the Handroids I wanted behind the counter, so they couldn’t sell out and I’d have a repeat of “we don’t have your size in the black or the white”. I tried one on and was happy to say “ok I’ll have them”, but Boots made me put the second one on to make sure they felt right. The shop assistant suggested that I sit on their mock bike they had sitting in the middle of their showroom; Boots telling me to assume the position I’d soon be taking up for the ride home! It was then I realised that these would be the gloves I’d be wearing on the return journey – what a way to break them in!

I bought the gloves, and felt great as I put them on outside, ready to get back on the bike for the ride home. Smiling beneath the helmet, I made sure to position myself right this time, and we rode away from the shop.
The ride there had been amazing, but the ride to Cambridge was even better. I could tell that Boots was pushing the bike (and me) slightly further, the acceleration feeling even more intense, and the roar of the wind even louder than before. The tunnel I’d enjoyed first time round seemed even more of a thrill the second time, and my body tingled all over from sheer excitement.

The sun shone down on us as we rode, the air rushing against us making me feel cool and comfortable in my leathers. Trees and fields rushed past on the periphery of my vision, and were then reflected in the back of Boots’ helmet, seemingly doubling the effect of speed. I didn’t want it to end; I just wanted more of those feelings. I felt even more protected, more invincible than the first time, despite Boots pushing me further. It was never too much, not once did I feel he pushed me too far – it was just enough to make the excitement feel even more extreme.

As we drove, I tried to look for people who were looking at us from their cars – wanting their attention, wanting them to look at us and feel that same thrill I used to (and still do) get when I see leathered bikers going past (though probably less pervy in most peoples’ cases). As we drove slowly through the village for the second time, I noticed a small boy and his mother looking at us as we went past them. The boy looked amazed, mouth open, turning his head to follow us as we drew closer and rode past them.

We left the village, speeding up for the last section on a main road before we arrived back at Tieme’s. I was ecstatic, so happy I could’ve cried under the helmet (thankfully, I didn’t). It was so overwhelming, my dream had come true and I realised that being on a motorbike wasn’t just about the pervy thrill of being out in your gear in public. It’s an experience, a rush that is so enjoyable. Protected in a car from all of this, journeys are boring, long and tedious. I had no sense of distance or time, and I certainly wasn’t bored.

We arrived back at Tieme’s, and I was pretty much speechless. My whole body was like jelly this time. Boots treated me like his “pillion bitch” for a little while once we got off the bike, adding even more to the overload in my mind. It was just so much to take in, and still is. I’m still smiling so much now, a few days later, thinking about it. I’ve spent most of today trying to think of how I’d put the experience into words, and I doubt I’ll ever come close to describing how it felt. If that’s what being a pillion is like, actually riding the bike must be fucking amazing. Probably like most things in life, the more you do it, the more you get used to it, and it isn’t quite the same thrilling experience, but I hope those of you who are bikers still get at least some excitement while riding, and that the feeling never goes – and of course that you’re safe out there.

I love my Handroids. The ride back in them was so comfortable, and I seem to be spending as much time wearing them when I don’t need to work/type/use a touch pad or touch screen/eat as I can (I’d have worn them to type this, but it would’ve taken about twice as long). Owning a pair of them is as good as I imagined it could be, and wearing them serves as a reminder of the amazing ride I had to get them – which certainly isn’t a bad thing.

The weekend was mind-blowing. We had a great time celebrating Tieme’s birthday – thanks to Boots, Tieme and ZX6Rlad for that: and I was on top of the world as a result of my dream coming true – I can’t thank Boots enough for that. He certainly looks after his pup.

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