Sleepsacked Pup

First time I'd been in bondage for a couple of months, and I had no idea what Boots had planned for me. Sealed into his tight rubber sleepsack, I didn't know what to expect, and could do nothing to stop him anyway

My head rushing from the poppers, my nipples squeezed even more as the clamps were tightened. I was in the perfect headspace, and Boots took full advantage of my helpless state. Vibrated, wanked and totally under his control, he continued well after I'd cum

I was unable to see because of the sleepsack's attached eyeless hood. My hearing was muffled thanks to the hood and my pup hood over the top, and all I could smell was the rubber sleepsack and the poppers given to me. I hadn't been expecting the nipple clamps, but once I felt the zips being opened, the anticipation of them was enough to make me even hornier

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