Pervyween 2010

Pervyween 2010 was organised by Boots and Pervybikers and had a "cyber" theme for costumes. Was one of the best weekends of my life! (From left to right: Me, Scubaccs (Rocket), slider0, Boots and Rubberwulf)

I'm a glowing pair of eyes! I was hoping the white bits of my leathers would glow all TRON-style in the UV light, but never mind - the others looked amazingly cool

mmm rubber pups love chocolate! Rubbot had to open them us for us as Rocket/scubaccs had mitts on and I had boxing gloves. I really got into being a playful silly pup during this

Left upstairs and strapped to the bondage table for the first time in a few months, I had no idea what was in store for me, other than something I wouldn't be able to escape from

Being strapped down in my new catsuit was an amazing experience, just what I needed to help me get back into my rubbery side. BikerPup Rubba helped me to concentrate on the important things

I hadn't expected to be sounded, but Boots likes surprises. It had only happened to me once before, and I'd almost forgotten how pleasurable it feels. It was a major headfuck to look up and see the 9mm sound sticking out of my cock, the biggest thing that's ever been in there

Sleepy pup! Even bikerpups get worn out

I'd recently bought a pair of boxing gloves after Boots just showed me how good they are as paws. Wearing them over my Handroids and rubbing my rubber clad body with paws. I was a horny pup

Sniffing the leather of the gloves and the smell of new rubber from my catsuit, rubbing my cock through the rubber codpiece with my paw - Wruff! I love being a gearpup

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