Pervywe’ek (Part 2)

4pm did eventually arrive, and I left work excited that I wouldn’t be doing anything “normal” until I was back to work on Tuesday. Once home, I packed my leathers, undersuit, Handroids and tech 8’s, ready to take to Tieme’s place, where he and the other 4 pervs were waiting for me.

Everything packed, I don’t know why, but rather than dashing over there to start my pervy weekend, I sat down on my bed, my mind all over the place. I was happy, I was excited, I was so fucking nervous! I knew nothing bad would be happening to me in the next 4 days, I knew most of the guys who were coming to Pervyween – but I still worried about the others, the “unknowns”: so much for my increase in confidence. I don’t know how long I sat there in a daze (maybe 5-10 minutes); I can’t even remember anything specific I was thinking about.

I snapped out of it, took one last look at my worried face in the mirror, picked up the bags containing my gear, and made the surprisingly long 5 minute walk to meet the pervs.

The only person waiting for me there that I hadn’t met before was PupSpike. I said a nervous hello to him before trying to sit somewhere I could blend into the background to hide my shyness. Damn my shyness and bright red cheeks in situations like these! Thankfully, Spike was a bit “busy” in handcuffs and being pounced on, and so didn’t really notice my reddening. He was being prodded in his sternum, didn’t look very hard, and yet he didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as the others…

Once he’d been tormented enough, and my nerves had died down, it was time to change into my bike gear, ready to see the TRON Legacy preview at my local cinema. I spent a while getting ready – the last time I’d been out in my bike gear in public was the day I’d been pupped up in the woods with Boots, and afterwards he’d made me go into the local supermarket by myself. I’d enjoyed the feeling then – nervous but very exciting to have people looking at me, daring to be different.

This time had an added twist – this was my local cinema, what if someone from work saw me? Why did thinking that make me more excited? I had no idea, this was the weekend to do things out of the ordinary, and we were getting off to a good start. Whatever happened, I’d be standing there geared up with other bikerpervs, feeling protected from any bad things that could happen.

Boots, Rocket, Spike and I were geared up as we left for the cinema with Tieme and ZX6Rlad. 3 of us stood waiting outside the car park for the other 3 who had been travelling in the other car, and I stood with my back to the road – I physically couldn’t turn around to look at anyone walking/driving past us. I was standing with Boots and Spike, both geared up, so attention would be drawn to us no matter what I did.

It seemed to take forever for the others to arrive, amazing how time slows down when you feel self-conscious. Eventually, they did, and we began the walk towards the leisure complex and the cinema, while I desperately looked for anyone looking at us, but trying not to make eye contact with anyone at the same time. I’d already gone from the stage of wanting to hide to wanting to see if I was getting any attention – the gear’s invincible feeling was starting to work and was multiplied by the 3 geared up pervs I was with. Even Boots’ cheeky grin as he looked at me and saw how I was reacting helped.

We stood in the long queue in the cinema to show our tickets, hundreds of people (it felt like) around to see us, see me, standing there in bike gear. Still not daring to make eye contact with anyone around us, I made sure to stand as close to the other 3 in bike gear, make it so there was no chance that anyone seeing me didn’t think I was with that group of bikers. I began to feel calmer and more excited by what we were doing.
After a mix up over which queue we had to stand in, we showed our tickets and were allowed through into the corridor with the various screens for different movies which were being shown. Our screen, of course, had to be further down the corridor, past a long line of people who were waiting to get inside to see a different movie, all of whom were facing our way as we walked past them. I stuck close to Boots, and all I managed to say was “oh…my…god!” as heads turned and probably comments were made….thinking back, it felt great!

We entered the doors for our screening, to a comment of something like “you guys should’ve lit up your leathers” from one of the members of staff. More heads turned as we walked up the stairs to our seats, and as we sat down ready for the preview, I realised how much of a rush I was having from it all.

The 23 minute preview was in 3D, and confirmed that the movie itself won’t really have any major story to it, but woof it looks great! Some very pervy-looking stuff, and it just made us want to see the full movie even more. Preview over, we walked out of the cinema, and I felt that “stronger”, “protected”, “powerful” feeling from what I was wearing, what I was doing, and who I was with. We ate in a nearby restaurant, the four of us still in gear, and I no longer cared if anyone I knew saw me, I was just excited and happy to be spending time with 5 great guys.

Walking back to the car park, some women made some “gay boys” comment when they saw us. It’s weird really, last time I remember a comment like that being made was when I was at uni, before I’d admitted to myself that I’m gay, and back then it had really gotten to me, made me upset for some reason. This time, it didn’t bother me at all, she was factually correct anyway! Her comment simply bounced off me, and I felt even stronger, my own little victory against her and every time someone had bullied me by calling me that in the past.
Not long after we arrived back at Tieme’s place, I was put into handcuffs behind my back, and pounced on by Spike, Rocket and Boots. Struggling against them didn’t work, as I was tickled and had my nipples squeezed way harder than what I’d had before. It was a erm…experience, shall we say. I kind of enjoyed losing control to them, but not the actual torment I got. They seemed to love every second of it! Trying desperately to give Boots a “please help me look”, I realised that he’s even more of an evil pup than I thought – joining in with the other evil pups, and ignoring my pleas. I also found out just why Spike hadn’t enjoyed his sternum being poked – it fucking hurts! Thankfully, they weren’t so evil as to carry on for too long, and I was completely worn out when they helped me out of my gear.

It was time for us to pick on Boots. I helped to pin him down while he had a similar treatment, and a bit later on, it was Rocket’s turn. I have to admit, I kind of enjoyed my little bit of “revenge”. I’m deliberately being careful what I say here! Moving on…

I left Tieme’s place late that night, my mind overwhelmed on the 5 minute walk home. In such a short time, so much had happened, stuff I wouldn’t dare to do without the guys around me, and this was just the start of the weekend! My thoughts were all over the place as I climbed into bed – tomorrow would be a big day…
I packed my rubber gear and other stuff for the weekend, and faffed on for a while, sure I’d forgotten something as usual. I headed over to Tieme’s place, aware of what was happening, but not sure how it would go ahead: Spike didn’t know anything about Pervyween. The plan was to “kidnap” him, take him to the cottage we’d rented for the weekend and surprise him with the party.

After being pinned down again, hairs on my legs being removed by tape, and some of my nipple hair being pulled out with tweezers (grrr! I’m not gonna forget that by the way…), we said “goodbye” to Boots and ZX6Rlad as they left for the cottage to start setting stuff up for the party (of course Spike thought he was saying goodbye to them for good). Spike was to be kept “entertained” while I helped Tieme and Rocket pack the car with all the gear and bondage equipment needed for the weekend. Fitting all the stuff in was a huge task – I’ve never seen so much gear being moved somewhere.

Boots snuck back to help us pack stuff into his car, and I left with him, still unsure how they’d move Spike into Tieme’s car and how he would react when he found out what had been planned for him. I’m not sure what I talked to Boots about in the car on the 40 minute drive to the cottage – I was running on autopilot, my brain still desperately playing catch up with what had been going on and what was waiting for me ahead. I was no longer nervous, I was excited by the prospect of perving from Friday afternoon until Sunday night, and that could never be a bad thing.

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