Pervywe’ek (Part 1)

A lot’s happened since my last post – quite a lot of boring stuff to do with my personal/work life, but I’m not here to blog about that – this is about new gear and total pervery.

I’d seen the pictures of the last Halloween party that Boots and ZX6Rlad had held back in 2008, and it looked like a lot of fun. “Pervyween” 2008 seemed to live up to its name, and I’d known for months that there was to be another one this year. A private party rather than open to other pervs like GBuk 2009 had been, I wasn’t sure what to expect – how a group of more than a dozen perverts would play together in a cottage we’d hired for the weekend.

The weekend before Pervyween was to be more of a social affair. The week at work beforehand was painfully slow, and I seemed to be doing nothing other than work and sleep – I was feeling distinctly bored and un-pervy: “normal”. Just a few more days then I had a relaxing social weekend to look forward to, followed by a weekend of the sort of horny stuff I could only dream about.

That Friday at work was the longest-feeling shift I’ve worked in my 7 months there – I’m sure I felt every second of it. I knew the next day I’d be travelling with Tieme to Boots and ZX6Rlad’s place (Pervy HQ), and meeting Rocket (scubaccs) for the first time since GBuk last year. I couldn’t wait to see him again – he’s such a great guy and gets me thinking some of my dirtiest pervy thoughts, but I was very nervous all the same. Last time I’d seen him, so much had been different: I was still trapped at home with my parents, I was still very nervous around new people, still too shy to play with anyone outside of a small group. I’d been too shy to really talk to him or play with him. My confidence and dirty mind have grown since then, and also my gear collection.

I dreamt of meeting Rocket that Friday night, imagined that I’d be too nervous to move or speak to him or anyone else at Pervyween. Eventually, Saturday morning arrived, and Tieme and I had what felt like a 200 mile journey to Pervy HQ, the excitement/nerves building in my stomach as we got nearer.

I needn’t have been nervous – Rocket was as friendly and smiley and perverted as I remembered him being. Unfortunately, I only got a couple of hours with him before he and Tieme left for some perving elsewhere that weekend, leaving Boots, TheStig, ZX6Rlad and I to socialise – be as normal as we could be before the uber pervyness of the following weekend.

Some unexpected good news added to my excitement. I’d finally ordered a new catsuit for myself from STR, and it was going to be ready before Pervyween! I hadn’t fallen “out of love” with rubber since getting my leathers, but I hadn’t felt the desire to wear either of my catsuits in those few months. They just didn’t have the right effect on me anymore – my first catsuit was now not only covered in patches from when I’d split it as I’d been too big, but it was now ridiculously big on me as a result of me losing 4 stones in weight – two problems in one! My second catsuit, while being a nice gift from a close friend, was also beginning to be too big for me, and didn’t give me that feeling of tight enclosure that I wanted.

My new catsuit: shoulder entry, codpiece rather than front zip, 0.55mm of shiny, horny smelling black rubber, had a slim chance of being ready before Pervyween, or so I’d been told. I didn’t allow myself to get my hopes up, I didn’t want my disappointment to ruin what was going to be a special weekend. However, when the news that it was ready early came through, I was ridiculously happy. At last I could enjoy both types of gear I love, and it was the perfect time to rediscover why I had fantasised about rubber for so many years.

Even better news, we were heading up to Nottingham that Monday to see Dr. Who Live, and we could pick up the new catsuit on the way! No stressing about it getting lost in the post, it could be in my paws that very night.

Dr. Who Live turned out to be very good, some of the monsters’ costumes were very well done (I especially like the New Rocks on the Judoon), and the live music was magical and epic at the same time.

My mind began to concentrate on the following weekend – Pervyween was finally almost here. I tried not to think about the three days of work standing between me and the long weekend of perverted activities ahead of me. I wanted to stay with Boots, ZX6Rlad and Stiggy, not go back to having to pretend to be normal around all the non-perverts at work.

I also very much wanted to try my new catsuit on – it needed to be on my skin, covering it and my cock sticking through the hole, the black codpiece with the orange paw print hiding my hard cock. However, I’d been told to resist wearing it for as long as possible, to give the glue longer to dry – making the suit stronger and less likely to end up damaged like my first catsuit. It was suggested that it should be kept at Pervy HQ, so I wouldn’t have the temptation to try it on before Pervyween. I thought I had the self-control to resist it, and so I insisted that I took it home with me.

I got back home so late on Monday night (technically Tuesday morning), that I hadn’t had time to get the catsuit out of the bag and feel the new rubber. By the time I’d fantasised about it all day at work on Tuesday, I was desperate to have a proper look at it, smell the new rubber, imagine it against my skin.

Somehow, I managed to resist wearing it that night. I tormented myself even more by hanging the suit up while I shined it, ready for its first use. It hung on the back of my bedroom door, looking at me, wanting me to give in, to put it on and paw off in it. I wanted it so badly, but the thought of it splitting at Pervyween was enough to stop me. I simply stared at it, enjoyed the smell of the rubber filling my room, and decided that waiting until Wednesday evening would be as long as I could cope before I gave in to it. I was worried that it wouldn’t fit – that I’d gotten one that was too small, and so that was my excuse to not wait until Pervyween, and it was enough to convince me to forget about my willpower.

Wednesday was yet another long day! I practically ran up the stairs when I finally got home, desperate to lube up the suit and try it on. I’d never worn a shoulder-entry suit, let alone owned one, and so getting into it was an experience. At first I was worried I’d not be able to zip it back up again, my worst fears coming true.
It zipped up – and woof it felt great! It certainly fit the “skin tight” part of “STR”, and I was hard as I stuck my cock through the hole and behind the codpiece, just like I’d spent 3 days fantasising about. I have no self-control – I’d “christened” it within 15 minutes. I was very happy, I couldn’t wait to play in it at Pervyween.

The next day was Thursday – the last day of my “short” working week. The last day of having to be “normal”. On Thursday night, a group of us were going to my local cinema to see a special preview of TRON Legacy…in bike gear. Boots, PupSpike, Rocket, Tieme, ZX6Rlad… all waiting for me at the end of the working day.

Nervous and excited about being out in bike gear with other perves in a public place, nervous about meeting PupSpike for the first time, not knowing what would happen at Pervyween… I got no work done. I spent the 8 hours in the office with a mixture of butterflies in my stomach and random hornyness. I’m the type of person who likes to know exactly what’s planned, what’s going to happen. But for this weekend, once 4pm came and I had finished work, I knew very little. I was out of my comfort zone, not knowing what we’d be doing, not knowing what would be done to me…and I wanted it more than anything in the world.

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