Pervy Pals and Problem People

I used to think that being a kinky guy would be nothing but pervy fun with other guys. I used to believe that all kinky guys were one-dimensional, and talked about nothing but pervy fun. Thankfully, I was wrong (although there are some guys like that out there). The last 6 months or so have really opened my eyes – I feel closer to some of the kinky guys I’ve chatted to than the friends I’ve had since I was 3 years old. Maybe it’s because I can be totally open to the kinky guys, instead of having to hide things or tell lies like I have to with my other friends (after all, I can’t tell them I’m a rubber fetishist – or even gay). Perhaps it’s because the kinky guys understand me.

Whatever the reason, I’ve come to learn that kinky guys are not all one-dimensional: and because of them, I’m enjoying this whole thing even more than I thought I would. These people have made me feel welcome, helped me through my bad days, given me a good laugh (and put various pervy thoughts in my head…). Some of these guys I’ve met, some I haven’t even spoken a word (out loud) to, but all of them do mean a lot to me (as I sometimes tell them, much to their embarrassment). I may be hundreds of miles away from most of them, but I certainly don’t feel alone because of them.

Things are generally looking up, however there are still people who have made my journey so far a “little less enjoyable”. I’ve gained a lot of confidence in the past half year, and that has helped me to chat to new people and make new friends, compared to the shy person I used to be. However, that extra confidence hasn’t yet helped me to know how to deal with the “problem people”, and I’m still finding coping with them a little difficult (and still making mistakes). The biggest source of “problem people” was Recon – I don’t know why, but it certainly seemed to attract the worst the community has to offer. As a result, I decided to stop paying for membership there, and only log in to the site on rare occasions. I’m here to contribute and enjoy myself, not to get stressed because people can’t read profiles or understand that no means no.

GearFetish on the other hand is a much better site – I have had almost no trouble on there, in fact the opposite – I’ve made some good friends through that site, and I’ve received some positive comments along the way. I can’t understand how two sites which offer the same kind of services are so different in the people that use those sites – almost as if they are opposites of each other. Plenty of good things have come from GF, I find it hard to say the same about Recon.

As for me, I’m very happy about the way things are going (at least on the kinky side of things). Other things may not be quite so great in my life, but at least I do have something to smile about. I’ve been lucky enough to find the “right” people to chat to, to make friends with. Getting rid of Recon also got rid of most of the stress involved with being a kinky guy, and now I enjoy it even more. As mentioned before, my confidence has grown a lot as a result of meeting and chatting to kinky guys, so much so that I’m considering going to GearBlast UK this August (something I wouldn’t have even thought about doing if I was still the shy person I used to be).

It’s safe to say that I’m still enjoying being a kinky guy. Despite some of the “issues” I’ve had with people recently, it still remains one of the best things I’ve ever done. I have some play time planned with some of my friends I’ve never met yet, so I get to see how my new found confidence works when I’m feeling so nervous I can barely walk…

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