Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

I’ve been wanting to try more chastity for a while, and being away from the stresses of work over the Christmas/New Year holidays seemed like the perfect time. Previously, I’d kept my keys in my time lock box, meaning I’d lasted a whole week in my chastity device, a new record for me.

Master Smart Bluetooth Safe

Unfortunately, the time lock box means you can’t take the device off for cleaning or for some sort of torment/play while in bondage, leading to soreness/lack of hygiene/lack of stimulation. A few of my friends in the US have been using a bluetooth safe to hold their keys, giving their keyholder the power to remotely grant temporary access to the gimp’s keys/cock for cleaning or torment. This seemed like a fun idea and eventually I took the plunge and bought one of my own, horny over the thought of not being able to get myself off again for some time.

Yesterday, Rubberwulf installed me in my sleepsack, and left me in sensory deprivation for half an hour or so, thinking about what was about to happen…

Tightly restrained and unable to see or hear, all I could do was lay there, stored in my gear
Tightly restrained and unable to see or hear, all I could do was lay there, stored in my gear

After a little while, Rubberwulf vibrated my cock through the sleepsack a few times, making me even hornier about what was about to happen (I’d also not gotten off in 6 days, so any stimulation was very horny). I then felt the cold, lubed ring of the Steelheart being put around my cock and balls, and knew it was time to lose control of my cock. I tried to keep calm as he slowly threaded the PA fixing through my piercing and then the lubed, cold cock tube was slid on. I felt the device being locked, and my cock was suddenly made of metal.

Leather, rubber and metal - all I needed to be
Leather, rubber and metal – all I needed to be

My new metal cock felt great, like it was meant to be. I had my usual bad night of sleep in chastity last night, and so far I’m enjoying the device. The plan is to unlock every few days or so for a proper cleaning, with Rubberwulf able to either get the key out himself or remotely give me temporary access to do it myself, with him getting notifications if I open/close/tamper with the lock.

I just need to try to forget about getting access to my cock and getting off (as I’m now one week without an orgasm). We haven’t set any time length for my lock up, but we will see how it goes – I hope I can at least beat my current 7 day record, and that the device stays comfortable and that I keep finding it a horny experience…

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