My First Gear Event

This is a small update to say that I will be attending GearBlastUK 2009 for certain.

I still can’t believe that I will be going to something like that, barely a year after I first became kinky, but it’s something I am genuinely excited for. I would never have considered going to anything like this six months ago, but now it seems the perfect thing to do. Perhaps it’s a sign that the shy, nervous, overly self-conscious me is becoming a thing of the past.

What matters is that I’m going, and I’ll finally be able to meet some of the people I’ve bothered…I erm mean chatted to online in the flesh (or in rubber/leather/fursuits…). Quite simply, I can’t wait!

I now just have to arrange some travel plans plus accommodation, then I’ll be all set for what should be a very enjoyable (and very pervy) event.

Here’s to GBuk being a success, so much so that it happens again!

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