Milking Program: Initiated

For years, I’ve had the fantasy of being “left alone” in a scene in full rubber, bondage and with electro/milker machine running. The thought of being forced to cum and then being forced to endure the sensitivity that follows, and then made to keep going for another orgasm is something that really turns me on.

A few of my close friends have had scenes like that – some capable of having 3, 4, 5…even more orgasms in a single scene. I’ve had scenes where I’ve cum twice before being released, but never anything where I’ve had no break once I’ve shot…until last night…

I slipped myself into my catsuit, before Rubberwulf helped me add my drysuit, thick gloves, blacked out hooded S10 and finally the GA4 suit. I’d been in these three layers before, but this was the first time I’d done it with all three suits being my own, and it felt so good. 3mm of rubber cutting me off from the outside world, and I felt myself thinking in “rubber drone” terms.

Physical conversion: 100%

My cock was fully hard under all that rubber, even before Rubberwulf had finished zipping up the GA4 and hugging and groping me. He led the blind drone to the playroom and helped it onto the bondage table. As each strap was fastened, I felt hornier and more like a programmed object.

Preparing for milking sequence. Beginning restraining procedure

Once fully restrained, he rubbed me through the rubber layers, before vibrating my hard cock to make me thrust.

Beginning stimulation to remove mental resistance

He unzipped the GA4 and drysuit to get access to my cock. I knew what was coming, as we had discussed it earlier that day, but I was still unsure how I’d cope. By now though, the horniness really was taking over my brain, and I was looking forward to the challenge of being left to deal with the Venus on my own.

I heard lube being pumped into the Venus receiver, then felt the cold lube being squired onto my cock before feeling the receiver being slid onto me.

I breathed heavily through the gasmask as the Venus started to move incredibly slowly. I felt Rubberwulf add ropes to it and on the table to hold it in place, so that no matter what I did, I’d not be able to get the machine off me. In my horny mind, the machine and I were now part of the same object.

Machine connected. Initiate milking program

As my fully hard cock was forced to slide up and down the Venus receiver, I heard Rubberwulf standing nearby, making sure everything was securely in place. I did my best to stay calm, I didn’t want to shoot early, or at least before he had left me on my own.

After a few minutes, I heard him go downstairs. My dream was coming true – it was just me and the milking machine, and nothing I could do could stop it. This is when something clicked in my head – just knowing that no one was standing over me to listen to me if I wanted out was enough to make me even hornier.

Beginning mental override

Weeks of talking to friends who like the idea of being a programmed “rubber drone” was getting into my head. I was that drone – completely sealed off from everything. Nothing mattered except the rubber covering me and the machine I was now forced to be a part of.

It must have only been a few minutes on my own before I felt myself get to the point I couldn’t fight the machine. It made me shoot – I had no choice in the matter. As much as I knew I’d struggle with the sensitivity as soon as I shot, my brain wanted to give in to the machine more than anything.

I hadn’t cum for a few days, and it felt like I shot a huge load into the machine. My entire body twitched with sensitivity with each slow stroke of the machine. Normally this would be the point where I’d moan as loudly as I could for attention, to try to get myself out of the scene, but I didn’t. I enjoyed the challenge – having to deal with the Venus, I felt amazing.

First extraction complete. Continuing program

I was still horny. I was still thinking drone thoughts. Within a minute or so of cumming, I started deliberately thrusting into the Venus again.

I spent the next hour or so getting deeper into this new place in my head. Inside my world of nothing but blackness, all that mattered was being a rubber drone and being used by the machine.

The Venus was still on a pretty slow speed – one second for an up stroke, one second for a down stroke. As much as I tried, it wasn’t quite enough to let me shoot a second time.

I would go through phases of humping the receiver as deeply as I could – desperate to give the machine another orgasm, and then frustration at not being able to get past being “close”. The Venus had become an edging machine – enough to keep the drone horny and focused on horny things, but not enough to cause an orgasm. I was just a rubber object, tormented by a machine using my own cum as lube.

I spent a lot of that time thinking of more drone things, thinking of commands in my head then saying then quietly out loud to myself to reinforce them somehow.

You are a rubber drone

I am a rubber drone

A rubber drone is programmed to obey

A rubber drone is programmed to obey

Over and over. This place in my mind I hadn’t been so deep into before. I crave not feeling like myself in gear, and it really had happened to me.

After about an hour of edging like this, I was beginning to overheat. It was 24 degrees C, and all that humping in 3mm of rubber was starting to get to me. Still happily thrusting, I moved my hands as much as I could to hit the surface of the table to get Rubberwulf’s attention as he was still downstairs (I seemed to have forgotten how to speak properly by that point).

He came upstairs and asked me if I was ok. I said I was beginning to overheat, and would need to get out soon, but really wanted to cum again before release. He obliged – turning the motion from one cycle every two seconds to several per second, my cock quickly forced to slide up and down, fucking the machine.

He left me for a couple of minutes, leaving me once more alone with the machine. I didn’t even need to thrust along with the machine any more, it was in control. I even tried to hold off again as I got close, knowing just how much more sensitive it would be this time, but nothing could stop it. I moaned and twitched a lot as it forced the cum out of me, and kept going for a minute or two of intense stimulation before Rubberwulf appeared again to turn it off and release me.

I found it hard to move, even once the straps were undone. I was completely broken – I could barely remember how to do anything. I stood in the shower, staring blankly into space and smiling to myself.

Had I not been overheating, I genuinely could have kept going. I’m very grateful to Rubberwulf for giving me such an amazing time. I can’t remember the last time I’d been so deep into a scene, but I’m now very keen to try again. Maybe I have been programmed in some way…

Mental programming: complete

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3 Responses

  1. RubberTec says:

    Amazing Story, You were for that time a Complete Rubber Drone controlled by the Machine!

  2. Volfire1496 says:

    I’m a Dom Top, but I would LOOOOOVE to experience this as a bottom, or even just be able to experience this within my fantasy. if Rubberwulf would like another session in rubber and the milker, and even some more bdsm fun, I’d love to get in touch with him.

  3. oudoom says:

    never tried but would like to

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