Milking Machines

Milking has always been a big fantasy of mine. There’s something about being bound in gear, helpless and forced to shoot multiple times that just works so well for me. Combine that with the fact I like pervy things involving heartless, unforgiving and relentless machines, then it’s obvious that milking machines are a big thing for me.

Years ago (before I knew about my pervy side) I used to fantasise about being hypnotised or programmed into some sort of “milking mode” where I would wank and orgasm multiple times, unable to stop for hours. Obviously, the reality is that I shot and instantly stopped and cleaned up, my fantasy seemingly impossible to achieve.

Then I found out about kinky stuff, saw photos and videos of the Venus 2000 in action, and realised that automated or programmed milking can be possible – it just requires someone evil enough to add bondage, gear and an expensive bit of equipment…

For years, my obsession with that machine grew – collecting any geary photos and videos I came across involving a poor gimp being forcibly milked, wishing it to happen to me.

Not long after I moved to Cambridge, Tieme kindly offered to let me try his Venus. I remember how nervous I was on my way to his place – the culmination of all those years of fantasising, wondering if it would be as horny as I had imagined.

The answer of course is that yes it was very horny and felt so good. If anything, it’s a little too good – making me get close almost straight away, meaning it starts off as more of an edging machine rather than a milking machine.

A few years ago, I found out about the Serious Kit milking machine, something based around the machines used to milk farm animals. Seeing all the tubes involved and the mechanical nature of everything, I found myself ordering the SK milker rather than the Venus.

One of the common questions I get is why I sold the SK milker. The answer is that it was too complicated to set up for me, as I lacked the space and the playroom for it to be worthwhile keeping. The machine (according to the instructions) needs a gravity-fed supply of watery j-lube, which constantly needs to be topped up as the session continues and the reservoir empties. Unfortunately, setting this up took more time and space than I had available, and it just became a chore to use in a session, rather than a toy I looked forward to using. I’m not saying it’s not a good piece of kit, it’s just not the right thing for me personally.

As a result, I sold it to a friend in the U.S., who has a playroom and I felt would appreciate it more than I did. I put the money from it towards what I should’ve bought from the start: the Venus 2000.

I’ve really enjoyed the Venus so far – it’s a lot of fun to have used on me, as well as using it to torment other helpless rubbery objects. It’s also not without its issues (it can be difficult to get the receiver to stay in place without adding rope or some other means of fixing it, for example), but it’s a lot more convenient to use for me than the SK.

Over time, I’ve gotten more used to sessions where I’m expected to remain bound after shooting the first time, often being made to shoot a second time.

Maybe one day I’ll get to experience my fantasy for real – the machine(s) working continuously, extracting multiple loads from me. However, I need to learn to fight the urge to want to be let out for the few minutes after shooting in order to reach that point.

I recently bought some electro liner material from Smart Stim for my Venus. So far, I’m unsure about whether it’s an improvement on the original – the added electro can be a bit of an overload, and the liner doesn’t quite feel as nice as it slides up and down my cock.

With some tweaks and some patience, I may be able to turn it into the relentless, evil machine of my dreams – even if that doesn’t happen, the trial and error along the way can still be fun…

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  1. Max Cita says:

    love your play images

  2. David says:

    Is that controller programable or does it have programming in to for different variants? If so where’d you get it from?

  3. Would love to be milked

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