Losing my Stripes (for now)

Less than two weeks after buying my leathers, I’ve found myself without them again. However, it’s a temporary thing, and also voluntary…

I love the leathers I bought. I was over the moon with them, and I still am. However, there’s one small thing about them that bugs me slightly, and will bug me more as time goes on. My main inspirations for wanting biker gear were Boots and zx6rlad – both of whom have leathers with a separate zip for the crotch, meaning only that section needs to be unzipped for, erm, “access”. I spent a long time seeing photos and videos of them (and others in the same leathers), and fantasising of leathers with the ability to easily unzip the crotch, get your cock out and perv, without having to unzip the rest of the suit first.

My leathers lack that, and instead only have one zip going up the middle of the suit from the crotch to the neck. To get my cock out while wearing them, I have to unzip the whole of that front zip – and while it’s still nice to be wearing them, having them open like that loses some of the tightness, the pervy feeling of being enclosed in a layer of leather. I got used to having a multi-way zip on rubber gear, and so I feel like I’m missing even more, having almost always played in gear with a zip that allows easy crotch access.

I was prepared to learn to adapt to having to unzip the leathers, thinking nothing could be done about it. A discussion with Boots yesterday, however, taught me different. Companies that repair leathers would be able to fit a two-way zip on my leathers, solving my problem, and meaning I could be as pervy as I’d always wanted to be in leathers. He found me the website of a local company that does clothing and leather repairs/alterations, and I emailed them, enquiring if they could help me.

It played on my mind last night, I even dreamt about adding the two way zip myself, and woke up certain that I wanted to get a two-way zip fitted (professionally of course!). The company had replied to my enquiry, saying they could replace the current zip with a two-way one, if they have any of the right type of zip available. With that, I took my precious leathers off into town, feeling excited about the prospect of being able to perv properly in them soon.

The man in the shop was helpful, even if a little confused by what is clearly an unusual request. He seemed happy with my excuse of “it’ll make it easier to pee” (which I nervously blurted out, didn’t mean to as he didn’t seem to want to ask why I wanted the zip changed), but couldn’t tell me how much it would cost or how long it would take. He put them on the hanger with all the other (non-pervy) garments to be sent away to be altered/repaired, and he eventually he seemed to pluck “they’ll be 2-3 weeks” out of thin air, I paid my deposit, left the store…

…and immediately regretted what I’d done. I suddenly felt empty and was longing for my leathers. A couple of hours later, and I still feel the same way. I’m worried how long it will take (I need them back before the first weekend in July) and worried that they’ll come back damaged/not right somehow. This had better be worth it!

I just need to remain positive, think how pervy it’ll be to not unzip the whole suit to get my cock out, or somehow not think about them at all for 2-3 weeks (I hope it’s the shorter of the two!). They still have to get in touch with me to tell me how much it will cost once they’ve had a look at them at their repair place, so I can easily use that to change my mind if I really have to. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a long 2-3 weeks…

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