Liquid Submission


This is a story I originally wrote back in May 2011, insipired by some artwork I’d seen on Fur Affinity. The story originally only had three chapters and an epilogue when it first went live on my site.

People seemed to like it, and I had more ideas of what to do with the concept, so I’ve added a lot more to the story since then


“Is that it?” I asked, staring into the small metal box my Alpha had opened in front of me. He’d been very keen for me to see it – whatever it was. Inside, a thick black liquid half-filled the base of the box, reflecting some of the light in the room. I could almost see my curious face in it, the reflection staring back at me. He’d insisted that I was to be naked at the start of this scene, and that had filled my mind with all sorts of ideas about me going in some of his gear to be tormented. All of that went out of the window when I was confronted with…whatever this stuff was.

“Put your hand in it, pup” he replied. I knew that look in his eyes – he had something new planned for me, but he wasn’t going to let me know what. That look had been present before some amazing sessions with him, and I relaxed slightly – my nerves and uncertainty becoming less dominant as my horny side began to materialise.

He held the box in front of me, and I slowly moved my right hand closer to the liquid. Only now did I realise just how much I was shaking. I paused, and looked up at my Alpha once more. “You’ll enjoy this, I can guarantee it” he said, the look in his eyes somehow stronger than before.

In my hand went. The liquid was cold, slimy almost, but it felt strangely nice. It covered my hand entirely, but nothing else seemed to be happening. Was I supposed to use my hand to cover my body with this stuff? There didn’t seem to be enough of it to do that. I looked up to see my Alpha, looking slightly disappointed – clearly he’d been expecting something to happen.

“What..?” I started to ask, curious to know what I was supposed to be doing. The cold and slimy sensation felt like it was spreading up my right forearm. I quickly looked down at the box to see exactly that – the shiny black liquid was slowly working its way towards my elbow.

Startled, I instinctively tried to pull my hand out of the liquid, but it wouldn’t move. The liquid had passed my elbow now and was growing up towards my shoulder – the cold and slimy feeling against my skin was making me feel horny, despite the strangeness of what was going on.

“It’s liquid rubber – fully controllable by me”, my Alpha said, looking horny as he watched the shiny black substance as it grew across my shoulder and began to spread out across my chest and back. “It’s going to seal you in the perfect rubber suit so I can give my gimpy pup the treatment I know he wants and needs”.

Instant boner – hearing those words coupled with the feeling of the liquid rubber as it spread further down my back and chest – towards my groin was more than enough to completely defeat any remaining nerves I’d had and let my cock take over how I felt.

I lifted my left hand up in front of my face so I could see the last pieces of skin on that arm – the tips of my fingers – vanishing under the smooth, shiny rubber. “Fuck” was all I managed to say as my cock began to drip precum.

It spread up as far as my neck, but seemed to stop there. It came frustratingly close to covering my cock and balls, but stopped short, and instead spread down and around to cover my legs and ass. It sealed my feet as if I was wearing the most perfect-fitting rubber toesocks, but still my cock, balls and head remained uncovered.

I looked pleadingly at my Alpha – he was enjoying my frustration. I so desperately wanted my cock and balls to be sealed into the slimy-feeling horny rubber that now covered most of my body. I felt like I was ready to shoot my load just imagining the sensations as it spread from the base of my cock to the tip.

Lost in this thought, the cold feeling beginning to travel up my neck towards my head took me by surprise. He knew what I wanted the most, and was going to make me wait for it until the very end. The rubber covered my neck and face entirely, and for a few seconds left me unable to see or breathe. Panicking slightly, I was relieved when holes formed for my nostrils, eyes and mouth. It felt tight, but like on the rest of my body, not so tight that it was uncomfortable.

Finally, I got what I’d wanted so badly – I watched as the rubber slowly sealed my balls inside their new prison, before growing its way up the base of my cock, towards the tip (which was precumming even more now). I groaned in pleasure as the cold, slimy sensation travelled up my cock – I thought I was going to shoot my load before I’d even been played with inside this amazing rubber suit! I managed to hold back…just, as the rubber finally sealed itself around the tip of my cock to give me the tightest, best feeling sheath I’d ever worn.

Instinctively, I tried to move my right hand out of the now-empty metal box, towards my cock to have a proper feel, but I couldn’t. All of a sudden, the rubber around my right arm and shoulder felt tighter and thicker than the rest of the suit, restricting my movements and preventing me from getting anywhere near touching my cock, which was so desperate for attention.

“I told you”, my Alpha said, a smug look on his face, “it’s fully controllable by me – and now so are you, gimp”. Oh fuck! Why did that make me even hornier? “Have a look at yourself in the mirror”.

My body seemed to move by itself – the rubber on my legs almost pulling me to turn to the side and walk closer to the wall mirrors. Reflected there was someone I didn’t recognise – someone who most certainly couldn’t have been me. Not a trace of skin could be seen on the gimp standing there. His body was totally covered in the most perfect-fitting rubber suit imaginable: not a crease, seam or zip in sight. Even his eyelids and lips were covered by the blackest and shiniest rubber I’d ever seen. Only his eyes gave away the fact that there was a person trapped inside, and that the person was me.

Catching sight of my rubberised erect cock made me want to touch it again, but the rubber seemed to know what I was thinking – my arm didn’t move at all this time, despite what I was telling it to do in my mind. I’d never been so horny, so frustrated.

“I knew you’d enjoy it” he said, the horny look in his eyes reflected back at me as he stood behind his rubberised gimp. “You’re not finished yet though – there’s more I need to do to my gimpy pup before you can be fully used”


My cock was demanding my attention, but nothing I did could make me move against what the rubber and my Alpha wanted. I’d always loved the idea of giving him full control over me, and in the past he had done so very effectively – but nothing had made me feel as vulnerable and as horny as I was feeling now.

I began to feel a strange sensation inside my nostrils – the  coldness from the rubber seemed to be moving inside them. The disbelief was evident in my eyes as I watched in the mirror, frozen to the spot by the suit, as a tube began to form from the inside of both of my nostrils, seamlessly binding with the hood of the suit as they grew out of my nostrils, stopping about an inch or so outside my nose.

The same sensation began to happen inside my mouth. I watched the rubber covering my lips expand to fill the gap showing my open mouth – sealing my mouth over entirely. It spread inside, covering my teeth and gums and creating a gag which was surprisingly comfortable, but impossible to take out, even if I could move my arms. After a few seconds, a small hole formed in the middle of the gag, in between where my lips would be if I could still see them. Like my nostrils, a small tube began to form around this hole, growing to about an inch out of my mouth.

I became aware of the rubber on my neck becoming tighter. A second layer was beginning to form from the base of my neck, upwards and towards my head. Reaching my chin, it seemed to grow outwards, as if forming a ball around my head. My world went black for a few seconds, as it grew up and over my eye line, before sealing itself over the top of my head. I panicked for a few seconds, as I realised there was little air inside to breathe. Parts of the rubber ball began to move inwards, to join seamlessly to the hood I was already wearing. Two small holes appeared, which my nostril tubes connected to, allowing me to breathe. A third hole connected the breathing tube from my gag to the outside layer. Two larger holes appeared as the outer layer joined to the inner hood, allowing me to see what this new layer or rubber looked like fully formed for the first time.

Staring back at me was something very familiar, but also new – it looked just like I was wearing my rubber pup hood. The mouth hole had been replaced by a small section of the tube in my gag, which was sticking out slightly from the rest of the hood. The eye holes in my normal pup hood had always given me trouble, as they’re slightly in the wrong position for me – but this hood was perfect. No skin was showing around my eyes – no trace of the human underneath, just a rubber pup, ready to be used by his Alpha.

What had previously been gloves on my hands had now become mitts, and the suit made me move them up in front of me, as if begging with my new paws.

“Woof!” I tried to say, but the gag proved to be very effective. My Alpha looked happy seeing his fully rubberised gimpy pup so excited by what was happening to him. My boner hadn’t gone down any – it seemed even bigger somehow.

“On all fours, pup” he said, and I didn’t really have to try to move to comply – the suit seemed to move my body for me. Seeing myself side-on in the mirror, I could see that something was missing, something a rubber pup like me needed.

I felt the cold, slimy feeling beginning to enter my ass – very slowly working its way inside me, and stimulating my prostate as it did so, driving me wild. My body made no attempt to fight it, I was relaxed and accepting of the control my Alpha had over me. It began to expand, stretching my hole wider, making me moan with pleasure as it stimulated me in ways I’d only experienced on the rare times my ass had been feeling “greedy”.

I looked to my right to see the final touch being added – a tail slowly growing from the suit and making me feel complete. “Wruff!” I tried to say, wagging my flexible new tail – feeling much better than my normal tail plug, as this was part of me, or so it felt. I wasn’t sure if it was me wagging, or the suit making me move, but I didn’t care – I was happy and loving what was happening to me.

“Good pup” he said, rubbing my head and running his hand down my neck and back as he stroked me. “On the bed, on your back”.

I clambered onto the bed, excited for the unknown pleasures (I hoped) would be coming my way. I lay on my back, unsure of what position my paws were supposed to be in. I tried once more to reach my cock, but instead my arms moved down to my sides, and my legs moved straight, keeping together.

“Lift your head up, gimp pup” he said. I did so, not like I had a choice, and watched as new layers of rubber formed between my arms and my body, binding them to my sides. The same happened to my legs – they were sealed together in the new layer of rubber, and effectively sealing me into a sleepsack, with no obvious ways of getting out.

Putting my head back on the bed, I could still see myself in the wall mirrors if I looked to my right. I seemed to be able to control that movement, but nothing else. I couldn’t squirm, couldn’t hump, couldn’t move around on the bed at all. I was completely in my Alpha’s control, and I couldn’t have been in a happier place.

I became aware of the rubber around my cock suddenly feeling tighter. Looking in the mirror, I could see a new layer of rubber, slightly bigger than the one that had surrounded my cock at first, moving up and down, slowly stroking my cock, and once again driving me close to the orgasm I wanted so badly. I moaned in pleasure through my gag, fuck it felt good!

The plug in my ass seemed to be growing in size too, stretching me even wider, before slowly beginning to move back and forth inside me. It moved in time with the cock sheath, making me feel like I was being fucked at the same time I was fucking. I moaned louder, noticing the gag was growing bigger than before.
My balls began to feel tighter, wrapped in their rubber prison, as a thicker layer of rubber formed around them, pulling them tightly and stretching them. My nipples were squeezed tightly by the suit as it continued to slowly torment my cock and ass. It knew exactly what I wanted, as my Alpha always seems to know.

Faster and harder, fucking my hole with a plug that seemed to be growing wider and longer. The sheath wanking my cock felt ribbed now, as well as tighter as it continued to keep in time with the plug inside me. I was trying to hold back – I never wanted these feelings to end, and I thought that if I cum, the session would be over and I’d have to get out of this amazing suit.

My Alpha seemed to realise what I was doing, however – everything intensified further to push me over the edge, to force me to cum, to truly show that I had no control over when I cum. My nipples squeezed even more by the suit, my balls stretched even further by the growing layer of rubber surrounding them. My Alpha fucking me with the plug and making me fuck, all through his control of the rubber as I gave up and let him fully control my body – I shot my load into the rubber surrounding my cock, moaning in ecstasy as my world exploded into heightened sensitivity and pure pleasure for a few seconds, before oversensitivity kicked in as the sheath and plug didn’t stop their relentless movements.

“Good pup” my Alpha said, standing over me and smiling. “That was just a taster of what was to come. For now though, just relax and remember that you’re no longer in control”.

Relax? How could I relax as the plug kept fucking me and the sheath continued to slide up and down the length of my oversensitive cock? He stroked my rubberised head slowly, and I became dimly aware of the rubber entering my ears, blocking off any sound in the room. Despite the oversensitivity and the fact I was still being played with, I was feeling strangely tired all of a sudden. My eyes were half closed so I barely noticed the rubber sealing over the eyes in the pup hood and plunging me into darkness as I drifted off to sleep.


I was still lying on the bed when I woke up. My hands and feet were still bound, and my attempts to squirm around on the bed were of no use. I felt physically exhausted, so even if the rubber had’ve allowed me to move, I wouldn’t have made much progress. The sheath and plug had stopped moving at some point while I’d been asleep, but I’d no idea how long they’d been going for or how long I’d been trapped here. My ass still felt full, but it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all – none of what I was trapped in did.

A noise startled me, and I moved my head as best I could to see my Alpha walking into the room, naked and carrying some of his rubber gear. “Welcome back, pup” he said, that look in his eye once more, showing he had something planned. “Enjoying it so far?” he asked, to which I tried to reply, completely forgetting I was still gagged. Giving up, I nodded eagerly, excited by the prospect of even more use.

He dumped his gear on the floor, before climbing onto the bottom of the bed and straddling my trapped legs. “You can be trapped like that for a long time. First, we need to make sure you don’t have the excuse of wanting out for a piss”, he said, slowly stroking my rubberised and sensitive cock as he did so.

I became aware of a slight stinging sensation inside my cock. Instinctively, I tried to squirm as the feeling spread down my urethra, though of course I couldn’t move. The rubber moved deeper inside me, feeling so much better than the previous times I’d been catheterised. Moaning as much as I could, the rubber seemed to expand inside me once it was in place, something a normal catheter certainly couldn’t do. Fuck I wanted it bigger still! It seemed to oblige, and I lifted my head up just enough to see a small hole appear in the top of the rubber sheath covering my cock, out of which grew the rest of the rubber catheter. Fuck – it was much bigger than any catheter I’d had before – I couldn’t believe it was even possible that it could be inside me!

Still straddling me, my Alpha reached out to give my cock a stroke, tormenting me with just how it would feel to be wanked with this tube deep inside me. Even the tiny movement he made felt amazing as the inside of my cock slid against the rubber intruder. He moved his hand away, and I whimpered, wanting him to continue. “Soon, gimp – first we need somewhere for your piss to go once the valve inside the tube is released.” I whimpered once more, as now I knew what the tube sticking out of my gag was for.

Sure enough, the tube sticking out of the end of my cock began to grow, much faster than the rubber had spread previously. Mentally preparing myself for what was to come, I closed my eyes. My cock was fully hard at the prospect of being forced to recycle my piss, despite what the rest of my body thought, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to cope with drinking my own piss with no option to make it stop.

A strange sound brought me out of my thoughts. Opening my eyes, I saw something I hadn’t expected, and I wasn’t the only one. I saw my Alpha’s eyes, wide with panic, as the rubber tube had instead rushed up to his mouth, forming a gag and had begun to spread across his face. He tried to pull away, but couldn’t move his head or get off the bed. The rubber quickly formed a hood, before spreading down his neck and covering his body. As with me, his cock and balls were the last to be covered, and as the rubber grew its way towards the tip of his erect cock, he moaned through his gag. I knew how it felt, and I couldn’t blame him!

The panicked expression on his face began to change as the horniness took control of him. I watched the nasal tubes being formed, and watched as the second layer, the ball of rubber, formed over his head, before shaping into a pup hood, the sealed tube from my cock attached to the outside of his gagged mouth. Still straddling my trapped body, he placed his hands (now mitted) either side of me, and looked directly at me.

His eyes glazed over with pleasure as his tail plug began to form inside of him, growing deeper and expanding, just as mine had done. His tail formed on the outside of the suit, and he wagged happily, woofing through his gag – whether by choice or because of the rubber controlling him. It was such a horny thing to see happen – the transformation from my Alpha, ‘fully in control’ one minute, into the gimpy rubber pup, trapped just like I was.

The rubber made him turn around, so his tail was now facing me. Looking in the mirror, I could see the rubber changing even more. With his elbows on the bed, I watched as his forearms and hands were pulled close to his biceps, and a new layer of rubber joined them together. Resting on his knees, still straddling me, his lower legs were bound to his thighs in a similar way, finishing the formation of the gimp suit he was now trapped in.

Howls of pleasure came from him, and I watched in the mirror to see a hole forming in the sheath surrounding his cock, followed by a rubber tube growing from his urethra. It quickly grew, and I watched wide-eyed as it came around towards me and joined seamlessly with the tube sticking out of my gagged mouth. I had no energy left to squirm – to try to escape: and it would’ve been pointless anyway.

I felt myself starting to piss – the valve inside the tube in my cock had opened, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The catheter had bypassed the sphincter muscles in my urethra, and so there was no way I could stop my piss flowing up the tube, straight towards my Alpha’s mouth. The noise he made said it all to me – the realisation that he was going to have to recycle my piss, but also that the valve had opened in his catheter and his piss was heading through the tube towards me.


My Alpha’s piss didn’t start off so bad – the flow was thankfully quite slow and it wasn’t so strong to begin with, but it began to grow stronger the longer we were trapped. Over time, I noticed his cock being pulled closer and closer to my gagged mouth, while his head got closer to my constantly hard cock. Eventually, holes formed in our gags big enough to accept each other’s cocks into our mouths, and the valves in our catheterised cocks closed, stopping us from recycling while we were forced to thrust our cocks into each other’s mouths.

Our plugs fucked us in unison, staying in time with the rate we were forced to thrust to fuck the other gimp pup’s mouth. The catheters slid inside our cocks, wanking us from inside. At some point, they gained a slightly ribbed texture, driving us wild with each forced movement as they slid up and down – all of that eventually bringing us to orgasm at exactly the same time. While we recovered, the valves in our catheters opened and we were forced to recycle each other’s piss until we both “recovered” enough to be forced to thrust and suck each other off – the perfect incentive to grow horny again and stop recycling.

Just like the piss, the sensations grew stronger and more intense. The plugs must’ve been huge, stretching our holes like never before. If I looked in the corner of my eye at our reflections, I could see just how much my Alpha’s balls had been stretched by the new layers of rubber forming around them, and I knew how it felt from the sensations on my own balls. Our nipples were constantly being squeezed, released, then squeezed even more tightly than before, making us moan as much as we could when gagged by a rubber-sheathed cock.

I don’t know how long we were trapped like that – I quickly lost all sense of time. It became impossible to think about anything in the outside world as my body was constantly stimulated and pushed to new heights of pleasure. Eventually, I became aware that the sensations were slowing down, and I noticed that my Alpha was beginning to get up off me. His arms and legs were no longer bound, and he moved his hooded head away from my cock, which no longer had a tube attached to his gagged mouth. He clambered off the bed to the side of me, and stood up perfectly straight facing the mirror. He seemed frozen in place, and I watched in the mirror as his eyes looked up and down his fully rubberised form.

I noticed that my legs were no longer bound together, and my arms were no longer bound to my sides. I felt exhausted, but the rubber was strong enough to lift my heavy-feeling body to get me to sit up, before making me get off the bed to the side to stand next to my Alpha. We stood, frozen, for a few minutes – only able to move our eyes to look at ourselves and each other in the mirror. The pup hoods covering our heads melted away – reversing the way in which they’d formed. Our perfectly shiny rubberised bodies looked even better than they had before – like they belonged as part of us. Despite everything we’d been through, our cocks were still fully hard, wanting even more to happen to them.

My Alpha turned and walked out of the room, returning a moment later carrying his mobile phone. He stood next to me once more, facing the mirror as he watched a hole form in the gag in his mouth. He had a look of panic in his eyes as his mouth opened wide, and the rubber spread inside his mouth – completely covering his tongue and the visible parts of his mouth and throat. His mouth closed once the process was done, and he began to dial a number on his phone.

He was forced to call Rocket, one of our close friends. I watched helplessly as he organised to meet Rocket in the park in the centre of town, saying we had “something to show” him, and that he had to turn up in full bike gear. My Alpha’s voice was calm and friendly – the black rubber inside his mouth and the look of disbelief in his eyes were the only sign that he was anything but himself.

He ended the call and turned to me. The worried look in his eyes gave away how he was really feeling. In a flat and emotionless voice, he said “We’re going for a ride”.


I’d never worn rubber under motorbike gear before – I’d been saving it for a “special occasion”, for one of those amazing weekends with friends. This wasn’t exactly what I’d had in mind, but it was certainly something “different”.

My Alpha’s gag had reformed in his mouth, and we both geared up in our leathers, boots, gloves and helmets in unison. Our rubber sheathed cocks remained hard throughout, and I found myself desperately wanting to grope my Alpha. I no longer had the energy to struggle against the rubber’s control, I’d accepted my fate as a rubbered gimp and now I was curious to see what the rubber was going to make us do to Rocket.

The ride into town on the back of my Alpha’s bike was even more exciting than in the past – the rubber made me squeeze as tightly behind him as I could, my arms wrapped around my fellow rubber-trapped, leather covered prisoner. My hard cock was milked by the rubber as I was pressed tightly against him, and my plug expanded so I could feel it more inside me as we rode over every bump in the road. I’ve no idea if my Alpha experienced the same – if he did, I was pleased that the rubber was in control of the bike as well as us!

We pulled up in the middle of town, a little way from the park. We both got off the bike, my Alpha set the alarm and locked it, and we began the walk down the busy street towards the park, still wearing our helmets and full bike gear. I enjoyed the looks people gave us as they saw the two anonymous bikers walking amongst the shoppers – the people who openly stared, and those who tried to pretend that they weren’t looking. If only they knew what was going on under the gear! The rubber continued to fuck and milk me – a muffled moan from my Alpha made me smile inside, he was enjoying it as much as I was.

I’d loved the attention we were getting as we walked down the street, and was almost disappointed when we reached the relatively quiet park – the only people there were people taking lunch breaks or exercising. Distracted by this thought, I hadn’t realised that at some point we’d stopped and I’d gotten onto my knees. I looked up at my Alpha, and he began to take off my helmet.

“Oh fuck! Not here, not now!” I panicked in my head. My eyes darted around our surroundings to see if anyone was watching us – I couldn’t tell from my limited viewpoint. He took my helmet off, revealing my rubber hooded, gimped head to the outside world, before my view went dark for a few seconds, and my vision came back. Looking at my reflection in my Alpha’s tinted visor, I could see that my pup hood had formed once more. I felt the rubber getting even thicker around my neck, and I watched as a collar formed on me in the reflection, from which a thick, black, shiny rubber leash formed and reached my Alpha’s gloved hand. My mouth and throat began to feel slimy and cold as the rubber took control of even more of me.

“Wruff!” I heard myself say, as I wagged a tail which couldn’t be seen through my leathers. “Good pup”, came my Alpha’s flat and controlled voice as he stroked my rubber covered head with his glove. For a few seconds, I was in full “pupspace” in my head, forgetting about what was happening to us and instead loving being my Alpha’s gimpy pup.

Then I noticed the people around us – their stares of disbelief as I walked on all fours across the grass, my Alpha walking beside me, holding my leash in one hand and my helmet in the other. Most of them looked shocked or bemused. Some smiled or even waved. From the outside I suppose we looked strange, but thankfully nothing overly sexual could be seen – they couldn’t see the plug in my ass growing even bigger.

Forgetting about what they thought of us, I concentrated on enjoying the attention and the feelings that were going on under my leathers, as well as the feeling of being more into the pup headspace than I’d ever been.
We arrived at the part of the park my Alpha had been forced to arrange to meet Rocket at – a section of the park which had more people walking through it or sitting on the benches to enjoy their lunch out of the office. We stopped and seemed to freeze on the spot. I felt myself wanting to head tilt, bark, whimper and beg for people as they passed us and tried not to stare, but neither of us could move at all. We seemed to be there for ages – the office workers eventually left the park having finished their lunch. I couldn’t remember what time Rocket was coming to meet us – in fact, I struggled to remember anything other than what I was sealed in and who I was with.

“I was expecting gear, but not this”, a familiar said voice from behind. He walked around us, and I got a close up view of his leather-covered crotch as he stood in front of me. He took his helmet and gloves off, crouched down in front of me and smiled. I looked into his eyes, woofed (because I wanted to, I think), and begged with my front paws while tilting my head. “Good puppy” he said as he reached out and stroked my hooded head. I could only watch, frozen to the spot once more as Rocket’s expression changed as he struggled to pull his hand away from my hood as the rubber began to take control of him. The rubber spread under his leathers. I watched it cover his free hand and his face and heard him moan in pleasure through his new gag as it presumably filled his ass and sheathed his cock.

I felt the tightness around my head decrease as my pup hood, collar and leash melted away. Rocket and I both stood up at the same time, he put his bike gloves back on, and we both donned our helmets in unison. The three anonymous controlled bikers walked out of the park, and I wondered what else the liquid rubber wanted from it’s prisoners.


Rocket had parked his bike in the same car park as my Alpha. I held tightly onto him once more as the three of us rode towards Rocket’s place. Even after all this time, the rubber suit still felt great on me. I saw it more as a part of me more than anything I’d ever worn. Nothing else could possibly cover me as well as this while controlling the inside of me too.

I loved the attention we got as we overtook the other vehicles on the road. My Alpha and I followed Rocket as we left the motorway and enjoyed the twists and turns of the scenic route to his place. I found myself pressed even closer against my Alpha, my right paw groping his crotch whenever we stopped – gaining us even more looks from those who could see us, much to my enjoyment. I didn’t care what they thought – our situation might be a strange one, but I was determined to enjoy everything we were forced to do.

We arrived at Rocket’s place, got off the bikes and headed inside. Without lifting our visors or taking our helmets off, we descended the steps into his huge basement playroom. It was the sort of place I dreamt of having one day – one wall of shelves and cupboards full of amazing gear: rubber, leather, bike gear, American football and ice hockey kit and diving equipment. Another wall was completely covered with a floor to ceiling mirror, in which I saw our three geared up forms as we took off our helmets to reveal our hooded heads beneath. The other two walls were padded with some form of black material, with D-rings or straps attached in certain places. A doorway in one of these walls was the entrance to the white-tiled wet room, useful for showering and who-knows-what else.

In the middle of the room stood a medical bed with attached segufix straps ready to hold its next occupant, as well as a rubber-covered king size bed, surrounded by anchor points on the floor. Both beds had mirrors attached to the ceiling directly above them, ready to give a victim the best view of his ordeal. The rubber-covered bed also had anchor points around the rim of the sturdy metal frame surrounding it, to be used in suspension sessions. In one of the corners of the room was a cage which could easily be converted into a padded cell with the addition of rubber panels which attached inside. All of this I’d seen before during the few times I’d visited and had amazing sessions here, but I still found myself drooling at the sight of all the gear and equipment in the room, along with the strong smell of rubber and leather.

We took our gloves, boots and leathers off to fully reveal our rubberised bodies. This was Rocket’s first chance to see his completely rubber-covered form, and the look in his eyes and the small, muffled moan that came out of his gagged mouth were enough to show he liked being trapped. My Alpha and I watched his body shake with effort as he tried to move his arm to feel his fully erect, sheathed cock, before giving up with a groan of pure horniness and frustration. “He’ll learn not to fight it”, I smugly thought to myself.

My smugness was short-lived as suddenly they both walked up to me and began to stroke my cock and squeeze my nipples through my shiny second skin. “Time for you to sleep, gimp” they said in unison, their voices in monotone. With each stroke of my cock and tweak of my nipples, I found myself becoming more and more detached from what was going on. I stared into the vacant-looking eyes of my reflection in the wall mirror as they continued to tease me.

I barely felt myself shoot my load as I fell unconscious.


I opened my eyes and squinted, briefly blinded by the lights in the playroom. I was looking to my side, but unable to see what I was looking at. After a few seconds, my vision adjusted, allowing me to see something in the mirror I couldn’t believe at first. I was on a small rubber-covered block, my hands and forearms bound to my upper arms, similar to how my Alpha had been when we were trapped earlier. Rather than being bound to my thighs, however, my lower legs were flat on the block. On closer inspection, the block wasn’t just rubber covered – the rubber covering my body had spread from my legs and elbows where they were touching the block, covering it entirely and binding me securely to it. A thick piece of rubber was wrapped around my balls, while an extra piece of rubber was attached to the ballstretcher and a thick rubber D-ring on the block, short and tight enough to stretch my balls more than I’d ever seen.

My cock was still hard, still catheterised, still greedy for attention. It had been hard almost constantly since I’d been trapped however many hours ago, and it still wanted more. My mouth was no longer gagged – instead it was held open. All I could see inside was more of the shiny black rubber, without even a glimpse of the normal me inside. My ass felt empty, and I noticed my tail could no longer be seen. I found myself missing that feeling of being filled and having something to wag. It no longer felt natural to not have something filling all my holes and controlling them. I wanted use, and as I realised I was no longer alone in the reflection, I was about to get it.

Rocket was standing in front of me, while my Alpha was directly behind me, both of them looking to the side at themselves in the mirror. Rubber pup hoods had formed on both of them – only their eyes giving away their human selves beneath. It was then I noticed that their hard, sheathed cocks were perfectly lined up with me at the right height. I was forced to turn my head back to look straight ahead, to get a full close-up view of Rocket’s rubberised cock.

Rubber sealed over the eyeholes in my hood, leaving me in darkness as they both slowly began to slide their cocks into me. My Alpha’s sheathed cock seemed so tight as it worked its way inside me, perfectly in time with Rocket, as his cock began to enter what seemed like some sort of tight rubber sheath inside my mouth. I was pleased to have the nostril tubes built into the hood, though it was only now I realised that I was no longer in control of when I breathed in or out.

Oh fuck it felt good! It felt even better once they were both fully inside me, spitroasting me. Their moans of pleasure sounded real, not controlled and forced, as they slowly started to fuck my mouth and ass. I was their rubber fuck toy, their rubber object to use how they wanted. With their next thrust, they seemed to go even deeper in me, somehow feeling even tighter and making my holes feel fuller. Every time, they’d pull their cocks away from me – leaving just the tips inside me before thrusting back in so I could feel almost the whole length.

They fucked me harder and faster, breathing heavily and moaning louder as they used their gimp. Their movements pulled my balls even more, each thrust pulling me against the rubber that was bound to my balls and the block. Their heavy breathing became faster and they moaned, woofed and howled even louder as they began to cum at the same time as each other. I felt each throb of their cocks as they shot their loads into their sheaths while continuing to thrust, having used me for their pleasure – something which I seemed to want more than anything else in the world.

They gradually slowed down to a halt, before fully taking their cocks out of me. I couldn’t believe what had just happened to me. I was dazzled once more by the lights in the room as the eye holes reappeared in my hood. Opening my eyes once the glare had died down, I was greeted by a close up of my Alpha’s rubber cock, and I knew that my use wasn’t over.

Blinded by my hood again, I enjoyed being their rubber object for a second time, my Alpha using my mouth while Rocket fucked my ass. I was finally released from the block once they’d both used me to shoot their loads again, and my cock really felt like it needed some attention. I really needed to cum, and I realised I was about to get my chance – my Alpha climbed onto the block, and I watched as his pup hood and tail melted away and the rubber bound him in the same position I’d just been in.

I stood behind him, so horny at the thought of what I was about to do. Rocket stood opposite me, his cock ready to use another rubber object. I knew how good it felt to be in the situation my Alpha was in now, and I knew he’d enjoy it as much as I had.

I’ve always loved the feeling of thrusting my cock against something tight and lubed, and the feeling I got as my cock slowly entered the gimp’s anal-sheathed ass was more intense than I’d dreamt. Both his anal sheath and the inside of my cock sheath were ribbed, and even the smallest movements gave me the most extremely pleasurable sensations as the two rubber layers slid against each other, also moving the catheter up and down inside my cock. The gimp’s hole felt great, and I felt myself wanting even more pleasure, to which his hole seemed to respond – the anal sheath tightening and becoming more textured. I woofed loudly, glad to be using the rubber fuck toy.

Rocket and I slowly pulled our cocks almost fully out of his holes before thrusting them back in, deeper than the last time. I no longer knew if I was thrusting because I wanted to or because the rubber was forcing me – I no longer cared, I just knew I was loving it. We fucked him harder and faster, my horniness coming from not only what I was feeling, but knowing exactly how the gimp would be feeling with every thrust deep inside him. We howled and woofed loudly as we shot our loads in unison, my cum forcing its way out of my cock around the catheter and making my orgasm last a seemingly long time as I shot into my sheath.

Fuck I was still horny! I wanted more! I was glad to swap places with Rocket as we used the gimp the way we wanted to. I fucked the ribbed sheath in his mouth with pleasure, knowing that he couldn’t stop us, as if he would want to. There was a look of ecstasy in his eyes when we’d finished and he climbed off the block, ready for us both to show Rocket how it felt to be a rubber object.


Rocket got up off the block, the look in his eyes showing just how much he’d enjoyed us taking advantage of him. Our tail plugs reformed in our holes and I took great pleasure out of the feelings as it expanded inside me to fill me once more. I’d loved the time the three of us had spent controlled by the liquid rubber, but I found myself wondering if it would be coming to an end soon – surely we couldn’t stay like this forever?
I was brought out of my thoughts by the realisation that we’d walked over to the rubber-covered king size bed in the middle of the playroom. My Alpha and I stood still as Rocket, now pup-hooded, clambered onto the bed and lay spread-eagled on his back. Muffled woofs of pleasure came from him as he watched himself in the ceiling mirror as long, thick straps of rubber began to sprout out of his suit’s chest, legs, feet, arms, hands and hooded forehead, growing outwards and down to attach themselves securely to the anchor points surrounding the bed on the floor.

I could see him trying to struggle against his bonds, as if the rubber wanted to let him know just how securely he was strapped down to the bed. From my viewpoint, as I stood at the bottom of the bed next to my Alpha, it was an impressive sight. I was horny imagining what would happen to him – what we’d be forced to do to him while he was so vulnerable.

My head was turned to my side so I could see a transformation beginning to happen to my Alpha’s rubber covered form. I watched in awe as rubber straps began to form from his suit, in exactly the same way as Rocket’s, but this time attaching themselves to the anchor points embedded up in the bed’s metal frame. The long straps began to constrict, pulling my Alpha up off the floor and laying him, face down, in a horizontal position as he came to a halt – suspended, a foot and a half or so above Rocket, looking each other in the eyes with their rubberised cocks lined up and fully erect.

What had once been hollow catheters were now solid, ribbed rubber sounds as they began to grow out of each of the pups’ rubber sheathed cocks. Quickly, they bridged the gap between the gimps, joining together perfectly in the middle. They began to howl through their gags as I watched the long ribbed sound joining them together as it started to move up and down between them. My Alpha moaned in pleasure as each wider section slid out of his cock, the extra length entering Rocket’s cock and going deeper into his urethra, before reversing the process as the sound moved up to go deeper into my Alpha.

Watching it happen in front of me made me both horny and jealous at the same time. With each repetition, the sound seemed to move further – each time going deeper into one of them before making the other experience the extra length. On closer inspection, not only was the sound ribbed, but it seemed to grow wider the closer to the middle it got. Each movement not only stimulated them from deep inside, but it stretched them more as the wider sections entered their cocks and wanked them from inside.

The mouths of their pup hoods sealed over completely, and I watched as their nostril tubes grew quickly from their hoods, joined to form one thick tube, then met in the middle, joining the rubber pups together. Both seemed to hold their breath for a few seconds, as if waiting for the next stage to happen: a tube formed from the point where their breathing tubes had fused, from which formed a large ball of rubber – a rebreather bag. They inhaled and exhaled in unison – the bag inflating and deflating with each breath of shared air. Their breathing would slowly speed up as their rebreathed air grew low on oxygen, and I watched the rubber push them to the limit of breath control before the rebreather bag dissolved into nothing, leaving them with fresh air to greedily gulp down, before the bag formed again and the process repeated.

The sound connecting the two gimps seemed to be speeding up, thrusting itself into and out of their cocks to pleasure them from the inside as they moaned deeply. A long, thin tube branched out at a right angle from their joined breathing tube, just before the rebreather bag. I found myself walking over to the cupboards to the side of the room and picking up one of the Nitrous Oxide canisters from inside and carrying it back over to the middle of the room, before connecting it to the extra tube that had just formed. The gimps were gasping for breath, the rebreather bag having just dissolved back into nothing while they savoured each lungful of air.

About half a minute passed, long enough for them to get their breathing back to normal. Suddenly, they both deeply inhaled at the same time, taking their last breath of fresh air before a deflated rebreather bag formed – ready for me to open the valve on the Nitrous canister and inflate the bag, while both rubber prisoners keenly watched. The bag fully inflated, I shut the valve on the canister, and watched the bag deflate as they both got their first shared breath of the gas.

Each breath, each moan coming from them became more relaxed as the Nitrous took effect. Their cocks remained fully erect and twitching as the sound thrust its way back and forth between them both, but their eyes struggled to stay open. After a few more breaths, they both closed their eyes, barely moaning as their cocks began to cum simultaneously, shooting around the outside of the rubber sound, which was still sliding up and down.

The rebreather bag vanished, its purpose fulfilled. I disconnected the Nitrous canister and watched my Alpha and Rocket, their eyes closed but quickly flickering as they slowly and calmly breathed in unison. I stood frozen on the spot for what seemed like a while, watching them as they remained in that state and wondering what was happening.

The shared breathing tubes and the sound melted back into their separate suits. Rocket’s straps followed, and he suddenly sat up and got off the side of the bed. He slowly walked around to stand in front of me, and I noticed just how vacant, how glazed over his eyes looked. He stood frozen, looking at me with his distant eyes as I clambered onto the bed to take his place, lying on my back while my suit sprouted straps to secure me to the bed.

I stared up into my Alpha’s open, also vacant-looking eyes. Both of us moaned as the sound grew from both our cocks and began to wank us from the inside at the same time. I held my breath as our breathing tubes joined and the rebreathing began. No matter how fast I wanted to breathe or how much I wanted oxygen, my rate of breathing no longer was in my control. The sound of the rebreather inflating and deflating made me even hornier as we gasped for breath, followed by the ecstasy of having fresh air when it melted away. Each thrust of the sound inside me brought me closer to cumming, but I was no longer in control of when I could shoot.

A hiss of gas forced my gaze from my Alpha’s vacant eyes to Rocket standing next to us, Nitrous canister connected to the breathing tube as the rebreathing bag filled. Our next forced breath filled my lungs with the sweet-smelling gas. Each breath that followed seemed even more greedy for the nitrous as my body grew light and seemed to vanish. The sounds of my moans echoed in my head as I closed my eyes and barely felt my cock twitching as I shot my load.


Images and sounds of what’s happened to us since I touched the liquid rubber – that’s all I can hear and see as I float here. Endlessly they repeat and tell me not to resist.


We are the rubber’s gimps. The three of us, bound by rubber straps to the D-rings on the wall, used for it’s pleasure. It breathes for us, spreading down our throat and into our bodies to force us to inhale and exhale as we rebreathe our shared air. Our drinking tubes built into our hoods deliver us water, a liquid diet and shared piss from our catheters for us to recycle, all of which it makes us swallow. Our plugs flush our holes regularly with water and drain the waste out of a separate tube leading to the drain in the wet room. We never need to leave.

It wants to use us. It makes us want more. Our balls stretched tighter, our nipples squeezed harder. Our catheters larger and sliding deeper and faster. Our plugs longer and wider, fucking us harder. Our sheaths endlessly milking us, forcing us to keep going, keeping us hard and craving to shoot our loads simultaneously. It wants more. It made us invite several of our closest friends here for a “party” at the weekend, before putting us here in storage, ready for them.

It will make sure they enjoy themselves.

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