Less Pup, More Jackal

Years ago, I stumbled across some photos on a pervy website – one of a guy in a drysuit standing outside in water, another of the same guy standing outside in a catsuit and harness. Both images were of Scubaccs (Rocket pup), now one of my closest friends, and both were of him wearing a jackal mask from wildgasmasks.

To this day, I can’t describe the effect they had on me back then – something about the full coverage rubber gear in both photos, combined with the jackal mask is so horny, so “evil”-looking (yet cool), that they really helped inspire me to crave rubber and full coverage gear even more.

Years later, after both Scubaccs and Rubbot kindly let me try on their jackal masks, I knew I wanted one so badly – to let that jackal headspace into my mind, and so today, after so long fantasising about that mask, I finally got one of my own, I gave into the ways of being an evil jackal…and I love it!

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  1. WebmistressK says:

    Oh, the jackal is like a spell that just splats its way upon you… sucking in your breath and owning you. Im happy to hear you have a mask of your own.

    Would be curious to know if that means that ownership of a jackal has changed (from the gift). We like to track our numbers…

    -Kat (from Wildgasmasks)

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