Learning from Mistakes

Yes, I chickened out. The worries refused to go away, and the company didn’t help by not keeping me informed like they said they would. In a way, that made my decision easier – I missed my leathers, and wanted them back…badly. I contacted them two days ago, asking to cancel my order and wanting them back. To be fair, the company did respond to that, and my leathers were available to pick up from the store this afternoon.

I went there straight from work – I’d had a very good day at work and knowing I was going to pick up my new pride and joy made my mood even better. Cambridge basked in a cloudless, hot and sunny day, and that only helped to make things seem even more positive. In the shop, I smiled a lot as the guy who worked there brought out my leathers – god knows what he thought I was smiling at! There they were, looking the same as when I’d left them – and they were back with me again, just dying to enclose my body once more. It had only been 6 days since I handed them over, and only 11 days since I’d last worn them, but that was long enough for the pervy hunger in me to have built up. I checked them over, making sure the company hadn’t damaged them in any way, and began to put them in their bag – savouring the now familiar new leather smell and the feel of them against my fingertips and growing horny in the store.

I snapped out of it, got my deposit back, and felt even happier on the journey home. Just 6 days earlier I’d made the same journey feeling so much more negative! Back then I felt empty, missing my “invincible” skin – today it had come back and I felt right again.

It felt like months since I’d worn them, and putting my undersuit on, I began to get a thrill similar to the first time I wore them back at Boots’ and zx6rlad’s place. I deliberately put the leathers on slowly, enjoying the whole experience of putting them on once more. My cock was hard before I’d even gotten both my arms in, and seeing myself in them once they were fully on brought back all the amazing feelings from a couple of weeks ago.

I’m still in them as I’ve typed this – and still horny. It’s great to have them back, and to think about the fun I’ll hopefully be having in them in the future. I rushed into wanting them altered, I know that now. I’ve learnt my lesson – in the future I will probably consider it again, but it’ll be done properly, and everything thought through beforehand. Now I’m excited for my MX boots which should be arriving tomorrow…
…kidding! Any gear I want I’m gonna make sure I think it through first, and get advice/opinions on from people who know far more than me about bike gear/rubber. I’ve decided MX boots are next on my list, and should be able to buy some soon – but I’ve some research and biker-perv opinion-gathering to do first. Ultimately anything I do is my decision, but their experience, knowledge and opinions can help me prevent myself from doing something I’ll regret.

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