Indepervdence Weekend 2010

Two years. Two years of growing up, learning who and what I am, learning what’s important in life, and of course – two years of being a perv.

This weekend saw my two year pervy anniversary – July 4th is what I call my “Indepervdence Day”. Unusually for me, I didn’t think back too much about what had happened in the past during the weekend, and instead I enjoyed the present with Boots, mdot48, TheStig, tieme and zx6rlad. It’s only now that weekend is over that I find myself thinking back to how things were one year ago when I first met Boots and zx6rlad – and despite having one of the worst stressful periods in my life at the end of 2009, things are so much better now. I don’t really think back to that very first year, the year before I met the two perves for the first time – other than to realise what was wrong back then and what’s right now.

This weekend highlighted that to me: what’s right now – that I couldn’t have wished for a better group of close friends. Like last year’s Indepervdence Weekend, it was very hot and humid (why did I have to become a perv at the hottest time of the year?), meaning play was a bit limited, but that didn’t matter – we had a good time regardless.

We sat outside in tieme’s back garden, all of us in full biker gear. Walking out into the garden at first made me feel just like I had when I sat outside on Boots’ bike: so nervous, as if a hundred pairs of eyes were looking at me. I felt as if every curtain were twitching, all the neighbours phoning each other up to gossip about the perverts in the back garden. I calmed down after a few minutes, the tinted visor of the helmet I was wearing hiding my identity, my leathers and new boots providing me with that extra bit of confidence…

…and then Boots waved at one of the windows of the nearby houses. As quick as I dared, I looked in the direction he’d waved at, but saw no-one. I have no idea whether there was anyone there, or he was just trying to freak me out – either way, it worked! Major panic inside, and I began to nervously look around at the houses, expecting to find more and more people staring out of their windows, pointing at the perverts. We began to pose for some pictures, and once the groping had started, I quickly forgot about my worries, and anything outside that garden no longer existed. We had a great time messing about in our bike gear – something I’d always wanted to do. I’d seen plenty of pictures of them all carrying on outside in their gear, knowing I couldn’t join in as I had no bike gear of my own… but now I did and I could join in too! Über happiness, and such a good time for my dream to come true.

We had a few bondage sessions (inside, thankfully), and I enjoyed feeling rubber surrounding my body again. Since getting my leathers, I hadn’t worn rubber at all (well, except hoods) – in fact I hadn’t worn any since the middle of May. Being sealed into Boots’ rubber sleepsack, the lube helping the rubber slide against my body, it all felt amazing – it reminded me why I love rubber. I even helped top on a few sessions – and surprised myself with how nervous I wasn’t feeling. I didn’t stress about all the stuff that could’ve gone wrong, as I normally would. Instead, I remembered what I’d learnt from playing with Boots and mdot48 in the past – something I should’ve realised I could do before now. I have a lot more to learn, but knowing that what I’ve learnt so far has helped a lot, it’s boosted my confidence. I’m never gonna be mainly top, probably far from it – but making both of them make a mess, knowing they’d cum because of something I’d done or helped out with is such a rewarding and pervy feeling.

My nervousness wasn’t over though, as Boots unexpectedly dragged me outside in the garden, while I was wearing my leathers and boots and his leather pup hood. “Oh god…I’m going outside as a pup!” is all I could think – my mind racing again, and even realising I had anonymity behind the pup hood didn’t completely get rid of the thrill I was having – the pup hood will always look pervy, while the helmet can look “normal” to anyone seeing us outside. I loved it. Again, I felt like I wanted more. What “more” means though, I have no idea.

The weekend really was over far too quickly. It felt like a few hours, not two days. We had such a good time together, such a laugh and a perv. I never felt bored. I never thought “this is my two year special weekend – we HAVE to have a good time” – as that would be forced. Instead, we genuinely had a fun time, and it wasn’t all just about the perving.

One year ago I was upset leaving my friends behind to come home. I wasn’t sure about how things would turn out, or if they’d even want to see me again. This year, I was still unhappy to see them leave, but now I’m happy knowing that things are better and it’s easier for us all to meet up again (at least this year I didn’t have a lonely four hour train journey home!). I feel closer to them all than before, and I still can’t thank them enough for welcoming me into their group of friends as they have. Thank you guys *hugs and gropes*
Who knows what’s in store for my third year?

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