Indepervdence Weekend 2010 Photos

We specifically asked for 3 cans of Pepsi, not 1!

In the war of the white Tech 8's, Boots was trying to take my new whiteness over to the dark (or grubby) side

Boots is stronger/braver than I thought

Pervybikers having a feel. I was no longer feeling nervous outside in my gear by now - the "attention" had me excited and not caring about anyone watching us

Boots has to gon one better than me, but he's so used to being rude - I'm innocent, of course

Bikers humping and groping - god knows what anyone seeing us thought, but I no longer cared by then

Boots' hypnotosm works even through visors...must obey...must be pervy...

AvonPup is confused by rope and knots

With Boots suitably restrained, I set to work "preparing" him for his tail plug. I didn't feel nervous at all - I felt great having control over my alpha for a change

Unable to see behind the blacked out lenses and unable to move, my AlphaPup could do nothing but lie back and let me put his tail in

The first time I'd been strapped down in my leathers and Boots - even the "invincible" feeling of the gear couldn't protect me now

Closing my eyes and breathing slowly and deeply, taking in the feeling of my gear and my body strapped down, I began to get into the right headspace

Bright and I can't protect my eyes! Wearing Boots' leather pup hood is always a good feeling to me, and when he stuffed the muzzle with his socks, I was surprisingly turned on

Boots surprised me by dragging me outside for some photos in the garden. I was worrying and getting a real rush from the tought of anyone seeing the bikerpup outside

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