Indepervdence Weekend 2009 (Part 1)

Wruff! First time meeting Boots, and I end up wearing the gear I'd spent so many months dreaming about - His Dainese t-age leathers and Alpinestars Tech 8's

Wruff! Biker AvonPup for the first time. Amazingly horny to be walking on all fours in such amazing gear

Lying there, waiting for whatever Boots and Pervybikers are going to do to me...still in disbelief to be finally there with them

Perhaps I'm being blinded by the flash on the collar!
Aroi! Waving (the very horny and impossible to get off on your own) paws for the camera

Tied down, I'm ready for my first session with the two pervs...nerves were kicking in big time!

Gasmask over the top of my pup hood, still in disbelief, stomach churning away with nerves, I began to let my mind clear and enjoyed being at their mercy

I'm smiling underneath the gasmask and hood, enjoying it all

Side on view
Cooling down after the amazing session
The best way to cool off a hot dog

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  1. 14th January 2017

    […] wore one once – the first time I met Boots in person, back in 2009. This week, I finally got one of my […]

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