Hiding in Plain Sight

One of the first things I’d seen of Boots was a photo of him as a BikerPup outside in his gear. In fact, it was seeing that avatar photo on GearFetish that made me look at his profile for the first time…and things have gone on from there. Other photos and videos have shown him and his friends pupped up in the woods, play fighting and generally acting how pups act, and while I could look at these photos and videos and see that they were cool and horny, I couldn’t imagine how it would feel to do something like that outside. A few days ago, I found out…

The day before it happened, I was at Boots’ and ZX6Rlad’s place with TheStig, relaxing in and out of gear. A screensaver of some of the pervy photos they’d been involved in was playing on the large screen in the living room as we chilled out. Photos of Boots and ZX6Rlad and their friends playing in the woods showed up fairly often, and I found myself wanting it to happen to me. It had been a while since I’d looked at the photos or videos of those scenes – but seeing them that day, I couldn’t help but want to be pupped out in the woods with my Alpha. Me being me, I didn’t openly ask for it to happen, I just sat there and dreamt of what it could be like.

I woke up early the next morning, still thinking about being in the woods in my bike gear and pup hood. Thinking about it made me more and more horny, imagining my cock hard in my leathers as I was on all fours in the woods with my Alpha. It was nice to think about, but I didn’t know the plans for that day and so didn’t get my hopes up. Later that day, however, I found myself polishing mine and Boots’ pup hoods, packing them ready for a ride.

I knew what was coming – another dream of mine coming true. As I got into my gear, I felt surprisingly nervous. I hadn’t expected to feel like that – I’d loved being on the bike with Boots last time, but I still felt sick I was so anxious. Thinking back, I was probably nervous about what would happen after the ride, scared of being caught being a pup outside.

Boots helped put a back protector and chest protector under my leathers (the extra protection feels great!), strapped the bag containing our pup hoods to my back, put one of his helmets on me, and we walked downstairs and outside to his bike…and I felt so nervous I felt dizzy.

I had no idea how long the ride would be – but I loved it as much as I had the first time. Feeling even more comfortable on the bike and more confident, I quickly forgot my nerves about what we’d be doing when we got off the bike, and instead felt the exhilaration of the speed and acceleration again. I looked out for anyone watching us as we rode past, wanting their attention even more this time.

It wasn’t a long ride. We passed some ramblers, and stopped next to a gate at the side of the road. We got off the bike, and thinking we’d be going past the gate and down the track ahead of us, I was surprised when Boots headed instead through a small gap in the trees and bushes next to the gate – The woods were closer to the road than I’d thought! Following Boots and feeling very nervous while trying not to fall over while walking along the uneven dirt floor, all I could think about were the photos and videos I’d enjoyed seeing so much more than a year earlier. That and the worry of being caught! Nervous but also increasingly excited, I followed my AlphaPup.

Boots stopped after a minute or two of walking, and we took off our helmets. I struggled to control my breathing, and Boots opened the bag and got my rubber pup hood out. He told me to turn around, and get on my knees… putting my pup hood on me triggered the change in my mood. My nerves were suddenly forgotten, and as my cock began to grow hard in my leathers, I couldn’t resist rubbing the growing bulge with my paws. It was a sudden thrill, a sudden rush of “I’m doing something ‘wrong’ outside, with my Alpha, my dream coming true” – and I fucking loved it. Even thinking we could be caught caused excitement. It was the horniest I’d ever felt without bondage (it was probably on par in terms of hornyness with my horniest bondage session), and putting Boots’ pup hood on him and staring at the BikerPup in front of me, now I knew how it felt.

I managed to control myself, but resisting the urge to grope him or dry hump him was impossible. Everything felt so good, so “naughty”. We weren’t there long – enough to have a bit of a play pup fight, and spend some time being horny pups together, but it didn’t matter: I was unbelievably happy and very horny. Shortly before leaving, we began to hear voices: the ramblers we’d passed before entering the woods were walking along the track just outside. My heart pounded for a few seconds as I thought they’d see us, but thankfully they continued on their journey away from us.

We changed back into the helmets, and as we walked back to the bike, I was aware of the large amount of pre-cum I’d leaked during our short time in the woods. Still very horny, I knew the experience wasn’t over. Before we’d left, Boots had told me he’d be sending me into a supermarket on my own in my gear to get him some milk. As we rode towards the supermarket, my mind was still back in the woods, and thinking about it only made my cock hard again as I sat behind my Alpha, not really thinking about the walk through the shop.
Sure enough, I was sent into the busy supermarket on my own in my leathers and boots. While not feeling nervous (I was too overwhelmed by that point to be!), I did want to be out of there as quickly as possible. A lot of people looked at me as I walked through the aisles, not imaginary pairs of eyes that I’d worried about when out in my leathers those first two times, but actual people really looking and doing double-takes at me! My cock still semi-hard, and still feeling the pre-cum in my undersuit, I could feel my face was bright red as I walked as fast as I could through the supermarket to get the milk. Queuing at the till was even worse – I had nowhere to hide! It felt good though, and I even began to watch for people looking at me, enjoying the attention.

The ride back to Boots’ and ZX6Rlad’s place was short but exciting. My mind all over the place once more, growing hard at what I’d experienced in the last couple of hours, I was very happy. AvonPup’s first time outside was the biggest excitement I’ve ever had and I’ll never forget it. I feel lucky to have been able to experience what I have recently – and that’s all down to Boots and my other friends. I’m happier in life than I’ve ever been because of them and I’m grateful and thankful more than I can possibly put into words.

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