Heavy Rubber Fun With Tieme

Strapped to Tieme's bondage table and wearing his drysuit (before I got my own), the boner-enducing Superlite was used for some ultimate sensory deprivation

I'm not sure what turns me on more about the Superlite: the noise of each breathm the heaviness, the inability to hear anything else properly, or the thought that the air I'm breathing is from a bottle, and I'm in my own self-contained world
Tieme's GA4 is thick, heavy and a very nice suit to be trapped inside

The addition of a Venus 2000 that I can do nothing to stop makes the situation even better!

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  1. RubberBoy551 says:

    Soooo want to be in that superlite and drysuit !! I have a viking suit myself and love it. I shall be attending GearBlast this year and its my first time doing anything like this, Do you know if your friend Tieme is attending and bringing his kit?

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