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For me, gear isn’t just a hobby – it’s a huge part of my life. That means I don’t just get into gear for a session or to jerk off – quite often I gear up to just chill on the sofa. It also means I enjoy chatting to gearheads (probably way too much!) and finding out about their experiences/likes.

Every now and then, I’ll post a “random gear poll” to Twitter, just for my own curiosity – to see what others like. Usually, it’s something that’s been on my mind a lot, and it’s good to see the opinions/viewpoints of others on that same subject. Obviously, some of the polls are biased based on who follows me (I’m likely to have a lot more rubber followers than leather followers), but it’s still interesting to me.

Socks and Catsuits

For years, I always wore my toesocks over my catsuits. It made so much sense – you could easily take them off before going in the shower so you didn’t slip everywhere. My issue is that the suit legs would often fold up underneath the socks, causing pressure points, and making rubber time less comfortable than it should have been.

MakoGimp spotted I wore them on top in a photo and helped start off this debate. For the record, I now mostly wear catsuit over the socks, and the discomfort/itchiness I used to have on my legs happens much less often. As much as I hate to admit it, he was right (this time!).

Venus and Sheathes

I’m still not sure on this one. Wearing a sheath in the venus means you don’t get cum shooting/bubbling out of the top of the Venus, and also it may help some gimps shoot multiple times more easily, but I didn’t have much success with this (instead, I ended up with a pinhole in my sheath shorts after trying this).


Obviously, I’m going to say rubber for this one, at least based on the experiences I’ve had so far. I’ve only been in a leather sleepsack a couple of times (and to be fair, it did feel and smell amazing), but rubber is what I have, and where I’ve had some amazing sessions. However, the longest I’ve ever been sleepsacked is around 4 hours, which brings me to…

This is one of my dreams. I love sleepsacks, and love the idea of being stored, but actually trying to sleep in one hasn’t worked out so far for me. I actually tried again a few nights ago with Rubberwulf’s help (naked inside my looser rubber sleepsack), but I ended up too hot under the duvet, so ended up sweating. I managed to worm around to get the duvet off me, but then ended up cold, and cold sweat doesn’t make for the best sleeping environment…

This is where the type of material question comes into things again – I know a few people who are really into sleepsacks and overnight bondage, and they all seem to enjoy leather sleepsacks more for that. Hopefully it’s something I get to try sometime, but in the meantime, I’ll try again with my rubber sleepsack – one night things will work!

Auditory Stimulation

I tend to prefer silence (sometimes using both earplugs and ear defenders) – I find it easier to lose myself in a scene if I can’t hear anything. It means I can drift off to wherever my mind wants to go. However, I quite often have music stuck in my head, and sometimes that can be annoying rather than helpful!

Listening to music can be ok if it’s pretty much instrumental (some Phutureprimitive tracks can work, for example). I’ve played a few times in playrooms with music both the tops and the gimp can hear – I may be imagining things, but it sometimes seems to help everyone get into things that bit more (both the tops and the gimp moving more in tempo with the music, feeling more connected somehow).

I’ve tried white noise a few times, and it can help take distractions out of my mind. As for hypnosis files – it’s something I’d love to work (I’m turned on by the idea of “programming”, after all), but all the files I’ve tried have had “issues” (not the right kind of voice for me, or the wrong kind of instructions or imagery for what I’m into).

As for hearing the scene – I tend not to enjoy it so much (people talking about things outside the scene, for example). However, it can be fun if you don’t know what is about to happen to you. Was that noise the venus being picked up? Was that a catheter package being opened?


I think we know the answer to this one for me… I was quite surprised so many people want one though.


I’m more of a video kind of guy – although I quite often look at photos too. I don’t save many videos or photos – after more than 10 years of looking at gear porn, I’ve only saved around 200 videos and photos combined. A lot of those are things from early in my “discovery” of what I’m into and who I am – things that made a big impact on me when I saw them back then and I still have those feelings when I see them now.


One of the reasons I got my PA was to lock a chastity device onto it, so everything could be secure. I spent years interested in chastity but also not wanting to like it (I’m turned on by milking, after all). Talking to people who are into chastity, and seeing their metal chastity devices with their rubber makes me want it a lot. Combine that with not being able to cum when first getting my PA, I could start to understand why people enjoy chastity. I enjoy the heightened horny state after 3-7 days. It makes me crave being in gear, even if I’m just sitting and relaxing in it.

The bad part comes after that first week – I lose interest, and stop gearing up. However, that’s based on me being chaste using only willpower (I stop gearing up to avoid the temptation of wanting to cum). I’m hoping that will be different once I have my Steelheart and it can be locked onto my PA.

As for my answer to this poll – I have no idea. The longest I’ve been locked in a chastity device so far is 1 day… watch this space, I guess!

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