Overseas Trip and Overnight Storage

On Tuesday, we arrived back from our annual trip to Chicago and GearBlast US. I’m still mentally trying to process the trip (as coming home and back to the real world is always really hard on me), but Rubberwulf and I had an amazing time as always. GBUS was just as fun as last year, and was helped even further by the weather being so much warmer than last time, making it much nicer to walk around in rubber without freezing. As with last year, everything is organised incredibly well, and the staff and volunteers who make it happen deserve all the thanks they get.

I still feel that I can be a lot more social – I’m someone who is an introvert and has had real anxiety issues in the past, so I do occasionally need time away from the large groups of people, just to “recover”, but I still really enjoyed seeing everyone, and tormenting some friends during the event helped me a lot too…

After GBUS, we had about a week in Chicago, staying with Rocket (scubaccs), which is always fun. One evening, he and Rubberwulf gave me some much needed post-GearBlast recharge time in my leather sleepsack, strapped down to Rocket’s suspended bondage table…

Stored, relaxed and horny in my catsuit inside the leather sleepsack

Stored, relaxed and horny in my catsuit inside the leather sleepsack

Rocket let me use his hooded S10 gasmask that has been customised for rebreathing, and hooked it up to a rebreather bag setup (which is something I hadn’t done in years). I hadn’t cum at all in the previous 2 weeks, so I may have exploded within the first 5 minutes of being tormented, once the rebreathers were hooked up to the mask (I get close very easily when I’m really horny). That didn’t stop him and Rubberwulf trying to get another load from me, however.

Rocket (pictured) electro-stroking the rebreathing gimp

Rocket (pictured) electro-stroking the rebreathing gimp

They couldn’t get another load from me, but my God was I moaning, squirming and thrusting as they electro stroked me. I found it difficult to keep calm while rebreathing, but I enjoyed it a lot, and it’s something I need to look into again for sure. It was an amazing scene, and was exactly what I needed after the busy but fun GBUS event.

The rest of our trip was fun, too – we saw other friends in Chicago, and it was nice to just forget about everything to enjoy spending time with them. Everyone is always so welcoming, it makes it so hard to leave…

A New Face

During the trip, Rubberwulf surprised me with a new mask I’ve wanted for about a year – an MSA Millennium. It’s something I’ve fantasised about as a “drone mask” since Rubberdrone posted a photo of him in full “drone gear” that’s been stuck in my head pretty much since then (dammit).

Rubberwulf got Rubberdrone to help source us both an MSA mask, and I’m so grateful to them and happy to have one of my own! I gave it a proper trial run this week to cheer myself up after my first day back at work, and I was blown away to look in the mirror and see myself like this.

I can't remember the last time I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn't fully process the rubber object looking back at me...but it felt so good

I can’t remember the last time I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t fully process the rubber object looking back at me…but it felt so good

It’s not the best photo as I wasn’t in the mood to set up a camera, but I’m certainly more than happy with how the mask makes me look and feel. I can’t wait to try it out with other drones…

Overnight Sleepsackery

Spurred on by Rubberfreak’s encouragement and near-constant night-time sleepsackery, I’ve tried doing an overnight stint in the leather sleepsack 4 or 5 times since I got it at the end of last year. I’ve slowly been able to do longer, but I hadn’t managed to make it through the whole night (usually I got uncomfortable or in my own head too much, convincing myself that I “needed” out). Thankfully, my Rubberwulf is awesome and has been happy to help me keep trying when I’m in the mood, offering encouragement, and not minding too much when I crash into him as best as I can, to wake him up to let me out…

Last night, still jetlagged from our recent trip to Chicago and GearBlast US (I had an amazing time, by the way), I managed to last all night in the sleepsack for the first time (or at least until it was light outside and I needed to get out to pee, rather than due to me trying to find an excuse to get out, so I’m calling that overnight…). I still didn’t manage to get any sleep in the sleepsack, but I’m certainly improving in terms of being able to relax and work out whether I need out or I just think I want out.

I enjoyed it – I had periods of relaxation where I barely moved, some periods of being horny and thrusting in the sleepsack a little, but I also had periods where I came close to waking up Rubberwulf so I could get out. Some friends have recommended trying meditation when in longer term bondage, so I’ve been doing some reading on that, and it did help me calm down enough to keep going last night.

I’m hoping that I’ll get to the stage where I can actually get even an hour of sleep – it’s a long night, lying there in the dark with only your thoughts. I was also way too hot last night, so next time I need to try to keep the room cool, and that might help me finally find a way to sleep.

So far this year, I’m doing pretty well at pushing myself that bit further and breaking my previous records – hopefully the next update on this will be even more of a success!

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