From Zero to BikerPup

Well, it’s taken over a year and a half since I made my mind up to learn to ride, but I’ve finally taken the plunge and booked my motorbike lessons. It’s taken me a while to get settled in my new job and save up the money, but now there’s no holding it off any further. In the space of 6 sessions (about 28 hours in total), I’m going to go from no experience at all, to passing my test and getting my license… at least that’s the plan!

Put like that, it sounds like a lot to do in a short amount of time, but I’m hoping I’ll surprise myself when I start my first session in less than a week’s time. The first session is CBT, which involves large amounts of ball pain…I mean er learning the basics about riding on a 125cc bike. By session 3, I should be good enough to be learning out on the road on a 500cc bike…we shall see!

At least I’ve got a bit of a head start in that I know the theory behind it, and the rules of the road – I took (and passed!) my theory test a few weeks ago. Now I just need to put it all into practice and enjoy the experience of learning to control a bike, rather than letting my nerves take over.

Watch this space…

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