Farewell to Chicago (Again!)

The night before we left Chicago, Rubberwulf, Rocket and I spent one last time being rubbery jackals together. There was something very special (and horny) about the three of us drysuited and seeing each other like that again.

From left to right: Me, Rubberwulf and Rocket (scubaccs)

It was a nice geary end to what had been an amazing time – I wish I could do the whole holiday more justice and describe it better, but looking back at it a month later, I’m left with many fond memories of time spent with some very close friends.

Chicago remains one of the best places I’ve ever visited – and I feel that even more this year than I did after my first holiday there last year. If anything, it’s harder this time as I miss it (and the people there) even more, but I know we’ll be back.

At risk of sounding like someone at an awards ceremony, I would like to thank not only Rocket and Reddywhp for letting me and Rubberwulf stay with them and looking after us, but everyone else who made our time in Chicago so much fun. I wish you weren’t so far away!

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