Something that has come up a few times lately is how I’d define myself or my role in terms of kink. Inspired by a post today by a rubber drone, I thought I’d try to explain my current thinking on the subject.

Whether it’s someone trying to work out if I like being a “gimp” or a “drone” or a “jackal”, or even asking what species of rubber animal I’d be, the answer I come back with is always the same: I don’t know.

I find myself in a period of my life where I want things to change. On the kinky side of me, there are still things I want to experience, and I feel like my fetishes are still evolving – some activities or gear interests wax and wane over time, while others are always high on my list of turn ons. All of this adds up to an inability to describe what I am or what I’d like to be.

As I alluded to in an earlier post, I do know that I’m not a pup, if I ever was one. In my opinion, it’s become something very different to what I enjoyed a few years ago, and I know it’s no longer a thing for me to be involved in. It’s something which means a great deal to a lot of people and has been a gateway into the kinky side of things – but it’s not for me.

In the right circumstances, I enjoy being called a gimp, mainly because of the friends and good times I associate with that word. It’s something submissive, controlled and horny to be used.

Seeing myself as a fully rubberised jackal, seemingly strong and powerful, is a fun experience, but that doesn’t necessarily reflect the more subby side of me.

As for being a rubber drone – it’s more often something I call myself in my head when restrained and horny. I’m turned on by the programming aspect of things, so it works well for me when combined with electro or milking machines in a scene.

I guess the real answer is: it’s complicated. I’m still learning and discovering a lot and I hope that never ends. For now, I’m happy being whatever term best reflects the current scenario.

Signed: Rubber gimp jackal drone

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