Chicago 2015

Our trip to Chicago this year was amazingly fun. Whether we were having rubber bondage play, sightseeing, watching the awesome craziness that is ice hockey or just relaxing, there wasn’t a single day that I didn’t enjoy. I’m writing this during my lunch break on a crappy work day, and reminiscing about our trip definitely makes things feel better.

Each time Rubberwulf and I visit, it feels more like a second home there – I’ve said it before, everyone we meet there is welcoming and great to spend time with.

The biggest issue as always is that we have such a short amount of time with them – two weeks is never enough, and it’s always hard to see everyone we’d like to see, and do everything we’d like to do. It’s a great incentive for us to go back (as if we needed an incentive!), and I’m sure we will be back again next year.

Rocket and Reddywhp were again kind enough to have us stay with them, and as always we can’t thank them enough for putting up with our crazy British ways. To them, along with everyone else we spent time with: a huge thank you! Just like my friends in the UK, you guys are like a family to me and I do miss you a lot. (Also, you all need to come and visit the UK 🇬🇧)

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